Christmas season 2014

The Christmas season was lots of fun! The boys are at such a great age and they really get in the spirit!
We got hot chocolate from Starbucks and headed to Dorothy B. Oven to see all of the beautiful lights!

The boys had a blast exploring!

Camper at a friend's birthday party...they were supposed to dress each other up like snowmen. Camp volunteered to get dressed up. I loved this pic!!

Collins just chilling at the party with his rock candy...

Camp got real into decorating the gingerbread house this year...you can see what Collins got into... ;)

Last day of school for 17 days celebration lunch!! :)

And another celebration lunch...the first real day of Christmas break and Mama survived getting her new crown at the dentist! We like to celebrate around here...

Jake left donuts for the boys one morning!

Passed out on the couch! 

Christmas Eve and leaving cookies out for Santa!

Santa visited two sweet boys!

Christmas dinner with Beth and her family. So thankful for sweet friends that make me feel welcomed and comfortable. It was the most fun Christmas dinner!!!

The day after Christmas, the boys and I headed up to Blue Ridge. Bebe, Trip, and Chandler were there waiting for us!

We were all able to be there to celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday!! We brought Chick fil A nuggets and birthday cake...perfect birthday party!!!

Trip got the boys an indoor camping set for Christmas so they had lots of fun making a fort and "camping out". 

Looking forward to a great 2015!! And to lots more blogging!


Thanksgiving 2014

It's the first day of 2015 and I'm feeling optimistic that I will update this blog on a more regular basis. I think I have a more than reasonable excuse to be a little sporadic in 2014...
This blog means so much to me and I thoroughly enjoy looking back at pictures and reminiscing. And for the three people that still read this blog, I know they enjoy it too!! 

Here are pictures from our absolutely perfect Thanksgiving. The boys and I headed to Blue Ridge to share the holiday with Bebe, Papa, and Chandler. 

We had to pick Papa up at the ATL airport on our way to Blue Ridge so we killed some time at Ikea while we waited for his plane to land.

The boys had a lot of fun!

Walking up the stairs to this view...perfection.

Watching Dory & Nemo for the millionth time...

Breakfast with a view!

Precious, precious boys!! They fill my heart!

Headed to the Toccoa River 

four generations after Thanksgiving dinner

Shopping in downtown Blue Ridge!

Dessert at Angelina's...the BEST red velvet cake...EVER! ;)

So much to be thankful for!!


halloween 2014

Halloween goodies

Collins did great at his preschool costume parade!

We went to such a fun Halloween party with lots of friends. The boys had the BEST time trick or treating with their buddies.

Cutest little Sully!

The coolest Jengo Fett!

This little buddy was so excited to 
"get candy in my bucket". 
Not much of his candy even made it home!! :)

Camp is 6

 The pictures and questionnaire were done on Camper's 6th birthday. :) With computer troubles and living life, this is just a few months late...hoping to be a more consistent blogger in 2015. 

Camper's Favorites at 6 years old...

Tv Show- Gravity Falls
Movie- G Force
Food- Spaghetti and meat balls
Drink- Dr. Pepper
Candy- Chocolate
Toy-  Star Wars toys
What makes you happy? – Going fishing
What do you and mommy do together?- Go shopping
What do you and Daddy do together?- go duck hunting
Who is your best friend? Campbell and Harrison
Favorite place to go- Coosh's
Favorite book- Star Wars Rebels book
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Chef
Favorite song- All About the Bass, Shake It Off

Camp requested birthday dinner at Coosh's and then we came home for Star Wars birthday cake!!