Happy Camper

Camp has been so cute these past few days! I think he's just entering that fun baby stage. His little personality is starting to break through and I have to say, I really like it!

All of the lifting, bending, and baby carrying has caught up with me and I have hurt my back. Ughh...it's been no fun. Sweet Camp has been so nice and has been extra laid back. We spent most of the day in bed talking and playing and he took three great naps. Adam was home for some of the day working on a yard project so he was able to take Camp outside for a good bit. Adam enjoyed it just as much as I did. :)

Lollie found this adorable cup. Isn't it just perfect?
You get it, right?


Happy 5 Months!

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

1 week


He's squealing and talking all of the time.

He loves This Little Piggy.

He loves going outside.

He'll arch his back in a feisty way when he doesn't want to do something. ( sometimes when getting in the car seat, Bumbo, high chair) I'm not writing this because I think it's cute.

If he sees something interesting, he'll turn his body in any direction to see it. Sometimes he'll turn his head upside down when being held!

He's waking up from most naps in a super mood! He'll talk to himself instead of cry!

He loves toys and little blankies.

He still loves holding fingers. If he's ever fussy in the car, I just put my hand back there and he'll play with it or hold on to my fingers.

He's an extremely laid back baby that goes with the flow! He takes great naps, sleeps great at night (we still have the occasional bad night) and is just a happy little fella!

We've noticed that he's starting to get in more of a crawling position when he's on his stomach. I know he's still far away from crawling, but it's just another step in the right direction!

I plan on starting rice cereal this month and start working our way to solids by 6 months. He's VERY interested in what we are eating. I've heard that's a tell tale sign that he's ready. I gave him a little sip of water the other day and he really liked it. I don't think we'll have any problems with the solid food transition!
I love this picture, but Beary was pushed too far to the side to be THE 5 month shot. He totally has Adam's eyes.

Oh my goodness.....look at those little feet crossed and that hand on his leg. He's such a little man!

The main reason that I do this blog is to use it as an online journal for me and Adam. We go back and read what Camp was doing each month or to look at pictures all of the time. I also go back to read about my pregnancy. It seems like it was just yesterday, but I really do forget all of the minor details. :) So humor me.


I Love Him

Look at that little foot. :)
I was looking through Adam's baby book the other day and he was doing this same thing with his foot while he was in his swing.


Finer Things Club

Adam and I have an obsession. We can't get enough of The Office. If you share in our obsession, you know about the Finer Things Club. While we were eating dinner on Thursday, Adam said that he wanted to wake up on Sunday and drink coffee out of our wedding china. In almost three years, we haven't used any of it. So we woke up this morning and did just that. We had our very own Finer Things Club. It was pretty fun! We really need to use it more often. It's so pretty. And it just sits in our china cabinet begging to be used.

Camp was hungry so he decided to take a bite out of his high chair tray.



We finally got our Flip back! It was broken so I sent it back to the manufacturer and they fixed it! I'm so glad it's back. Camp has changed a lot since the last time we used it so hopefully the videos will be a little more entertaining. ;)

I filmed this last night and afterwards I realized that I probably should have had the overhead light on. Sorry it's so dark!

I Love This!

I think this is quite possibly the cutest girl I've ever seen. It's one of my favorite commercials right now. When it comes on, I stop what I'm doing and watch it. It amazes me that a 4 1/2 year old can do all of that on a computer.


Camp's New Toy

Camp bought an exersaucer with all of his Valentine's money. He's been wanting one for some time now. He's enjoying a new point of view and thinks he's a big boy now that he can stand up to play.


Date Night

Adam and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night and we didn't wait 90 minutes for a table....you should try it next year. :)
Lollie and Popsie came over to watch the Camper. We walked to one of our favorite restaurants and had a fantabulous meal! I started with that yummy drink pictured above. We had buffalo fried oysters for an appetizer and ended the meal with our very own desserts. We were going to share, but there was so much to choose from, that we each got our own. I got chocolate cake with my favorite unsweet whipped cream and Adam got a turtle truffle torte. They were both perfection. Mmmmm.....
After dinner we window shopped and then we walked back home! It was the perfect night.

Babysitter Lane

Camp and I had the privilege of watching precious Sophie yesterday. She is such a sweet girl! Camp seemed to be pretty smitten with her.
These kids are going to be the best of friends. They'll be forced to play together while their mothers sew and attempt the craft of the month.


Camp Loves His Daddy

And Daddy sure loves his Camper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ocala "Birthday" Trip

We spent a lovely weekend in Ocala. Grandma met Camper for the first time and she also met her new dog, Nexy! We had such a fun time and Camp, as always, was the best baby ever.

4 generations

Camp enjoying Mama & Daddy's old couch. He's also wondering why we ever let that thing go! :)

Miley, Deacon, & Nexylicious having a ball!

Fred with a captive audience.

Cam Damper

Camp & Cap

And the best part of the whole weekend was this card.

It's a Valentine's card from Fred to me.

The first time I read it, I didn't see that it said "Happy Birthday", but once I noticed, we took that and ran with it.
Poor Fred.
I didn't care in the slightest, but it was fun making such a big joke out of it.
He also got me a gift certificate for an hour and a half massage!!!
Thanks, Freda!


Camp's First Valentine's Card

Camp got his first Valentine's Day card in the mail today from his grand-godmother, Donna. Enclosed was a gift card to his favorite store. We are both super excited about that! :)

Sweet Nothings


The Client

Camp and I have a new job. A dog walking job. And this is our client.

Camp enjoys the extra walks that go with this new job!

Happy Birthday Beth!

Don't you wish we were sitting on this bench right now?
About to go eat at Lady & Son's and shop at cute stores?
And about to participate in an awesome parade?

Me too!

Happy 25th!


Monday, Monday

Not much new going on around here! Adam and I did join the 21st century and got a new laptop! We are having lots of fun with it. I'm really enjoying the speed this thing has. My ancient desk top was 5 years old! It was slow as Christmas! I also enjoy the fact that I can blog in any room of the house! :)

Camp's really starting to put his paci back in all by himself now. We can hand it to him and he heads straight for his mouth. (everything is going in his mouth these days) It's so fun to watch him grow and learn new things. Last night he almost turned over from his back to his tummy. I gave him a little push once and he seemed so proud of himself. I'm sure he'll be doing that by himself in no time. We are really going to have to watch where we put him now! We switched up his schedule a bit because he was having such a hard time napping longer than 45 minutes. Today was the 4th day of our new schedule and he slept 2 hours straight...no waking up!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!



And I Wonder Why....

I can't seem to keep my floors clean. :)


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4 Month Stats

We went to the doctor today and Camp got 4 more vaccinations. Poor baby cried and cried. I felt so bad! He's been in pretty good spirits today though. I gave him a nice warm bath and he's been conked out since 7:15.
Here are his 4 month stats:
Height- 25 3/4" (80th%)
Weight- 14 lbs. 2 oz. (40th%)
Head Circumference- 16.4" (40th%)

He's still right on track with his curve and that is always a relief.....seeing that I'm the only one responsible for that right now! :)

St. Augustine

Adam, Camp, and I just got back from a fabulous weekend in St. Augustine. We visited my dad and Meri. They hadn't seen Camp since he was only 5 weeks old! He has definitely changed a lot since then. We had a great time and enjoyed sight seeing downtown on Saturday. Meri made the best homemade meals and we were very spoiled! Adam and I think we might go every weekend! :) Here are lots of fun pictures from our fun weekend!

Snuggly Camper and Grandpa

This kid has his hands in his mouth 24/7!

Little man!!

Grandma & Camp

Mama & Daddy downtown

Happy Camper

One sock off, one sock on, deedle, deedle dumpling, my son Camp!

Recognize these little munchkins? My dad & Meri had this out at their house and I just had to get a picture of it. I have to say that we were pretty darn cute.