Boys from the 'Hood

Yesterday, a few boys from our neighborhood knocked on our door to see if they could play with Annabelle. Of course Camp had to join them!

Camp was so cute trying to keep up with these big boys! He copied everything they did!

The boys were soooo sweet to Camp! They tried to teach him how to play Hide & Seek and always let Camp win. They were so patient with him!

It was about 110 degrees outside and all four boys were running around non stop. So they all took a quick break for some water. Camp really thought he was one of the big boys!

The boys even shared some of their Silly Bandz with Camp!

I sure hope these sweet boys come over and play again soon!! Camp has never had so much fun!!

Here's a pic from earlier this week... :)

Happy weekend!


The Smith Family said...

Send those boys my way, I have two dogs that need to be played with!

Where did you get the foam alphabet mat? I need to get one for D

CA said...

Awwwwww! How sweet!! I love it :)