I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Jingle Jubilee definitely threw me for a loop as I spent well over 24 hours living at the civic center volunteering. It was a great success, but I'm so glad it's over!!! No more meetings, projects, or stress!
Now it's time to get ready for Christmas!! Yippee!! We've already decorated our tree, the house, and we've already started our shopping!
But before I begin to blog about Christmas happenings, I need to blog about our Thanksgiving...it was great and we have soooooooo very much to be thankful for!!
It may sound silly, but I'm thankful for the artwork that Camp brings home from preschool. Nothing makes me happier! I've already started a Rubbermaid bin of his artwork so I can save each piece...especially the holiday art!! It will be fun to bring it out each year. I'm ready for some preschool made Christmas ornaments!! ;)

I'm also extremely thankful for this little fella...I still sometimes can't believe he's mine. He is so precious...he's hilarious, he's sweet, and he's a mess!! I wouldn't trade him for anything and Adam and I both know how blessed we are with this wonderful little boy!!

We spent our Thanksgiving in Mexico Beach at my Uncle Oscar's father's beach house...Uncle Oscar is married to my Aunt Vicki...Fred's sister. :) My mom and Chandler came down from Blue Ridge (fred was at work :(...wah wah). There were 20 of us and we definitely had a house full!! It was lots of fun and I enjoyed visiting with my cousins that I don't get to see as much as I'd like to!

Did I ever mention that Ellie was adopted by my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Oscar? Last April we decided we couldn't keep her any longer and V&O decided they were finally ready to accept the challenge. Ellie is an alpha dog...as is Annabelle so they just didn't mix well. We were constantly on edge waiting for Ellie to fight with Annabelle and we couldn't risk Camp getting in the middle of it. Ellie was also a bit neurotic...she was CRAZY!! We even sent her to a dog training boot camp and the boot camp lady told us we needed to put her down because she was so wild! Well, obviously we knew that wasn't an option so we are thankful that my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Oscar took her in. They have four acres and live on the Chattahoochee River...and have no other dogs. It's a dream world for Ellie! We hadn't seen her since April and WOW...she's a changed dog!! We even asked for her back, but V&O said no! ;) haha...we aren't that crazy.
Ellie did remember us and she spent a lot of the day right by Adam.

An attempt at a sibling picture with Bebe as the photographer! :)

trip and chandler

It was HOT on Thanksgiving so we had to roll up Camp's shirt and pants! :)

Bebe, Chandler, Trey, & Meryl

Colleen and Scott (Meryl's fiance)

Me and my fabulous husband...I'm soooooo extremely thankful for him!! I am one lucky girl!
Camp sure loved all of the extra attention!!

It was a great Thanksgiving and I'm so glad we were able to head down to the beach to celebrate.


Jingle Jubilee

It's time!! The Jingle Jubilee is finally here! If you are in or around the Tallahassee area, you aren't going to want to miss this spectacular event! I knew it was going to be great, but when I saw and shopped Jingle Jubilee for the first time yesterday, I was in awe!! It's beautiful, festive, and the merchants ROCK! I'm not joking when I say there is something for EVERYONE. There are almost 80 merchants with so many wonderful products. Why not get all of your Christmas shopping done at one place and benefit a great cause while doing so??
Jingle Jubilee is open today (Friday, November 19th) from 9am-9pm
and Saturday, November 20th from 9am-5pm. Tickets are $7 or $5 if you bring a new or gently used children's book and tickets can be purchased at the door! Come on out to the Leon County Civic Center and support the Junior League of Tallahassee!!


fall mountain trip 2010

We spent last week in the mountains of North Carolina for our annual fall mountain trip. We stayed in Cashiers and had the best time!
On Thursday we went to Dillsboro, NC. Camp enjoyed the toy section of the general store...

He played so contently and Santa got some great ideas for gifts!
funny side note: there was an older man in the toy section with long white beared and camp looked up at him and said "hey, ho ho" and went on playing...  ;)

I ended up buying him the awesome ambulance and it was his favorite toy until it broke...

I'm searching the internet for something like it and my searches are coming up empty! :(

We stayed in the prettiest house! I loved these pine cone lights...

and the shake siding!

On Friday, we spent the day in Highlands...home to one of my favorite stores, Dutchmans! I took more pictures in this store than of anything else from our trip!
enjoy the eye candy...

these flower prints were matted with our dining room chair fabric...such a great idea!

After Dutchmans, we met up with the boys at Kilwins...
I know I've mentioned before how much I love this store! Camp seemed smitten with it too!

My favorite sister in-law and ME!

love this picture...

this one too...

oh and this one!!

On Friday we ate at Carolina Smokehouse. We go every time we visit Cashiers and it's always so good!!

camp slept through lunch...

he also slept through his last Carolina Smokehouse experience...(he was only 6 weeks in this picture!)

sweet tea and bbq are mountain musts!

after lunch and shopping, we headed to the adorable park in the middle of cashiers...

camp had endured hours and hours of shopping, car riding, and sightseeing and he needed to be rewarded!

he had so much fun!

this little buddy was on his best behavior the entire trip...he's a good traveller for sure!!

We had yet another wonderful trip to the mountains and I can't wait to go back!!


All I Want for Christmas...

Before I post about our mountain trip, I had to share this picture...

Camp received the Target Christmas gift catalog in the mail last week and he's had lots of fun pouring over it. This morning we caught him sitting in our bathroom reading it, yet again. When I walked into the bathroom to take a picture he told me "Lightning McQueen bike, Ho Ho."


not in the mood for pictures & quick trip to the fair

Camp was not interested in getting his picture made...

He just wanted to sit in his chair and enjoy his lollipop in peace!

But I love these pictures anyway!

Adam, Camp, and I made a quick trip to the fair. We hadn't been in years and Camp had never been, so we decided to give it a try. We thought he might enjoy the animals and tractors!
This attraction was the highlight of my night!! I've never seen these, but they were called Hamster Balls! It was so funny to watch these kids roll around in the balls on the water without even getting wet!

We headed straight for the animals and Camp enjoyed petting goats, cows, and sheep!

We didn't stay very long, but just long enough to get a corn dog and a funnel cake (the only reason to go to the fair, in my opinion!) I always forget how "sketch" the fair is!! :) We aren't one for the rides so that part is lost on us, but we had a nice evening out enjoying the sights! :)