Long Time No Blog!!

Sorry for my long absence!! We've been a little preoccupied and I haven't had any time to blog!
 Camp is at such a cute stage right now. He's talking up a storm and I love it!
Camp has a new found fascination with black olives. He taught this to himself and likes to get black olives on both of his pointer fingers. I'm so glad he loves black olives just as much as me....I could eat a whole can by myself and now I have someone to share them with! :) Adam doesn't particularly care for them!!

He also loves guacamole! He loves to dip things. Hummus is also one of his favorites.

When he's not eating semi-healthy foods, he likes to eat cupcakes!!! He can say the word "cupcake" perfectly!!

 This is an Elmo graham cracker stick, but Camp pointed to it and said "poo poo".
I hope none of you find this offensive.....I found it downright hilarious, so much so that I took a picture of him pointing to it! :)

Last weekend we headed to the Edenfield's for a little cake party. Mary and Holly's sweet mama made a cake that I'd been eyeing on Mary's blog. It was soooo extremely tasty!!!

Camp and Sally Kate

Camp loved this slide!! The first time he went down was an accident, but once he knew he could do it, he went down again and again!!

Cake party gals! Chocolate cake with seafoam icing....enough said!
And what is seafoam icing you may ask? It's delicious...almost a marshmallowey consistency? It's hard to describe, but it's divine!

Camp has started wearing hats recently and he likes wearing them backwards. I guess it's easier for him to see, but he looks like such a cool dude!

I promise to not go a week plus without blogging!!! Hope everyone is having a great week! Can't believe it's already Wednesday!!


Mama Byrd said...

How could he NOT like black olives with you for his mother?!? Love his mature palate enjoying hummus and guacamole!

Kaitlin said...

Love the cool dude look with the backwards hat! He is not only adorable, but def on his way to being Mr. Popular in school. And I think the lack of blogging is due to the 'Mobile Uploading' going on (WOOHOO for BB!). Either way, I can't get enough of little Camper. I'll take a picture of him on whatever site I can get it :)

Heather said...

#1 - I am a lover of black olives, and could also eat an entire can by myself!

#2 - many thanks for describing the seafoam :) I have been wondering ever since the birthday bash for grandmother ME what the HECK the seafoam tasted like ;) Now ... I know ... marshmallowey!