three...and that's a magic number

Camp on his birth day 9.26.08

1 year old! 9.26.09

2 years old! 9.26.10

3 years old! 9.26.11

He's getting even cuter with age, if I do say so myself!

Camp had his 3 year old check up today and after waiting 2 hours, we found out he's 40.5" tall (97%) and 34.5 lbs (75%). He was so good at his appointment and sat there like such a big boy as the doctor looked at his ears, eyes, and mouth. He's a healthy 3 year old right on track with his development.

He's been fully potty trained since June 27th. Potty training was easy peasy for us...absolutely no work for me. I just stopped putting him in a diaper. He was just 1000% ready...who says boys are harder to potty train??

His favorite foods are turkey sandwiches shaped like Mickey, corn on the cob, grapes, cheetos, and broccoli.

His favorite game is "you wanna come and get me?" He usually plays this with Adam...Camp will run away and Adam will chase him...then Adam will hide behind a wall and scare him and pick him up. It can go on for quite some time, but Camp LOVES it.

His favorite tv shows are Jake and the Neverland Pirates & Dino Dan. His favorite movies include Monsters Inc, Tangled, Rio, Finding Nemo, and Cars.

He loves animals of all kinds...toads, fish, worms, caterpillars, birds, 'catties', dogs, bunnies, 'piggy banks' :)

Loves pirates!

When I asked him who his best friend was he said "Bo is my best friend" :)

His favorite songs are I Love You, You Love Me, ABC's, Row Row Row Your Boat, and Praise Him, All Ye Little Children.

He knows all of his colors. Not really sure what his favorite is though. 

He'll see letters and say "that's abcdefghijkmmmmp!"

He turns everything into a gun. The past few weekends, Adam has taken Camp to the woods to go "dove huntin' " Camp thinks he is one of the big guys and when he comes home, he's on top of the world!!

He loves to ask who gave him certain things...he'll ask who gave him the shirt he's wearing, who gave us our tv, who gave us our blinds...it can go on and on and on! :) One day he asked who gave him his Thomas pajamas and I said that I had. Camp replied with, "no the Easter Bunny did!" Woops! I'm going to have to do a better job at remembering what Santa and the Easter Bunny bring! :)

He loves other children and always goes right up to them and will ask them their name or if they want to play. He's not shy in the slightest around other children...this is one thing he did not get from me! He has a fascination with babies as well.

He wears 2T shorts, 3T/4T shirts, and I'm guessing will be a 4T in pants...he needs the length! He's in a 9.5 shoe at the moment.

He's a sweet, caring, funny, and smart little boy! I'll catch myself smiling just watching him talk or play...Adam and I are always in awe of how precious and fun he is. He makes our hearts smile. We are soooo incredibly blessed to be his parents.

I think 3 is going to be a great year full of lots of new adventures! ;)


camp is three!

Camp woke up on his birthday to find balloons and presents waiting for him on the kitchen counter...he was pretty excited!!

He was so cute opening each present...he played with each one and then moved on to the next. His favorites were his tool box (really a tackle box) with lots of wiggly worms (or wiggy da worms as he likes to say) and his new playdough set.

When he opened his playdough he said "It's my birthday...ahhhhhhh!!!"
When he was finished opening everything he said "chank you for all of my presents!!"

After presents he had a sprinkle donut with a 3 candle...

Adam and I both took Camp to school and we brought these adorable pirate cookies for birthday snack. I brought in a picture to Tasty Pastry and they were able to recreate them perfectly!

When we got home from school, a package from Bebe & Papa was waiting for Camp on the front porch...

they sent him an awesome digital camera and he's had fun taking lots of pictures!

We decided to have a low key birthday this year and had Adam's family over for a pirate dinner!
I decorated with a few of Camp's pirate toys...

Camp couldn't wait to open even more presents! By the end of the day, he was a pro at the whole present thing!

lots of pirate loot!

eating his pirate dinner...hot dog, corn on the cob (his fave!), and hashbrown casserole...with jack sparrow by his side!

I made his birthday cake this year...I found a cake online that looked easy to make so I attempted it.
Camp loved it!

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he'd always say "a pirate cake!"

a pirate cake with a sparkler...doesn't get much better than that!

after camp was finished playing with his cake... :)

I asked Camp what his favorite part of his entire birthday was and he said "the pirate cake with the fireworks" :) He says his favorite gift was his pirate ship boat, but he's had so much fun playing with everything! Our living room is still covered with new birthday toys, but he's been playing with everything constantly!!
Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet, sweet Camper!!

I took a picture with Camp and Beary on his birthday so I'll post that soon along with his 3 year stats...


pirate dog & a birthday

Annabelle is usually pretty patient with Camp...on this particular morning, he was dressing her up as a pirate...
after he got the towel just right, he said "she's a pirate dog!!"
she looks like a pirate to me! :)
she'd finally had enough of being pirate dog...
Last Saturday, Camp and I spent the day with Beth...she was in town and invited us over for pool time and promised birthday presents!

she knew the little buddy was into pirates so she hooked him up good with an awesome new treasure chest complete with gold doubloons!

he put on the bandana and started to dance around the treasure chest just like Jake and the Neverland Pirates... :) so cute!

on sunday, yaya made an extra special birthday dinner just for me!

All of my favorites were on the menu...yum, yum, yum!!! Yaya fried the chicken all by herself and it was the tastiest fried chicken I've ever had! I sure could go for a plate right now!! Carrie Anne made the mac and cheese...it's her specialty!
For dessert we had my favorite...cookie cake!

What a special treat!!

I turned 28 on Tuesday...Adam and I celebrated with a fabulous dinner at Shula's and enjoyed the evening out alone. I didn't take one picture on my birthday, but it was a great day! I ended up taking Camp to see The Lion King at the movie theatre...he loved it and I loved that I remembered every word to every song...I don't think I've seen The Lion King since middle school! :)

up next...Camp's birthday on Monday! September is the best!


thank you, dino dan!

A few months ago, Camp watched an episode of Dino Dan where Dan took a trip to the dentist. After watching how much fun Dan had, Camp begged me to make him a dentist appointment. And when I say begged, I mean begged!! I called the office where Adam and I went when we were younger and asked if it was even time for him to have his first appointment...they said it was a perfect time so we went ahead and made one.

This sweet boy counted down the days and I was so worried that this new experience wasn't going to be quite all that he expected it to be...

As you can see from this smile, Camp's first dentist visit was a huge success! I was soooooo proud of him...he was an awesome patient. The hygenist kept commenting on how good he was and how she couldn't believe he was only turning three. She said that Camp needed to come in to show the older patients how to act! ;)

The best part of the whole visit was that we found out he has no cavities! :) Getting a cavity filled might put an end to the coolness of the dentist's office! He picked out a Mater sticker and an awesome new car and they said they'd see us in six months!!

Camp telling Adam all about his appointment...

Yay for a successful first trip to the dentist! Let's hope they're always this much fun! :)


a pirate's life for me

Earlier tonight, the three of us were in Camp's room discussing his treasure map...he was just being too cute so I grabbed my Flip and secretly caught a glimpse of this conversation. Earlier he said "I'm going to take Thomasville Road" so Adam was trying to get him to say it again. FYI- He's saying "it's my gold doubloons in my treasure chest"