end of school year 2016

Sweet Mother's Day tea with Collins

Sweet Mother's Day tea with Camp...this will probably be the last school Mother's Day event with Camp...wahhhh!! I think it stops in first grade. I savored every moment of this sweet morning.

This smile on Camp's face about did me in. He was so proud standing up there. And I was a proud Mama!!

End of year program.

Splash Party!

First and last day of 3 year old preschool. Excuse the water on his shirt!! 

Mrs. Durham and Mrs. Larkin
This was a special school year...Collins was on the playground with me every single morning and I loved watching him play. He played with his friends, but I was always able to get some sweet snuggles from him. I'm really going to miss that. I can't believe Collins has only one more year at Faith. :( I'm going to savor every moment with him at school with me next year!!

On the Tuesday before school got out, Camp's school held an AR (Accelerated Reader) rally for all of the students that met their AR goal for the school year. Camp earned THE MOST AR points out of ALL of the first grade!!! I got the text and pictures from his teacher while Collins and I were at Target and I immediately started crying right there in the middle of the store!!! I have never been so proud!! 

Volunteering at Camp's end of the year party!!

First and last day of school for Camper!!
He has grown so much!! I am SOOO proud of this sweet, smart, handsome boy!!