Celebrate America

We just got back from a fabulous WEEK at the beach! We went to the beach, on the boat, watched fireworks, ate at yummy restaurants, drank yummy drinks, took naps (thanks YaYa!), shopped at cute stores, and enjoyed eachothers company.
I took lots and lots of pictures...I think this post wins the prize for the most pictures ever!! They're cute though and they definitely recap our wonderful beach vacation.
When we arrived on Friday....

Chocolate Martinis compliments of YaYa.

4th of July dinner at Dockside...

Attempting a family picture....too bad Camp's pouting!

Me, Kaitlin, & Carrie Anne

Camp with Bop Bop & YaYa....

We went out on the boat to watch the fireworks in Port St. Joe. The weather was absolutely perfect...nice breeze, cool and not humid!

We enjoyed the boat parade, but enjoyed listening to the 'grand marshall' aka 'man that took his job way too seriously' even more!! :) We tuned the radio to the channel that the parade was on and had a few laughs listening to him tell his parade boats to 'keep it tight!'

Adam was the best bartender and made everyone yummy rum drinks!

Time for fireworks! It was a GREAT show!! Camp was absolutely petrified. He wanted his Mama to hold him! He also wanted Daddy and Bop Bop on either side of him. Poor baby...

Morning coffee with Bop Bop on the front porch.

Cooling off in the fridge....he would sit there and say "cold!"

Big helper boy!

On Tuesday we ate lunch at the Owl and shopped in Apalach...

I made my Great Grandma Harlan's Key Lime Pie....YUM.

Mr. Independent
Jumping on YaYa's bed after a bath!

Watching Cars (in his Cars pajamas) right before bed.

We went to Windmark Beach on Wednesday. We shopped at their only two (but sooo cute) stores, Joseph's Cottage and The Fuss. Windmark is such a cute little place with great potential, but it just hasn't quite taken off yet.

Camp loved their water fountains and wanted to swim in them!

We planned on eating lunch at School of Fish in Windmark, but it wasn't open so we headed to Port St. Joe and ate lunch at Provisions.....YUMMY! If you're ever in PSJ please go to Provisions...it was soo good!

On our ice cream date at Coneheads.

We had such a nice time and are ready to go back to the beach as soon as possible!
I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebration as well!


yaya said...

thanks for a great week of fun and rest and reading and movies!!! it was great!! thanks for the recap! makes me miss it even more...

CA said...

Wow- love everything about this post. Makes me wish we were still chillin at the Lion's Paw! And I swear Camper gets more precious every single day. Love love love!

Mama Byrd said...

Yes he does, CA! Love the one of him at Dockside. Big brown eyes!

The Smith Family said...

Looks like you all had fun! where on the beach is ya'lls beach house? Maybe we'll run into each other sometime!

Trip said...

I love every single one of these pictures. I feel like yall have gone down to the beach every weekend since I've been on the boat. Don't get burned out on going down there cuz I'm gonna be ready for some beach time when I get home!

mary caroline said...

a few things on your fun filled post:
1. love all the pictures...you are so talented :)
2. camp's new 4th shirt is precious!
3. I did not know Kaitln was there - fun!
3. I think the Radcliffes have been to Docksides...is it at the marina in PSJ?
4. and I would like you to make me a key lime pie...thanks :)