first week of school 2014

Precious angel boy on his first day of Kindergarten!!

Collinsy Bear on his first day of preschool!!

Camp requested that I take him to Zaxby's as a first day of school treat...he says Zaxby's is his favorite because he loves the Zax sauce. Can't blame the boy!!! 

And of course we made a trip to Tasty Pastry to celebrate the first day of school!!

This little cardinal greets me and Collins most mornings when we get to preschool and I had to get a picture!! We really see her almost every morning!! I love it.

After school play date with some of our favorites...these kids are a MESS!! :) I love that C & K have been friends since before they even turned two. Time flies!

 I ended the week in ATL with my BFFAEAE. Thanks for hosting me, Bethel!!

summer 2014 in pictures

The boys and I spent the first week of summer in Blue Ridge...it was a glorious week!!

We even made a trip to the Georgia Aquarium...both boys loved it.

Swim lessons with Mrs. Randi

Finally talked Camp into seeing Maleficent with me!! :) It was really good!!

Trip to SGI

Camper's first sleepover

Quick beach trip with Bebe, Papa, & Chandler

An after dinner ride around the neighborhood...