Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

I was planning on combining this post with our week and weekend events, but there are so many cute pictures that it needed to be in a post all by itself!!
We went to Barrett's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday and had an absolute blast! Barrett is Julie's (Adam's 1st cousin) son.....sooo that would make Camp and Barrett cousins too, but I'm not quite sure if they are 2nd or 3rd cousins....that always confuses me. Camp and Barrett are 17 months apart and with each passing month, their age gap seems to get smaller and smaller. They are the cutest little things and I'm so happy that Camp has a cousin so close in age.....especially a boy cousin since most of Camp's friends are girls!

Here are Barrett and Camp Thanksgiving 08....Barrett was 19 months and Camp was 2 months!

Here they are now! Camp's 19 months and Barrett is 3 years old!
Barrett's all smiles and Camp's holding on for dear life! This was the first "ride" of the night so Camp was still a little leery.

It didn't take long for Camp to warm up to the awesomeness that is Chuck E. Cheese. I haven't been to CEC in probably 13 years, but I was so impressed! It was surprisingly very clean, the food was yummy, and the best part was that we almost had the whole place to ourselves! Julie was smart for planning the party on a Wednesday night.....I can't even imagine going on a Saturday! :)

This little ride was so cool. The seat moved and they watched a movie that made them feel like they were flying. I thought this would scare Camp, but it was one of his favorites. It was so funny to see their little heads shaking from the vibrations!

The best part was being able to watch their faces on the tv!

Camp was in love....a tractor....

and a bulldozer!

Then we made our way to the party area and Camp wasn't quite as happy. He was absolutely petrified of the dancing animals on stage. I have NEVER seen him act this way before. He clutched on to me so tightly and would not let go. We had to sit at the very last chair so we were as far as possible from them!

Daddy's arms and a fountain drink calmed him down.....just a bit!

We moved on to the "big kid" side and Camp (and Adam!) had lots of fun playing the driving games.

Then it was time for cake and those dreaded singing animals were close again!

Look at this poor baby clutching on to his daddy's shirt!

Big 3 year old boy blowing out his candles!

Opening our gift! A bubble gun....

and this adorable shirt!

From this fantastic etsy shop!

Before we left, Camp took one last trip down the slide and I promised him we'd be back very soon! I told Adam that our next date night should be at Chuck E. Cheese, but he didn't quite agree with me! :)

Happy Birthday Barrett and thanks Keith and Julie for hosting a great party!


Beach Baby

We made our first beach trip of the year this past weekend. It was the first vacation that the three of us have taken together alone. We’ve taken lots of trips with friends and family, but this time it was just the three of us. It was so special and fun! We arrived Friday night and Camp was so excited to explore the beach house. We hadn’t been to the Lion’s Paw since the 4th of July! 

Saturday was overcast and extremely windy….like hurricane force winds! Adam spent some time out in the yard pulling weeds and the rest of the day we spent inside enjoying these bad boys!
Adam makes the tastiest margaritas!

We woke up early Sunday morning to a horrendous lightning storm and no electricity! Thankfully, Gulf Power was with it and the power came back on an hour later. Sunday quickly turned into a gorgeous day and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and hit the beach. 

 Camp loved the beach!
He was a little skeptical of the water, but it was so extremely rough that I couldn't blame him!

We let Camp wander by himself down the beach a bit and he thought it was the best thing ever. I don’t think he’s ever had that much space to run around free!! There weren’t many people on the beach so it was perfect for him to explore. He enjoyed the tide pools and watching the birds fly by. 

Adam did a little surf fishing and Camp loved watching Adam reel the fish in.

Every time Adam caught a fish, Camp would go right up to it and make his fish face.

Camp would also get upset when we had to throw the fish back in the ocean!

 We are looking forward to the summer beach season and can't wait to take Camp out on the boat this year. We had all intentions of taking him for a boat ride this trip, but the weather just did not cooperate.
 Thank you Bop Bop and Yaya for sharing the Lion's Paw with us!


19 Months and 1 Day

I'm a day late in posting, but these pictures were taken on his real 19 month birthday! I took them right after he woke up from a three hour nap so he looks a little sleepy, but precious nonetheless!

He sees food at the grocery store, on tv, in books, etc and says “mmmmm!”

Covers his mouth and grins when something is exciting/funny, etc.

Loves pizza and can hold a whole piece to eat it. He prefers to have all of his food whole rather than in little pieces.

Refers to all animals by their sounds.

Still has an extreme love of trucks, tractors, and new this month.....trains! He sees trains and says "choo choo!".

Can cry like a baby when asked what the baby says and when he sees them he says “awww”.

Loves to cuddle and is very lovey.

Lollie is now Yaya and he calls Mama Byrd, Mama.

When he wakes up from naps and in the morning he calls out “mama!” “dada!”. Adam and I absolutely love this!

Every time we pull up to Publix he says “truck!”…the kid has a memory like a steel trap! Thank goodness I found a Publix that has compact truck carts that are just easy to maneuver as the regular carts!

New words this month- No, All Done, Yeah, Wow, Yaya.

He only has his uh oh at bedtime. I wasn’t planning on taking it away this early, but he has a rash around his mouth that I’m thinking is caused by his paci. He has done quite well and if you know how much the kid loves his uh oh, you should be impressed!

He still loves books. His favorite this month is Tractor, Tractor from the library. We’ve had to renew it once already and I don’t see us returning this book any time soon. He also likes to sleep with his books.

Every time we go to Target or Wal Mart, we hit up the toy section to play with all of the toys. He just started pointing his finger to his mouth and saying ‘hmmmm?” when we get to the toy aisle like he's trying to figure out what to play with next!

Favorite foods this month- Tomatoes, strawberries, & cheese.

He still wears a size 4 diaper and 18-24 month clothes. He's actually still fitting in some clothes from last summer!

A few hours after we took pictures with Beary, Camp went into his room, climbed up on  his bed (yes, he can do that now along with our bed as well!) and sat up against the pillow next to Beary. I asked if he wanted to take pictures with Beary and he said "YAHHHHHH!". Sweet boy.

Camp is growing into such a sweet, loving, and funny little boy. He's always been the best baby and it makes me so happy that he's continuing to be a wonderful toddler too! We love our little buddy!


A Little Less Talk.....

I have lots of pictures to share from the past week so I'll let them do most of the talking!

We had a play date with Bailey last Wednesday....Camp and Bailey are exactly two weeks apart! He's the older one!

Friday morning we headed to preschool to help Bop Bop plant flowers for YaYa's class! (Adam's mom fka Lollie is now Yaya thanks to Camp!)

Camp loves visiting preschool!

Friday afternoon, Linse Lane came over to play for a bit...then we picked up the Meyer boys from big school and played at their house for a few hours. They are always such a joy to be around. They love Camp so much and were all so helpful! I miss them so!

Chick-fil-A lunch on Saturday....

He spilled apple juice on his outfit....

"where did it go?!"

Saturday afternoon playdate with SK at the Glendale park....

A little kissy kissy action!

How cute is this?!

wild and free!

On Sunday we headed east to the Brewin's house to meet and take pictures of baby Bentley!

She was born April 9th and is soooo sweet!

The Brewins live on the St. Mary's river and have the perfect little setup! We had fun spending the day on the beach!

Camp watched Veggie Tales videos while he ate his breakfast this morning.

Then we headed to Baby Time and lunch with Rian, Carson, Hadley, & Reese!
All four munchkins were surprisingly very well behaved! We got a lot of looks and comments and I can only imagine that Rian goes through that every time she leaves the house. :) We had such a great time and hope to do it again real soon!!