spring break 2K13

The boys and I headed to Blue Ridge for Camp's spring break last week. Adam wasn't able to take off of work, but I was determined to attempt the road trip alone! :) Both boys were amazing little travelers and I was so proud of both of them. 
At our favorite...you guessed it, Mercier's! :)

Papa having a little fun with Camp's new bow and arrow from Mercier's.

Blue Ridge has a new olive oil company. Such a neat concept and everything was so tasty!! I've had fun with my new balsamic vinegar and olive oil...I want to use it on everything!

Bebe & Papa's cabin is legit.

Fred's birthday was on Wednesday (the 20th) so we celebrated with cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe!!

The 20th was also my half birthday!! I woke up to this sweet 1/2 birthday goody!! 

Bebe had some of my favorite Easter decorations out!

these Cadbury eggs sure didn't last long!

It snowed one evening...just a tiny bit of flurries, but it was exciting for us Florida natives! 

Bebe told me that we would probably find out if Chandler was accepted to UGA while we were in town. Bebe checked the status of Chandler's admission about 5000 times a day and we finally found out on Friday that Chandler will be a BULLDOG in the fall!! We are so proud of her!! She is beyond excited...hard work pays off!!!!
We all found out the wonderful news while Chandler was babysitting...this was as she came home. Those are happy tears! :)

We went out for a celebratory dinner at La Pizzeria and Bebe was finally able to get the UGA ice cream cake from DQ! :)
I've always loved the Georgia Bulldogs and now I have a real reason to cheer for them!


Collins quickly became Deacon and Miley's best friend!! They stayed right under his high chair all week! :)

Beth came to Blue Ridge one night too! It was so much fun! Bebe watched Collins the next day so we could go to lunch and shop downtown. Such a special treat!

It was a perfect Spring Break!! We were sad Adam couldn't join us, but we still had lots of fun!! Thanks for putting up with us, Bebe, Papa, & Chandler!!



We had a wonderful week full of celebrations for Adam's 30th birthday! The weekend before his birthday, Adam and I went on a fabulous weekend away...alone! :) We had a blast! Thank you to Yaya & Bop Bop for watching the boys...they said both little buddies were angels! We'll just have to plan another trip ASAP! :)
our lunch libations

conch fritters...my fave

On Adam's actual birthday (the 16th) we had a little cookout at our house. Adam never really likes to do anything big for his birthday, but we had to do something special for the big 30 year old! :)

For his birthday dinner, he requested his bleu cheese burgers with caramelized onions...only he can make that fabulousness, but he didn't care! Grilling out is his favorite thing to do!

Months before his birthday, I asked Adam if he wanted a party and he said all he wanted was a box of Cake Shop cupcakes. Being the sweet wife that I am, I got him just that! :)
I had a really hard time buying those candles...the 3 only came in orange and the 0 only came in blue. Major bummer.

Opening presents with help from Camper.

And blowing out candles with help from Camper. 

Happy 30th to our favorite husband and daddy!!! 


11 months

This is the first time I've taken a monthly picture late, much less four days late! Ahhh!! In my defense, Adam and I were out of town on Collins's 11 month birthday! :) And maybe I'm in total denial that my baby is almost a year old. 

Sweet precious angel...

Collins is into everything! He's pulling up, cruising, and now starting to let go for a few seconds. He is so proud of himself when he stands on his own. When we try to walk with him holding his hands, he tries to let go and do it on his own.  

He signs "please".

He loves to growl. 

He loves cheese, Kashi blueberry waffles, mashed potatoes, and the Earth's Best apple granola bars. He seems to be a bit picky especially with certain fruits that Camp loved...blueberries, strawberries, bananas, etc. I will keep trying though! He's starting to turn down baby food too so we are pretty much only feeding him people food.

He can shake his head yes and no.

The precious bond that Camp and Collins have already formed just melts my heart. They are just too cute.

He started clapping a few days ago.

He understands "No" and will usually start crying when we say it because he wants to continue doing what he was doing! :) 

He doesn't have any teeth!

He's wearing 12 month clothes...on the verge of 18 months. Size 4 diaper.

He goes down at night around 7:30 and has been waking up at 8-8:30 since the time change. I'm loving the 8:30 wake up time! Let's hope he keeps that up! 

This is his face when he hears something interesting followed by "ohhh". :)

 He will act shy when someone tries to talk to him and I'm holding him. He will put his head down on my chest and it's just about the sweetest thing.

Camp and Collins look identical from the back. 

Happy 11 months, you precious baby boy!!!



 from the past week and a half...

Camp left his half eaten donut on the table...you snooze you lose, Camper!!

Camp was invited to his friend Harrison's pirate birthday party last weekend...

Jack Sparrow himself made an appearance!

Camp was star struck (I'm not gonna lie, I was too!!) 

"Jack Sparrow" looked, talked, and acted like the real deal!! It was pretty awesome.

Collins and his girlfriend, Avery Anne.

girls dinner at the melting pot for yaya's birthday!

Camper singing Happy Birthday to Yaya.

Magic Cookie Bars for Dave's birthday!!

The spring birthdays have begun!! Yaya and Dave had birthdays last week. Bebe, Adam, Papa, & Collins all have birthdays in the next month. I can't even believe my baby will be one in a month (it brings tears to my eyes) and I can't believe that I will be married to a 30 year old!! :) HA!! I'm only 6 months behind him!

Happy Weekend!