two and a half, springtime, & an easy recipe

Spring is here and while we've been dealing with annoying allergies, we are welcoming the beautiful weather and green grass!! ;) Thank goodness this rain has washed the pollen away and rinsed my black car clean!
Our little buddy is two and a half...I can't even believe it!! He's getting so tall and with all the time he's been spending in the sun, his hair is turning blonde...he looks like such a little man these days!!
Camp is an extremely observant child!! He knows what vehicles people drive...he'll see an F-150 and say "hey, that like bop bop truck", an infiniti like Bebe's and say "that Bebe car" or a GMC and say "hey that mama new car"...he knows how to get to certain stores and doesn't forget a thing!! We drove by the library the other day and he said "I go dancin'' and every time we drive by the bounce house place he'll say "Let's go jump, jump, jump!"...he won't even see the actual building, but he knows were close! :) I love that because I've always had a great sense of direction and I'm glad Camp does too...haha!

He constantly tells me, "Mama, you're so cute" or "Mama, you're so pretty"...how does he already know just the right words to say?? :) He's such a sweeeet boy and I love it. He's still such a little love bunny...he'll  say "let's go cuddle" when he's tired. It's the cutest thing ever. Don't get me wrong...he's two and a half and he has his moments of defiance, but I'm just thankful he has such a sweet and caring heart already. 

Camp's still sleeping in his crib, but I know those days are coming to an end. I know he's ready for a big boy bed, but I'm not looking forward to the day when he'll be able to get out of his bed on his own. I'm in love with this bed from Pottery Barn Kids...I mean how perfect is it?? The Camp Bed?? Oh my, he just has to have it! We are just now starting to consider the big boy bed, but I know it's not too far around the corner! It will be fun to come up with a new theme for his room and get new bedding. Uncle Trip said he'd paint some canvases too! :) (right, uncle trip???)

A few weeks ago, Camp got a goody bag from a preschool birthday party. Inside were these chocolate milk straws and Camp fell in love with them! I guess the milk goes through the straw and turns it into chocolate milk? It seemed pretty odd, but he got such a kick out of them and called it chocolate chip milk. :)

safety first at the gunter household!! :)

I've decorated for Easter and I put this little chick in the ground...I got her at the Coton Colors sale in October. I already had an Easter egg wreath, but I couldn't pass her up. Yaya gave me the brilliant idea to put her in the ground and I love it!

I went to Coton Colors on Monday to get an Easter attachment for my happy everything plate and chose the bunny...he's so cute!!

While I was there, I got this adorable chick bowl...I just couldn't resist!

I made a new recipe the other night and it was soooo good and easy that I have to share it!
two boneless, skinless chicken breasts...in the crock pot.

an envelope of taco seasoning mix...

and a jar of your favorite salsa. cook on low 8 hours, shred chicken then serve in tortillas with your favorite toppings. It is sooooo tasty!! We ate this two nights in a row and had leftovers. This is definitely going in the dinner lineup.

I can't even believe it's the last day of March!!! We have a fun and celebratory weekend planned and I can't wait to see Bebe, Papa, & Chandler again!! I could sure get used to this whole seeing them every other weekend thing! :)


spring break 2011

We've had a fun filled week!!!
After coming home from Blue Ridge, Camp and I headed west to the Meyer's beach house and joined them for a few days!

The weather was perfect and the water was beautiful.
Camp had a blast!!

We celebrated Linse Lane's 6th birthday on Tuesday and she got the new iPod touch!!

birthday cake time!

Camp looooooved the "kids" as he liked to call them! They were all soooo sweet and patient with him and it was pretty nice to have so many babysitters around!

A false fire alarm at the condos by the beach house, but an exciting sighting of a fire truck for Camp...

We went to the pool a few times too...

Camp loved the pool!! I would float him around in an inner tube and he'd say "I fwimmin in da pool!!"
Look at sweet Finn talking to Camp...

After our days at the Meyer's, we headed to St. Teresa...

with these sweet girls!!

these two had lots of fun!

all packed up and ready to go home watching nemo...camp and avery fell fast asleep not long after we left the beach house!
Last week gave me a taste of summer and I'm ready to spend most of it down at the beach!
On Saturday, Adam and I had an engagement party to go to so we dropped Camp off at Yaya & Bop Bop's and had a lovely evening! We even had a little date at FGF for drinks and appetizers after the party...I sure love date night with my handsome husband!!



Last Thursday, Adam, Camp, and I headed north to Blue Ridge to surprise Fred (Papa) for his 60th birthday! My mom decided a few months ago that a surprise visit from us would be a pretty special birthday gift. :)
We arrived late Thursday evening and stayed at a hotel so the actual surprise didn't happen until Friday morning...

Bebe told Papa that she needed to pick up something from the real estate office (located inside the hotel). Once they arrived at the hotel, Papa said he'd just stay in the car to wait. We were in the lobby waiting for Bebe and Papa to walk in together so we greeted Bebe and made our way out to the car for the big surprise!

This is Fred going through the thought process of "who the heck is this?" to "oh my goodness, I know that little boy!" :) to "what is camp doing in blue ridge?"

you can see that he was pretty pleased with his birthday surprise!!

soo happy!

We loaded up in the car and headed out to bebe and papa's new house under construction. Just look at that view!

I was a little nervous walking up here as there were no railings and about a hundred foot fall (or more) down the mountain!! :)

Camp thought the porta potty was a house...

this little boy was in hog heaven...

waving goodbye to the dump truck...the dump trucks come up the mountain to bring truck loads of fill dirt to create their driveway/parking area....150 truck loads of dirt are estimated to be brought in! We witnessed about four loads and Camp was pretty pleased!!!

We then headed downtown and enjoyed lunch outside...

Camp enjoyed checking out the fire trucks and played on the playground downtown...

we saw a rooster crossing the road...

and then another one! :)

we also hit up the feed store so camp could check out all of the animals...I love this picture. Notice the "do not touch" sign and our child touching the chicks! :)

Papa told Camp to close his eyes and then he'd whistle (one of camp's favorite things for papa to do!)

this is his face after he whistled!

On Saturday we headed to Bebe & Papa's for a little birthday soiree...by this time Trip & Carly had arrived!

me with the birthday boy...his birthday is my half birthday and my birthday is his half birthday!! :)
So I'm officially 27 and a half!!

me and my silly little boy!

yummy & refreshing

Aunt Vicki , Uncle Oscar, & Colleen came over for the day to celebrate with us!! We had tasty food including my favorite crab meat bites and lots of fun togetherness! It was a wonderful weekend and the best part was that Fred was totally surprised!!
Happy Birthday, Freda!!