Popsicles & Inspiration

I took Camp outside yesterday to enjoy a popsicle. He finally got the hang of holding it by the stick and scarfed down the cherry treat in no time flat! I know he's mine, but I think he is so stinkin' cute!

I found this Easter treat idea at Creative Organization and I'm smitten! I'm so doing this for Camp's preschool class next year, but maybe filled with Goldfish! How cute!
(photo from creative organization)


Weekend Wrap Up

We've had the BEST weekend!! We grilled out both Friday and Saturday nights and I don't think my husband could have been happier! Grilling is his absolute favorite thing to do!
Camp enjoyed spending the evenings outside with us and thought it would be a good idea to brush his hair with the grill brush!

We also enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather!
On Sunday, Adam, Camp, and I went to the Mockingbird for brunch. They've recently moved to Tallahassee (in the old Fusion restaurant on Monroe Street) and I couldn't be happier! I do miss my weekly lunches in Havana with Mary, but I'm happy they're closer to our house now! Their roast beef melt is AMAZING....please go and try one for yourself!
We also went to Tallahassee Nurseries to get a bird feeder. Adam has been dying to get one! It only took the birds two days to discover our newly added feeder!! I just looked out and saw a beautiful Cardinal!
We had such a nice weekend hanging out with our little family....after a few busy weekends of being out of town, it was nice to lay low and spend time together, just the three of us!


18 Month Stats

 We just got back from Camp's 18 month well visit. He was such a big boy!! He sat in the chair and let Dr. Elzie listen to his heart and look in his eyes and ears. Dr. Elzie did hear a slight heart murmur that he called a Still's Murmur. He said it's very innocent and should disappear as Camp gets older. He said it's very common in young children especially slender children like Camp! I'm not worried because Dr. Elzie isn't worried and we will just keep an eye on it!

Camp's 18 month stats:
Weight- 25 pounds, 6 ounces  45%
Height- 34 1/2 inches 96%
Head Circumference- 19.1 inches 70%

While waiting for Dr. Elzie, Camp played with the stool in the room. Little did I know, it had oil all over it! Yuck! Here are his hands after I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed!! :)



I had to tell Dr. Elzie that Camp didn't have some funky disease, but he's just quite the inquisitive little boy!

Here's the culprit!

Dr. Elzie checked Camp's scar and said it looks great! We started Mederma last Wednesday and I think I can already see a difference! Camp is soooooo good about letting me put the Mederma on. He just sits there and doesn't move a muscle! We have to do it three times a day for eight weeks!

Dr. Elzie said Camp was right on track with his development and that always makes me feel good to hear stuff like that!


Happy Half Birthday, Camper!

Camp is 18 months old today!! WOW! One and a half....

Here is Camp one year ago today! He was just learning to roll over (back to tummy), trying new baby foods and loved his exersaucer....

Oh what a difference a year makes!
He now has boo boos on his knees, loves to get stamps and stickers, and loves candy more than any baby should!

I told Camp that we were going to take pictures with Beary so he went straight back to his room and got Beary!

He's learning new words and sounds every day. His latest is "Doh Doh", but we're not quite sure what that means! He can also say Boo Boo and he'll show you where they are.

He has 5 teeth and 4 are on their way through....I lose count because it seems like every time I look in his mouth, he has more!

He's officially down to one nap a day. He usually sleeps 2 1/2 hours, but yesterday he slept a little over 3!

He says "Thank You" every single time we give him something.

He also says "Please" when he wants something.

He loves our housekeeper and always follows her around….he makes her job so much harder! She tries to teach him Spanish, but the only word he’s picked up on is Niño. Everytime he sees her, he says “Niño!” And if she’s in another room, he’ll call out for her. When we came home from the library today, she was already gone, but Camp came in the house calling for Niño!

He loves taking baths and will play in the bath forever!

He says "WHOA!" when he sees something cool! :)

He's still calling his pacis "Uh Oh" and his "uh ohs" are no longer "uh ewwww". :(

He's wearing 18-24 month shirts and 12-18 month shorts. He's in 24 month jon jons.

He's a size 6 shoe.

Size 4 diaper.

He is so observant and fun! He loves looking for trucks while he rides in the car. Sometimes I'll roll down the window while we're at a redlight so he can get a better view of the big trucks! UPS always beeps at Camp and he gets such a kick out of that! He loves listening out for airplanes and helicopters.....and loves pointing to the moon!

I really, really love the stage that Camp is in. I'm able to reason (somewhat) with him, I can tell him things and he understands them. He's my little buddy and I love hanging out with him! Both Adam and I are enjoying him so much and he brings so much joy to our lives.

Happy 18 months, sweet boy!


Mr. & Mrs.

I don't even know where to start! I'm not quite sure that my photos and words can capture the most amazing wedding weekend that I've ever been a part of! We spent the weekend in Rosemary Beach for Amy & Clay's wedding. We left the beach on Sunday a little sad that everything was over! We've had such a fun time preparing and celebrating! I'll let the photos do most of the talking....

The rehearsal dinner was held at Cafe Thirty-A. We had a tasty dinner and had fun listening to toasts and watching the precious video that Clay's sister help put together. I was a hysterical mess throughout most of the video and Clay's Dad's toast.....

The groomsmen and the groom!

My dessert....

Adam and I headed to Pier Park on Saturday for lunch and then spent the rest of the day with Clay and the groomsmen!
Before we knew it, it was time to head home to get ready for the wedding! Adam had to leave a few hours early for pictures.
We arrived at the Eastern Green and it looked like it was straight out of a magazine.....so magical!

I tried not to be too much of a wedding ceremony paparazzi so I didn't get great pictures of the entire wedding party, but I was able to capture Clay's face when he saw Amy for the first time!

Amy and her dad

The ceremony was beautiful! Clay and Amy looked so happy! After the ceremony we all headed to the reception site which was just behind where the ceremony took place.
The centerpieces were gorgeous! I love the limes!

The wedding cake was just as tasty as it was pretty!! One of the yummiest cakes I've ever had!

While the wedding party was taking photos, servers walked around with appetizers. These were grilled shrimp with tequila!

Brittany, Beth, & Me!

Liz (Clay's sister) and the best looking groomsman! I LOVED the bridesmaid's dresses and the groomsman's attire.....sooo cute and classy and perfect for a beach wedding!

It's official! Mr. & Mrs. Clayton & Amy Wells!
Amy looked so beautiful and her dress was stunning!

Their first dance...

Clay and his sweet, sweet Mama!

The raw bar.....my husband was one happy boy!


Chris gave the food a thumbs up!

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gunter! :) Adam told me that he wanted to get married again.....to me of course!

The tasty fajita bar!

Just look at this venue!! I'm telling you, it was straight out of a magazine!

Time to cut the cake!!




From here on out I didn't take any pictures because we were having way too much fun on the dance floor! The band was out of this world!! They were all the way from Nashville, Tennessee and will definitely make it big some day!

It was soon time to say goodbye to the newlyweds!

They drove off in their antique car and headed for St. Lucia for SIX days! Ohhh how I envied them! :)

Congrats Amy and Clay! The wedding was absolutely perfect (along with the weather!). You two are just perfect for eachother and we were so lucky to be able to spend this exciting time with you! We can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon!!


Spring Fling

This beautiful spring weather got me in the mood to take some pictures of the little buddy in his new precious outfit from Mama Byrd! Sally Kate joined in on the fun too! It was quite a challenge getting Camp to pose just how I wanted to, but that's why I love taking pictures of babies! They are so unpredictable, but make for the best candid shots! Here are a few that I just love!


IMG_9273 copy
i love those little toes....

I spent most of my time taking pictures of Sally Kate. We've been trying to do a photo shoot since early December, but were never able to work it out!
Here are some of my favorites from SK's photo shoot!



After our photo shoot, we headed to a mini play date with The Critters. Triplets Carson, Hadley, and Reese were the cutest little babies that I've ever seen! Oh my goodness....I had to hold each of them and satisfy my chubby baby craving!

Earlier in the week we headed to the shop so Camp could play! Camp is a lucky little boy!


"hey bop bop, lets go over there!"


"ewww...i don't like this dirt in here!"


"vroom, vroom"
Camp helped Daddy work in the yard this weekend! We want Camp to grow up and do whatever he wants, but we have a feeling that he might follow in his Bop Bop and Daddy's footsteps!




Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather has been fantastic and I sure hope it stays like this! I'm sure ready for spring!!