thanksgiving and more

pictures from the past week...
I bought a new play mat for our living room. It's a nice place for Collins to play and scoot around. We had one with Camp and I'm glad I ended up getting another one. Camp loves playing on the mat with Collins too!

This picture of Collins make me laugh every time I see it...love it!



Camper had his Thanksgiving feast at school last Monday. His placemat said he was thankful for his mommy, daddy, and brother. I had to hold back tears when I read it...so sweet.

Camp's indian name was "Brave Hunter"

Collins at the feast!

I sat Collins down in the chair next to Camp for a quick picture...he wouldn't leave the tablecloth alone! :) Another mother got a picture of the boys sitting down so I will update when I get it.

Adam and I had a lovely date night on Wednesday.

We continued the date at Target and had a blast. Adam was so amazed that Target had everything (I think he's only been to Target two times before this night) and he now sees how it's so easy to spend lots of money there. :)

My Thanksgiving meal contribution.

Chandler & Bebe came to town for Thanksgiving! Fred and Trip were both at work so we were glad they were able to come to town for a few days.

Me and my handsome husband. 
I'm thankful every single day for all that Adam and I have been blessed with. Our healthy boys, our supportive families, our home, Adam's job, and each other!! 

Adam and Camper went on a duck hunting adventure over the Thanksgiving break. Both boys had an absolute blast and Camp is pretty much a natural. Adam was SOOOOO proud of him!! 

On Saturday the four of us went to a late lunch. 

It was almost eerie to be out and about in Tallahassee at 3:30 on Saturday. There was NO ONE out...everyone was at the game!! :) We watched it for a bit on the restaurant TV then came home to watch the major upset. Gracious...those dang Gators always seem to get lucky. I'm just thankful I'm a Nole...even if we didn't win this year.

We're busy packing up all things fall and working on getting all of our Christmas decorations out. Camp is counting down the days until we can break out our chocolate filled advent calendar and we're planning on getting our tree this week! 

Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


backyard picnic

We got lunch at the Panera drive thru the other day. On our way home, Camp asked if we could have a picnic in the backyard. It was a great idea and such a beautiful day so I happily obliged. We had the best time!

Why is Panera mac and cheese so tasty??

Christmas packaging makes me happy...

Collins enjoyed some Puffs and water from the straw.

And grabbing for my camera. 
 It was such a fun lunch and something out of the ordinary. Camp and Collins both loved it!! 
I have a feeling there are lots of backyard picnics in our future.

I took this picture of Collins last week when we had a follow up visit with his pediatrician. I love it...it's like he's saying "mom, what's all the fuss about??!! I'm totally fine!" :)

Collins had an appointment today to get his flu booster. There were several children in the waiting room and he kept looking at them, smiling and saying "hey". It was the cutest thing! I think he's going to make friends easily just like his big brother.


7 months

This precious boy turned 7 months on the 9th. He gave us quite the scare this week. Long story short, he quickly lost all color and became extremely lethargic after spitting/throwing up, Tuesday afternoon. I called his pediatrician's office and they told me to hang up and call 911. Adam met our ambulance at the ER and Collins had lots of tests done, but he looks perfect. Praise the LORD!! 

He has a cold now, but he was willing to smile for his 7 month pictures anyway!

  • He's wearing size 9 months clothes and size 3 diaper. He's 16lbs, 8oz.

  • He's just started saying "Dada" and it makes my heart melt. I LOVE IT!! It's so cute...he's babbling a lot too.

  • He says "Hey". He'll say it to us and the other day while we were at the store, I heard him say it and I looked behind us to find someone smiling and waving to him. He did it again five minutes later and there was someone else smiling and waving to him! :) 

  • He's getting up on all fours and rocking.

  • I still nurse four times a day and he gets a bottle of formula at night around 6pm.

  • He's eating a jar of baby food for lunch and a jar for dinner. His favorites are sweet potatoes, squash, apples, peas, well...really everything!! :) I'm just now starting to break off little bits of food and letting him try. 

  • He's sitting up perfectly now and I love being able to put him down so he can play. He sits in the restaurant high chair and in the shopping cart.

  • He still adores his brother and I'm willing to bet Camper is his favorite person...after his Mama, of course! :)

  • He smiles all the time and is still such a happy baby...WE LOVE OUR COLLINSY BOY!!!

Camper was on the floor and Collins was trying to find him...it's extremely difficult to keep Camp out of these pictures. :)

This is his flirty smile...LOVE IT!

Happy 7 months, Collins!


last minute trip & a little baking

Last Thursday, the boys and I headed down to the beach for a quick visit. Nina was there with Aunt Vicki & Papa. We were all thankful she was well enough to make the long trip and enjoy one of her favorite places...the Byrdnest! 
Nina hadn't met Collins yet!

Collins was so sweet and calm and let Nina hold him.

He seemed to be pretty smitten with her!

Aunt Vicki & Collins

Sweet Camper hugging Nina.

Camp got to ride up and down the hallway in Nina's wheelchair. He thought it was pretty cool. He said he was just like Hadley...a sweet friend of his who broke her leg a couple of months ago.

The other night, Camp asked me if we could make cookies...how could I turn down that request? We happened to have all of the ingredients for pumpkin cookies! 

After we made the cookie dough, Camp created his own concoction of baking powder, cinnamon and milk...I almost stopped him as he was using up my full bottle of cinnamon and pouring the last of the baking powder, but I just couldn't say no to his imaginative baking session!

He stood on his chair forever just mixing, pouring, and having fun! :) I can buy more cinnamon! 


halloween 2012

 I could eat these boys up with a spoon...they were the cutest little pirates. I want to do a theme for their costumes as long as possible. :) 

We got Camp's costume at Disney Store online...he'd been eyeing the Captain Hook costume for some time! I'd originally planned for Collins to be Peter Pan, but I thought Mr. Smee would be even cuter. Plus, my boys need to be buds, not enemies! :) Ha!! Collins's Smee costume was fun to put together. We had the red stocking cap and blue pants from Camp. I fount the brand new brown sandals at Kids Pointe and the blue and white striped onesie at Target. I thought it turned out perfectly!! 

The four of us trick or treated on our street...it was just enough for Camp and he got plenty of candy. We decided that since Halloween was on a Wednesday, we'd skip out on our hayride. Camp was really sad his friends weren't there to trick or treat with him! Next year, it's on! :) 

Collins had a treat bag too...some people would say "oh the baby doesn't eat candy, does he?" and I'd reply, "no, but his Mama does!!" :) Adam and I had fun going through Camp's candy (with permission from Camp) and picking out a few of our faves...we both decided that 100 Grand is one underrated candy bar! It was a great evening and so fun to dress up two little boys!