collinsy's curls

I've wanted to get a sweet picture of baby brother's curls for some time now. On a trip to the backyard the other afternoon, I captured some curly cuteness!! 

precious little profile


first day of pre-k

Our big boy started pre-k this week! We are so excited because Camp's teacher was actually Adam's teacher some twenty six years ago! :) 

Camp's show and tell day is every Tuesday. This week he was supposed to bring in something red. He chose his Lightning McQueen bike helmet and a red Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

He quickly made himself at home at the Lego table. He has some sweet friends in his class and I'm looking forward to a great year with lots of learning!! 

pictures from orientation on Monday...
Meeting Peanut
caution- he nibbles on fingers! :)

enjoying some computer time...

Collins was LOVING Camp's new classroom...he should have no problem adjusting to preschool next year!!

Dinner at Rummy's (with extra quarters to play the new deer hunting game) and dessert at Nuberri topped off a wonderful first day of school!!

Here's to a great school year!!


16 months

Collins has five teeth...two at the top (we call those his mater teeth because he has the cutest gap between them) and three on the bottom. 

Collins is such a funny baby! He already does things to try and make us laugh. His favorite is walking backwards...or doing the moonwalk as we like to call it! :) 

He just learned how to climb up in the play house. He tries to climb on EVERYTHING...the couch, chairs, his ride on toys...ahhhh makes me a nervous wreck!

He says hot (his first word!) when he sees a candle or something cooking. He also says deer and uh oh. 

He LOVES watching the crew do the yard. He'll stare out the window and just watch them contently. He's really into lawn mowers, blowers, and really all lawn equipment! :)

He loves to go outside and we can't even say the word unless we really are planning on going outside. 

I took his lollipop from him so I could take the picture and he really wanted it back! :) The child loves lollipops! I found a big bag of organic lollipops made with fruit juice so I don't feel quite so bad giving in to him when he wants one!

He's loving the baby food in the squeeze packs because he can feed himself. He drinks them in no time flat! He also loves cheese and watermelon. He's becoming a dipper and loves to dip things in ketchup, dressing, etc. :)

He can now eat his food with a fork like such a big boy!! He's so proud of himself!

He's wearing size 18 months clothes and a size 4 diaper. 

He still naps twice a day, once in the morning around 10:30 and once in the afternoon around 2:30...bedtime is around 8pm and he sleeps in until 8am. This morning he slept in until 9:30!! :)


lake rabun 2013

We took our annual trip to Lake Rabun in the middle of July. Ahhh...what a glorious time we had! Our trip was filled with lots of swimming, boating, eating, drinking, relaxing, and bonding! :) We had such a nice trip.

Happy boys at the lake!

This was Collins's usual reaction while he was on the boat. Pure relaxation! 

Camper was a fishing machine! He would go into the boat house, bait his own hook and catch fish all by himself.

Camp begged to go tubing the whole time we were at the lake...we finally hooked the tube up to the boat and Camp LOVED tubing! I was so shocked. 

Such a FUN trip!!! So happy we've discovered this special place! Can't wait for next year!


is it really august?

Wow! I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month! We've had a fun filled and busy summer! I have a lot of pictures I need to share, but I'm having a hard time finding the time to actually sit down and do that! ;)
School starts in TWO weeks and I have mixed emotions. I've enjoyed our summer, but I always look forward to a better routine. I'm not pulling my hair out yet so I feel like we've had a good balance of  camps/vbs/vacations and free time! :) 

These sweet boys of ours are getting so big and cute. Today while driving in the car, Collins pointed to a pond that we were passing and Camp said, "Collins, can you say POND? That's a POND" :) Camp and Collins have been having lots of fun together lately and Camp will count down the minutes until Collinsy's naps are over. They are the sweetest buddies!

On a trip to Lake Ella to feed the ducks and get a snow ball!

Stay tuned for pics from our fabulous lake trip to Lake Rabun and Collins's 16 month pictures!