end of may

We decided to stay in town for Memorial Day weekend...I think it's the first weekend we haven't gone to the beach since 2006! Camp and Yaya still have school next week so we decided to go to the beach next weekend instead. 

Collins smiling at his daddy!

Last week, Camp had his end of the year program. Collins slept through the whole thing!

Camp was not too excited for his program...poor buddy just stood there holding back tears!

He didn't cry, but sure came close! :) I don't blame him!

Haha...he wanted nothing to do with singing or dancing!

He'd rather play in the sprinklers! :) 

He had his end of year party at school on Friday and he had a blast!

We definitely need some fun water toys for the backyard this summer...

time for popsicles!

his sweet class!

Adam rented a cherry picker to cut down a dead tree in our yard. Sweet Camp watched his daddy patiently from inside the house, but when he was all finished, he got to go on a quick ride.

He was one happy boy!

yikes! :) 

Collins is smiling all of the time and tries to talk to us. He's been sleeping longer at night too! On Thursday night, he slept 6 hours straight and last night he slept 5 straight! Yippee!!!!

Happy Memorial Day! 


over the river and through the woods

Camp, Collins, Trip, and I drove up to Blue Ridge last week to visit Bebe, Papa, Chandler, and my grandma! All that was missing was Adam, but we're hoping to head up there again real soon!!
Trip drove and I prepared myself for lots of stops and consoling, but these babies were the BEST travelers. We only stopped once so I could nurse Collins and get some Nam's Bit's at Striplings!! :)

We spent lots of time on the party porch and even enjoyed a fire in the fire place every day! Ahhh...the weather was just gorgeous while we were there.

Chandler met Collins for the first time!

The three C's!

Camp is so lucky to have such patient aunts and uncles...

Camp loves him some Chandler!

Sweet picture of Trip and Collins

tried to get a picture of me and my oldest boy, but he wasn't having it!

sweet collins...

Chandler and her famous boyfriend, Dylan...he's an extra in a new movie with Justin Timberlake and Clint Eastwood! :)

a group picture!

Grandma and Camp hanging out and watching tv :)

beautiful sunset view!

It was a fabulous trip and I wasn't nearly as anxious as I was on Camp's first trip to the mountains! Collins was actually a week younger than Camp was on his first mountain trip. With Trip and Fred's job it's so hard to get everyone together and one time, but this was about as close as it's gonna get! :) Adam being there would have been awesome, but my mom was able to have her mom, her husband, three kids, and grandkids under one roof and she was one happy Bebe!! 

Can't wait to go back!!


since I blogged last...

I'm finally feeling human again...life with two little ones is a whole lot different (wonderful, but different!!) but I think I'm in the groove now! I took both boys to Target today so now I know I can conquer the world!! :) Camp has been an AMAZING helper. I am so pleased with how he's transitioned into being a big brother...I was so worried that he'd have issues with it, but so far so good. He takes his role as big brother so seriously that I don't think he sees this big change as anything but positive. 
Camp's sweet teachers threw a mother's day coffee at school yesterday. We snacked on mini muffins, fruit, and coffee and had a lovely little morning. Camp was so cute showing off his baby brother and wanted to show him to anyone and everyone!! 

Camp's mother's day gift to me was something I've wanted since I was in middle school...a ceramic hand print! :) As he was opening it for me I was sooo hoping that is what it would be and once I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes! I just hope Collins has the same preschool teacher and she's still doing it when he's in the two year old class! I need to take a picture of it...it's just precious.

showing me his artistic interpretation of his mommy!

the baby corner! :)

I took this picture a few weeks ago...I looked out the window and about died! How cute!

Camp went to Barrett's birthday party the weekend before last and had a blast! Look at his poor scared face! :) He spent most of his time in the pool at the end of the slide and spraying people with water guns!

Camp can't stop talking about his birthday party now...every day he asks for a different birthday theme. Last week it was monster trucks, yesterday was Peter Pan and today was cowboys...just like Barrett! He has about five more months to decide!! :)

Collins had a great time at Barrett's party too! :)

Last weekend we headed to the Cape for Collins's first trip to the beach!! Yaya let us stay in her room and it was such a special treat! :) Collins sure loved sleeping in Yaya's comfy bed!

Camp went out on the boat with Adam both days and had the best time. Adam was so proud of Camp! It's fun that Camp is old enough to do big boy stuff now.

dockside libation

popcorn shrimp at dockside

Camp, Collins, and I headed to a movie on Tuesday. We met Carrie Anne and Barrett there and saw the pirate movie...both boys were ready to go in their pirate attire!

best buds, barrett & camp
It was a successful first trip to the movies for Collins, but I couldn't have done it without Carrie Anne! 

1 month

Sweet Collins is one month old! I can't believe how fast that month flew by, but when I think about the morning he was born, it seems like years ago! :) 

our serious one month old! :)
He had his one month appointment today and he's...
10 pounds, 6 ounces 70%
22.5 inches 80%
 his head circumference was in the 25% 
He had a great appointment and looks perfect. 

Collins is wearing a size 1 diaper and 3-6 month clothes.

He's a sweet, sweet baby!! 

He loves to hold our fingers or grab onto our arms while being held.

His nicknames this month are brother bear and Cawins boy...we rarely call him Collins...it's usually Cawins. :)

He loves when we pat his diaper covered booty...this always calms him down if he's ever fussy.

He's starting to smile.

He's eating every three hours during the day. He'll go about 3-4 hours at night. He's usually up at 1am and 4am. Camp started sleeping 6-7 hours at night at eight weeks so I'm hoping Collins follows in his foot steps!

He follows our voices and whenever Camp comes up to him he looks for him.

Collins at 1 week for a little comparison...

during the 1 month photo shoot...he'd had a wardrobe change in this picture and big brother was helping him get just right!!

A little brother comparison time!! :) Sometimes I think they look just alike and others, not at all. We still can't really tell who Collins looks like! The big difference between Camp and Collins at one month is about a pound and a half! :)

camp at 1 month

collins at 1 month