22 Months

Can't believe this sweet boy is 22 months! Just the other day as I was pushing him in his stroller, I looked at him and thought he almost looked too big to be sitting in one! He's definitely a big boy now and not a baby!

He's starting to put words together to form a sentence (other than thank you, I love you, etc.) For example: "Bop Bop's truck." The other day I caught him "talking" on the phone saying "Dada, Bop Bop, Umm, Truck, Umm, Mama, Dada, Bop Bop, Truck, Um." It was pretty funny and I must say "um" a lot! :)

His first words are evolving to sound more like the true word...tuh is now truck/tractor, Melmo is Elmo, Da is now Tane To (Thank You), he used to wave his hand goodbye to go outside and now he says "outide". He is a talking machine!

His cutest words this month are "ok" and "see ya". He's also named my mom (Mama Byrd) "Baby".

The other day he was coloring on a piece of paper and I said "wow, that's so cool!" This morning he came up to me with a pen and paper and said "cool". :)

He loves to sing the Two and a Half Men theme song.

Another favorite song of his is Kesha's "My First Kiss" :)

He loves bubblegum and everytime he sees me go through my purse he asks for it.

Favorite foods are strawberries, black olives, french fries, and lollipops.

He's hard headed and sweet all at the same time. We love this little boy sooooo much!
Happy 22 months, little Moonsie!


Sun, Soulmates, & Seafood ;)

We spent last weekend in SGI with our sweet friends. We had so much fun and I loved being able to spend time with my boys and friends all at the same time! We stayed in Marcus' family's home and it is the perfect house for lots of people and kids.
Mary & David hooked the kiddies up with awesome beach buckets and toys.


Bananas for breakfast!

It rained Saturday morning and early afternoon so the girls headed to Apalach for lunch and the boys stayed home and napped! :)

By the time we came home from Apalach, the weather was perfect! We headed to the beach for some fun in the sun!

Camp watching the kites!

Camp putting the moves on Riley...I think he was really just trying to steal her beach chair!

Our favorite snack of the weekend "Havartay and Lavasch" ;)


Camp loved learning a few daredevil tricks from Lucas. :)

Our Saturday night spread. YUM YUM!!
I loved the fact that Jake and Cara picked the oysters themselves and Adam caught the fish. That made the meal even tastier!!
There is NOTHING better than Apalachicola oysters.

Thank you, thank you Edenfields and Radcliffe-Micas for inviting us on this wonderful beach trip! Adam and I are ready for the next trip!!

And for those who are keeping track, I did not forget about Camp's 22 month birthday yesterday. The photos have been taken and I will do his monthly update ASAP! Can't believe he'll be 2 in 2 months! Get ready David Mica... ;)


Boys from the 'Hood

Yesterday, a few boys from our neighborhood knocked on our door to see if they could play with Annabelle. Of course Camp had to join them!

Camp was so cute trying to keep up with these big boys! He copied everything they did!

The boys were soooo sweet to Camp! They tried to teach him how to play Hide & Seek and always let Camp win. They were so patient with him!

It was about 110 degrees outside and all four boys were running around non stop. So they all took a quick break for some water. Camp really thought he was one of the big boys!

The boys even shared some of their Silly Bandz with Camp!

I sure hope these sweet boys come over and play again soon!! Camp has never had so much fun!!

Here's a pic from earlier this week... :)

Happy weekend!


Long Time No Blog!!

Sorry for my long absence!! We've been a little preoccupied and I haven't had any time to blog!
 Camp is at such a cute stage right now. He's talking up a storm and I love it!
Camp has a new found fascination with black olives. He taught this to himself and likes to get black olives on both of his pointer fingers. I'm so glad he loves black olives just as much as me....I could eat a whole can by myself and now I have someone to share them with! :) Adam doesn't particularly care for them!!

He also loves guacamole! He loves to dip things. Hummus is also one of his favorites.

When he's not eating semi-healthy foods, he likes to eat cupcakes!!! He can say the word "cupcake" perfectly!!

 This is an Elmo graham cracker stick, but Camp pointed to it and said "poo poo".
I hope none of you find this offensive.....I found it downright hilarious, so much so that I took a picture of him pointing to it! :)

Last weekend we headed to the Edenfield's for a little cake party. Mary and Holly's sweet mama made a cake that I'd been eyeing on Mary's blog. It was soooo extremely tasty!!!

Camp and Sally Kate

Camp loved this slide!! The first time he went down was an accident, but once he knew he could do it, he went down again and again!!

Cake party gals! Chocolate cake with seafoam icing....enough said!
And what is seafoam icing you may ask? It's delicious...almost a marshmallowey consistency? It's hard to describe, but it's divine!

Camp has started wearing hats recently and he likes wearing them backwards. I guess it's easier for him to see, but he looks like such a cool dude!

I promise to not go a week plus without blogging!!! Hope everyone is having a great week! Can't believe it's already Wednesday!!


At the Car Wash & More Good Stuff

Adam took his truck to the car wash so Camp and I joined him!
I took my car last week to get washed, but didn't have my camera with me...I made sure I brought it this time because Camp is so cute watching the cars go through!!

He loves to walk up and down the stairs too...he'll say "uh, two, uh, two"
Look at his little feet!

Camp got a kids meal from Firehouse and it came with a fireman's hat!

He loved it!

Baking Funfetti cupcakes!

Kaitlin's birthday dinner at FGF
Hey Lauren! :)

This girl makes me laugh so hard!!

This weekend we took the boat out to Lake Iamonia.
I can't even believe it, but we SWAM out there too!! Growing up it was either dry or infested with alligators (I'm sure it's still infested with alligators, but there were so many people tubing, skiing, and swimming and I tried not to think about it too much! Ha!!)

It was a glorious day!

Chandler even joined in on the fun!
(we made sure to stay clear of the lily pads aka gator territory)

In other news...I got a BlackBerry and I am sooooo incredibly excited. I love that I can take pictures and share them! Now I will never miss a photo op! :) Haha!


Celebrate America

We just got back from a fabulous WEEK at the beach! We went to the beach, on the boat, watched fireworks, ate at yummy restaurants, drank yummy drinks, took naps (thanks YaYa!), shopped at cute stores, and enjoyed eachothers company.
I took lots and lots of pictures...I think this post wins the prize for the most pictures ever!! They're cute though and they definitely recap our wonderful beach vacation.
When we arrived on Friday....

Chocolate Martinis compliments of YaYa.

4th of July dinner at Dockside...

Attempting a family picture....too bad Camp's pouting!

Me, Kaitlin, & Carrie Anne

Camp with Bop Bop & YaYa....

We went out on the boat to watch the fireworks in Port St. Joe. The weather was absolutely perfect...nice breeze, cool and not humid!

We enjoyed the boat parade, but enjoyed listening to the 'grand marshall' aka 'man that took his job way too seriously' even more!! :) We tuned the radio to the channel that the parade was on and had a few laughs listening to him tell his parade boats to 'keep it tight!'

Adam was the best bartender and made everyone yummy rum drinks!

Time for fireworks! It was a GREAT show!! Camp was absolutely petrified. He wanted his Mama to hold him! He also wanted Daddy and Bop Bop on either side of him. Poor baby...

Morning coffee with Bop Bop on the front porch.

Cooling off in the fridge....he would sit there and say "cold!"

Big helper boy!

On Tuesday we ate lunch at the Owl and shopped in Apalach...

I made my Great Grandma Harlan's Key Lime Pie....YUM.

Mr. Independent
Jumping on YaYa's bed after a bath!

Watching Cars (in his Cars pajamas) right before bed.

We went to Windmark Beach on Wednesday. We shopped at their only two (but sooo cute) stores, Joseph's Cottage and The Fuss. Windmark is such a cute little place with great potential, but it just hasn't quite taken off yet.

Camp loved their water fountains and wanted to swim in them!

We planned on eating lunch at School of Fish in Windmark, but it wasn't open so we headed to Port St. Joe and ate lunch at Provisions.....YUMMY! If you're ever in PSJ please go to Provisions...it was soo good!

On our ice cream date at Coneheads.

We had such a nice time and are ready to go back to the beach as soon as possible!
I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebration as well!