Fun With Spaghetti

Camp tried spaghetti for the first time tonight.
It was pretty messy and it ended up all over his face....but that's a right of passage for babies, right? :)

After dinner, we put him in the sink for a nice bubble bath.

He loves that little rubber ducky. He puts it in his mouth like a paci....it's hilarious.

Camp's First Birthday Gift!

Camp's Great Mamaw got this adorable chair for his birthday.
She was so excited to get it that she let Camp have it early! We are happy to start enjoying it now! He looks so cute sitting in the chair.
It's crazy to even start thinking about his first birthday, but it is just around the corner!
Thanks, Mamaw!! Camp loves his chair!


10 Months

10 months

9 months

8 months

7 months

6 months

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

1 week

  • He's pulling up on everything.
  • He's waving hello and goodbye.
  • He gives high fives.
  • Starting to give real kisses.
  • He's starting to crawl on all fours. He's much more efficient at his army crawl, but he's getting faster and faster on all fours.
  • He's starting to show affection to his stuffed animals. His favorites are his little white bear, the bear in the birthday pictures and a sweet bunny rabbit.
  • He's enjoying Baby Einstein DVD's.
  • He's able to climb stairs.
  • His favorite foods are turkey rollups, cheese, Craisins, and applesauce.
  • He still doesn't have any teeth!
  • He's sleeping from 8pm-7:30am at night. Napping twice a day...sometimes three times.
  • He's in size 12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.


There are quite a few this month.....This photo session with Beary is getting extremely difficult with an extremely mobile Camp!

"Beary, tell my Mama that I've had enough of this photo session!"


Naps Just Got A Little More Interesting....

Right now, this munchkin looks just like this....minus the smile on his face.
He's not a Happy Camper.
Now that he can stand up, he doesn't want to lay back down......and he doesn't want to take a nap!

Sweet Camper has always been the best sleepy time baby. Since he was two months old, you could put him down in his bed and he would go right to sleep.
This is only the first nap since the new found talent so I'm hoping he doesn't do this for long.

Curious Camper

We can't take our eyes off this guy!!
He's into everything.
He's definitely very curious.
He's been pulling up for several weeks and has finally realized he can pull up in his crib.
He woke up this morning and sounded different.....I knew he would be standing up when I went in there. Well, he was! His pants were also off, his paci was thrown out on the floor and his mobile was leaning down.
I so wish that I would have taken a picture! I'll be prepared when he gets up from his nap.

Camp is cruising around the coffee table. He can walk all the way around it. He also lets go of the coffee table and will then hold on to the couch or his exersaucer. I bet he'll be walking before his first birthday. :)
Camp is getting to the point where he doesn't like to just sit in our laps anymore. He knows he can get down to explore and that's what he wants to do!

One of Camp's favorite foods these days is CHEESE!
It's always the first thing to be cleared off his plate. I guess he takes after his mama!
He is doing such a great job feeding himself.

Adam and I can't believe how much Camp is growing and changing. This stage is so much fun!
He's going to be 10 months on Sunday. Is it just me or did this birthday come up mighty fast??

Happy Thursday!


Playdates & Free Pastries

Camp and I met Danielle and Sophie at Starbucks this morning.
Starbucks was giving away free pastries and we couldn't turn down free pastries!!

Camp and Sophie sat in big kid seats.

Camp tried to play with Sophie's Puppy Dog, but she wouldn't have any of that!
She was kind enough to share her "Big Sister" book.
Camp wasn't all that interested because he knew that he would never be a big sister.

Yesterday morning, Camp and I had a fun playdate with the Hellers and the Sivyers.

Camp and Gabe were fast friends. It was so fun seeing Camp just pull up and start playing!
Sophie was a little concerned that these crazy boys were taking over her toys!

Camp looks like such a big boy!
Gabe was so patient with Camp.

All three were so cute together.


Weekend at the River

We spent the weekend at the river.
We went to visit Dave & Kelly Brewin. Dave's family has a river cabin on the Sante Fe.
Dave and Adam met in college and have stayed in close touch throughout the years. The four of us usually get together a couple of times a year for little vacations. This year, Camp was added to the mix! We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again very soon. Adam's now trying to find a way for us to move to a river.....

I loved this sign....
Dave's grandfather was in the dog house....Kelly said he's been in the dog house for quite some time!

Saturday morning brought lots of rain and thunder, but we enjoyed the deck and beautiful scenery.

Around 1pm on Saturday, the sun started shining through the clouds. The boys went on a quick fishing trip and the girls were able to catch some rays while Camp napped. Camp woke up just as the boys came back and we all went out on the boat for a little cruise.

Camp LOVED the boat.......LOVED IT! We were so proud of him.
We were so proud of him the entire weekend. Adam and I discussed that after spending the weekend with Camp, Dave and Kelly would either want children or say no way to kids!!
At dinner Sunday night, Dave and Kelly were asking us if they could just have Camp. We said he wasn't for sale!

We took the boat up to the Ichetucknee River (I just realized this weekend that it wasn't Ichnetucknee.....I've been mispronouncing it for years!) We saw lots of tubers and a few boats.

Dave and Adam dove in to search for Crawdads. The water was freezing, but they warmed up pretty quick and ended up with lots of tasty creatures!

We boiled the Crawdads when we got home and they were excellent! The perfect appetizer to our yummy steak dinner.....

On Sunday morning, Camp enjoyed coffee on the deck,
saw his first fish,

and enjoyed sucking on his toes!

Sunday afternoon, the five of us went out on the boat again, but this time we were headed for the Suwannee River.

way down upon the suwannee river

The crazy boys found a rope swing and had fun doing tricks.

Camp's waving to the boats passing by...
Nothing like the Suwannee and a Natural Light....

After a long day, Camp was wiped. He fell asleep and stayed asleep (much to my surprise!). He must have been pretty sleepy!

He slept for a good 45 minutes and woke up in the best mood.....he was glad to see that he was still on the boat!
We had the best time and can't wait to do it again!! Thanks, Brewins!