Handmade Christmas Gifts

I made these gumdrop pillows for Chandler & Carrie Anne.

Aprons for the grandmothers...Lollie & Mama Byrd

And a little something for me.....



Three Months!!!!

Our baby is three months old today! (the 26th) He's becoming more vocal everyday and he's starting to giggle! He loves his hands and he plays with them constantly. He always has them in his mouth....I've been extra careful trying to keep his hands clean! They get a wipe down with antibacterial wipes several times a day. :)

3 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

1 week


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We braved the crowds and headed to the mall. I figured the Tallahassee Mall was our better bet seeing that there are only about five stores still in business. I think the Halloween costume shop would be packed on Christmas Eve! The mall was a mad house! I just HAD to have a picture of Camp with Santa for his first Christmas though. I was allowed to take one picture with my camera or I could choose to buy one from them....packages starting at $14.99...yeah right! I'll take my blurry picture over spending that! :) This Santa was super sweet and I'm glad Camp was awake and not crying! I'm sure next year might be a different story.

Mama....Did you tell Santa that I was a good boy this year?


I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!


It's The Most Wonderful Time

He's discovered his hands! He plays with them all day long. Adam and I think it looks like he's signing to us.

Representing in the precious onesies that Danielle had made!

Camp's Christmas day outfit that I made for him.


It Took Twelve Weeks....

I think Ellie just realized we had a baby. Ellie has finally paid some attention to Camp! We all knew she wasn't quite as bright as Annabelle, but Annabelle is more human than dog so that's a given! Ellie loves nothing more than cuddling with her family. Camp and Ellie are only a year apart and I know they will be two peas in a pod someday.
And don't worry....he had a bath right after this picture was taken! :)


Happy Birthday Narnie!!

Our first baby is 4 today! I can't even believe it. Happy Birthday sweet Narn!

Where Have I Been?

In the North Pole, of course! While I was there I ran into this little buddy.

We've been pretty busy these days! We're trying to partake in everything Tallahassee has to offer during the Christmas season. Last week we went to Camellia Christmas at Maclay Gardens and we also made it to the Festival of Lights just in time to see Santa (the LAST float!). It was fun getting out and seeing the crowds. Camp, Mama Byrd and I went to Market Days too! We went to a Christmas party at the McGills (by the way you guys need to get your blog up and running!) and we also saw the Living Christmas Story and Dorothy B. Oven. Tonight we are going to look at Christmas lights! Man...I don't think we've ever done so many fun and festive things in one Christmas season! I guess now that Camp is here we feel like we need to start our holiday traditions. It's so much fun though!
I've been busy sewing some Christmas presents. I'm so excited about them and I can't wait to post pictures AFTER Christmas.


Flying Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

He's not a little newborn anymore! This little munchkin rolled over today! He did it three times in a row. I can't believe it. He's also doing what the baby books call a "mini pushup". All of which are very advanced for his age..... :) We have a genius on our hands! He's also sleeping through the night now. It started at 8 weeks. It's wonderful.


Family Photo Shoot

We had a photo session with Christina Higman last week and I think we ended up getting some great pictures!!! Check them out! www.christinahigmanphotography.com Go to proofing, then type in gunter for the password! And act surprised if you see a shot or two on our Christmas cards!! :)


Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend! Camp enjoyed being held by lots of friends and family. Here are a few pictures to recap the weekend!

Auntie Carrie Anne, Camp, & Mamaw

Camp slept while we ate....what a treat! :)

Barrett & Camp comparing the size of their feet!

4 generations

Colleen & Camp

Godmother Bethel & Camper. Camp and I got to spend THREE hours with this lovely lady! It was so nice catching up. We even ate at a very gourmet restaurant after we enjoyed Starbucks. :)

Aunt Vicki, Nina, & Camp

Mama Byrd came over yesterday (Tuesday) to bake our Christmas goodies! We got a lot accomplished and it's going to be very hard not to sneak goodies out of the refrigerator! I'm going to have to give my plates away soon so I have stuff to give away!!
Camp had his first set of shots on Monday and it made his mama so extremely sad. Poor baby only cried for a bit, but you could just tell it hurt! He's 11 pounds, 23 inches long, and head circumference is 15.5 inches....still a little baby! He's in the 40th percentile for weight and 50th for height. The dr. said he's right on track with his curve so that makes us all happy! She also said that he looks PERFECT....music to his mama and daddy's ears!

First Things First...

Danielle tagged me with the instructions to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of my computer so here it is...

Our cute little family before the addition of #2 and #3. :) This was out at the farm in Cairo. We were there taking our pictures for Christmas cards in 2006.
Ok now I'll be spending the rest of Camp's naptime composing the Thanksgiving post...stay tuned!