my bffaeae is getting MARRIED!!!!!

Beth is engaged!! I was so honored to be a part of the engagement celebration with Beth's and Paul's family at Alligator Point three weeks ago.
Paul was so cute trying to plan this wonderful surprise and I LOVE that he allowed me to be a part of it. 

celebratory mimosas

the cute couple

beth and her MOHs

cute dwayne

I'm looking forward to a fun engagement season and can't wait to be a part of this wonderful celebration! 
Congratulations, Beth & Paul!!


valentine's day 2013

We had a wonderful day full of love. Camp told me repeatedly that he was my Valentine and I was his. I tried to make the day extra special for him! I surprised him with lunch at Cracker Barrel. Camp was even more surprised when Daddy showed up to join us! On our way to lunch, he asked if his friends were at school. I told him that they were and he replied, "Why aren't they having Valentine's Day?" I guess he thought that you spend the day with your Mama and do fun things on Valentine's Day. I said, "they aren't spending the day with their mommy like you, are they?" I was thinking he was going to tell me that he wished he was at school too, but he said, "that's SAD!!!" :) Made me smile to think that he thought spending the day with Mama was a pretty cool deal! We might have to make staying home from school a tradition on Valentine's Day! Or maybe the day before...he can't always miss his Valentine's party!! Haha!!

Valentine's treats for Camper

Camp's Valentine's treats to his friends...that he hasn't delivered yet! :)

yummy heart shaped donuts from DD. 

Camper got to pick out a toy at the Barrel...I wonder if this is why Cracker Barrel is his favorite restaurant?? :)

Flowers from my sweet husband. Even though, Adam says he prefers doing special things for me on random days and not expected days like Valentine's, he still pulls through to make his Valentine feel extra loved. :)

my little loves loving on each other

they have my heart, for sure!!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...holidays are just SO much more fun with kiddies. 


garden prep

We are planting our garden again this year. We took last year off because we knew we'd be busy with the arrival of sweet Collins! :) I'm so excited to reap the benefits of home grown goodness again! Adam has already planted ten blueberry bushes. We plan to plant squash, okra, new potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers! 
A few weeks ago Adam and Camp got the garden ready for a new crop!

Proof that Collins does indeed cry! :) Not often, but it does happen. We have people ask us, "does he ever cry???" :) 

Maybe he just wanted to go for a swing?

Love this pic!

Camper came down with the nasty stomach bug that's been going around his school and class. :( No fun!! It lasted 10 hours and then he got a fever. I think he's 100% again, but we stayed home from school one more day today so he could relax and get his energy back. He hasn't been sick in a year and a half and this was his first (and hopefully last) stomach bug. Praying no one else gets it!


10 months

Collins is 10 months old!  

He is as sweet as ever. He's just such a happy baby. 

He's giving us kisses when we ask for them.

He's only crawling on all fours now. No more army crawl. He's also trying to stand up on his own, but he can't take his hands off the ground.

He pulls up on everything and is starting to cruise. He's also mastering letting go of one piece of furniture and then grabbing a hold of another. He's also pulling himself up in his crib.

He likes to mimic sounds Camp makes. Screaming, blowing raspberries, etc. They'll go back and forth and it's about the cutest thing ever. Camp and Collins are already little buds!! 

He waves all the time! 

He doesn't have any teeth and I don't see any signs of one!

He likes to shake his head no. :)

He is wearing size 12 months and he's between a 3-4 diaper.

He sleeps 7pm-7-7:30am. He's taking two naps a day, sometimes three.

He gets four bottles a day.

 He loves Kashi blueberry waffles and Puffs.  

Happy 10 months sweet baby boy!! You bring everyone so much joy!!


Disney 2013 - part two

We spent our third day at Animal Kingdom. Camp is really into animals...his teachers tell me this all of the time too! :) I knew Animal Kingdom Lodge and Animal Kingdom would be really exciting for him. 
Our first stop of the day was the Kilimanjaro Safari. 

Collins was pumped for our first ride at Animal Kingdom! :)

While riding the safari, the tour guides talk about conservation and saving the animals, etc. 
After we left Animal Kingdom, Camp told us, "We have to share the whole world with all of the animals and the "pollar" bears and tigers and lions and alligators." Bless his little heart!

Camp played a few of the carnival games located in Dino Land.

We got a fast pass to ride the safari for a second time and then went through the Pangani Forest trail.

This trail was great and Camp really enjoyed it.

Checking out the HUGE bullfrog!

Collins waving at his reflection! :)

It was so neat to see the hippos underwater and above water! 

We witnessed two hippos getting angry at each other!! Haha! :) It was very exciting!

Our second safari of the day was just as wonderful and completely different! A giraffe was drinking water right on the side of the road! We could have touched him if we tried!

Pit stop for a Mickey Ice Cream bar!

I thought I'd give Collins a little taste, but he almost ate the entire thing! :) 

I love this picture of Camp...here we are on the train headed to the petting zoo.

Camp would have spent hours just brushing all of the animals. After the petting zoo, we called it a day at Animal Kingdom.

Camp had been asking to swim so we came back to our hotel to spend the rest of the afternoon at the awesome pool!

Camp loved the zero entry!

We all got in the pool and Collins loved the water! 
It was crazy to be swimming in February! 

The pool bar was very convenient! :)

We had reservations at Jiko on Tuesday for dinner.

Camper fell asleep halfway through dinner! :)


We witnessed feeding time from our balcony on our last morning.

We had reservations at Chef Mickey's on Wednesday morning. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip!

Camp and Collins both loved the characters!

high five for pluto!

When Mickey came to our table, Camp said "Mickey!!! There's Minnie!!" and pointed to Minnie. He did the same thing when Minnie came to our table too. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that Camp thinks these characters are the real deal.

Camp said to Mickey, "I think he really likes you!" Collins loved Mickey!

Camp is showing Minnie his boo boo and asking her to kiss it. 

This looks like Collins is saying "Go away, Minnie! You are for girls!!" :)

What a blast! I loved spending this quality time with my little family and making sweet memories together. We are all counting down the months until our next Disney vacation! 

We'll see you again real soon, Mickey!!