22 Months

Can't believe this sweet boy is 22 months! Just the other day as I was pushing him in his stroller, I looked at him and thought he almost looked too big to be sitting in one! He's definitely a big boy now and not a baby!

He's starting to put words together to form a sentence (other than thank you, I love you, etc.) For example: "Bop Bop's truck." The other day I caught him "talking" on the phone saying "Dada, Bop Bop, Umm, Truck, Umm, Mama, Dada, Bop Bop, Truck, Um." It was pretty funny and I must say "um" a lot! :)

His first words are evolving to sound more like the true word...tuh is now truck/tractor, Melmo is Elmo, Da is now Tane To (Thank You), he used to wave his hand goodbye to go outside and now he says "outide". He is a talking machine!

His cutest words this month are "ok" and "see ya". He's also named my mom (Mama Byrd) "Baby".

The other day he was coloring on a piece of paper and I said "wow, that's so cool!" This morning he came up to me with a pen and paper and said "cool". :)

He loves to sing the Two and a Half Men theme song.

Another favorite song of his is Kesha's "My First Kiss" :)

He loves bubblegum and everytime he sees me go through my purse he asks for it.

Favorite foods are strawberries, black olives, french fries, and lollipops.

He's hard headed and sweet all at the same time. We love this little boy sooooo much!
Happy 22 months, little Moonsie!


yaya said...

beary has gotten so small!!!! Happy # 22 sweet boy!!!

Mama Byrd said...

Loved catching up with the last 3 posts! Camp playing with the big boys was too cute. That first 22 month picture he looks about 5! Just went back to his one year post and showed Fred Camp's first 12 months photos. Hard to remember when he was so small! Love that boy!!

Pam said...

Beary, your legs are so short!!! Love these!