23 Months

The little buddy is 23 months old and I can't even believe it. He's such a big boy and does big boy things.

Camp calls Annabelle "elbow" and he also calls her by her nickname Narnie, but it sounds more like "nana".

When we ask him to do something or not to do something, like get off the counter or come to us, he'll lay down on the ground and say "ni, night" like it's his out for not having to do what we want him to do.

When I picked Camp up from preschool one day last week, he saw me walk on the playground and said "MAMA!!!!!!!" I thought it was so cute. I watched as his teachers tried to get the kids in the class to line up on the wall. I had no faith in my child and thought he would definitely NOT line up on the wall.....well lo and behold; he put his bottom on the wall and stood there like such a big boy! I was soooo proud of him. We've been practicing lining up on the wall and singing the song that the teachers sing at home so he can get used to that. I know how much easier it is for the kiddos to line up and I want to do anything to help out his sweet teachers!!

He's coming home from school and singing new songs and it makes me so happy!!

We're still working on the whole potty training thing. We aren't officially potty training yet, but I let him pick out his very own potty chair. He passed up Elmo and Lightning McQueen (much to my surprise) and picked out the frog potty. He usually tells us he has to go, but lately we've been calling him the boy who cried poo poo...he'll say he has to go, but changes his mind! :)


Our Week & Weekend

On Thursday we had Yaya, Bop Bop, Dave, Mama Byrd, & Chandler over for dinner. It served as a little thank you for all that they've done for us and an excuse to host our first official dinner party. As a special treat I ordered this cookie cake. I thought it turned out so cute! I love cookie cakes...it sure made for a nice breakfast the next morning! :)

Camp asks to get in the "big bed" to watch tv.

We went out to Cypress on Friday to celebrate Carrie Anne's 24th birthday. Mama Byrd watched Camp while we went out to eat and we had a great time! It was our first time at Cypress and it was sooooo good! We will definitely go back! Yum!

Camp's been mowing the lawn a lot these days! He even asks to sleep with the "mamower" in his room.

Snuggle bunny Camp and Daddy watching a John Wayne movie on AMC.

Avery, SK, & Camp enjoying BBQ and hashbrown casserole.

I had to share this funny little story...for the past week and two days, we've been taking cool showers. We just figured our water heater was on its last leg and I added a new water heater to our list of things we need to buy for the house...well last night we realized that it wasn't even turned on. Adam turned the dial to the suggested setting and we are now in business! I can't even believe that we went that long without even checking the settings! :) I washed some dishes this morning and there was steam coming from the faucet!! Yippee!

Camp's 23 month post to come...soon!!



Camp loves to be outside... I had to fill out an information sheet for Camp's preschool and it asked if my child preferred to be indoors or outdoors. :) There's no doubt he'd rather be outside than inside!!

One of the best things about our new house is that the back yard is HUGE. Adam and I love watching Camp run and run and run! He's loving the open space.

We've grilled out the past two nights...I'm trying to plan our nightly meals so that Adam can grill! :) Although it's incredibly hot, we are loving spending our evenings outside.
Before Adam started the coals, Camp took the grill on a little stroll...he was not happy that it fell off the patio!

Camp's getting a lot of use out of his 4 wheeler now!!

Here is Camp waiting for his breakfast this morning! :)


First Day of School

Sweet Camp had his first day of preschool today! I can't even believe that he's old enough to start preschool! He will just go two mornings a week and I know he will just love it.

waving goodbye to the school bus

Camp walked right into his classroom like such a big boy.

He settled right on in and started playing with toys. I told him that he would stay at school to play with his friends and I would be right back. He gave me a kiss and kept playing...I lost it. I had to leave quickly because tears were streaming down my face.

He got a great report from his teachers and said he was very lovey and gentle with all of the kids. I would have loved to watch every minute of his school day to see what went on...

While Camp was at school, I voted, got a pedicure, and did a little shopping. I have to say that it was quite nice to get a few hours to myself. :)

Here are a few pictures that I took this weekend...



Well, we have officially moved!! It's been absolutely exhausting, but we couldn't have done any of it without the help of our family. They've been invaluable!!! They have gone above and beyond the call of duty and I don't know how we can repay them!
 I am very surprised that I haven't broken down about moving out of our old house yet...I shed a few tears a few weeks ago just thinking about moving so I thought I would be in bad shape, but so far so good! :) Don't get me wrong...we wanted to move! We found an amazing home that we can grow into and in my favorite school zone, but it's still just a tad bit sad leaving our old house.
What I will miss the most, though, are our neighborhood friends! I won't be two doors down from Mary anymore...(ok...here come the tears!!!!!!!!!!!) Now instead of a 12 second walk, we are a 12 minute drive away! :(  We met Mary when she came knocking on our door the day that we came home from the hospital after I had Camp. She came bearing banana bread and I knew we were soulmates. :) We are also going to miss the sweet Campbell family and being so close to them! Every time we made the turn by their house, Camp would say "YAY!" (hoping that we were going to play with Avery) I know it may sound silly because we are still in the same town, but our old house and neighborhood were just so special to us. Ok, enough of my emotional vent...
I will post pictures of our new house as we start to settle in more. I am so happy with how much we've accomplished so far. We've only been living here a little over 24 hours, but it already feels like HOME!

Here is Camp sleeping in his old room the night before we moved. He was clutching on to his Trucks book. He has a whole medley of things he likes to have in his crib when he goes to sleep. Uh Oh, Trucks book, Owl, Bunny, Beary, milk, and light ON. :)


In Real Life

I joined a group on Baby Center the second I found out I was pregnant with Camp. It was a group for first time moms all due around the same time. There are about 20 girls in the group and we have become the best of friends...but all online!! :) They've been a constant source of information and encouragement...we are all going through the same things at the same time and for the first time! We are spread out all over the US and there are even two girls in Canada! I talk to a lot of them through email, on the group page, and I've even talked to one on the phone! But I've never met one of them in real life, until last Saturday!! Camp and I drove to Panama City to meet Kristen and Cambree. They live near Pensacola so we both decided to meet halfway in PC and do a little shopping at Pier Park!
Camp and Cambree are 6 days apart...Cambree and I actually have the same birthday! Yay for September 20th! :)


I Love Vacations

Wow, I have so many pictures to share and I thought I really didn't take many pictures! :)
We spent four nights in Boone, North Carolina and had an absolute blast! I wish we were still there! The weather was gorgeous...still hot, but the humidity was non-existent and that makes it so much more bearable!

I tried to come up with the best possible travel situation for Camp and I think it worked. DVD player, (thanks to Yaya & Bop Bop) lollipops, snacks, and brand new toys. Camp was the BEST traveler in the whole wide world. I think in 20+ hours of driving (not including the hours we spent in the car driving around town during the vacation) he screamed out about 5 times! It was like he had to exert the energy and once he did, he was fine!
Yaya, Carrie Anne and I dreamt of Sesame Street and Shrek. We watched both movies over and over and over again!

We arrived to our beautiful mountain home late Sunday evening and we were all exhausted! Camp actually had a slight fever on Sunday, but woke up Monday morning fever free! THANK GOODNESS!

We drank our morning coffee on the porch and looked out on to this view! ahhh...

Mast General Store

Real Post Office at the Mast General Store

Camp's Dream World!

Evening champagne on the porch... :)

On Tuesday, the girls headed to Blowing Rock for lunch, shopping, and a Kilwin's trip for a caramel apple and chocolate peanut butter ice cream! :) The boys went zip lining and they had so much fun. Adam was hesitant about going, but ended up having sooo much fun! He was ready to go again the next day!

I love these pictures of Adam and Camp!

Camp heard a truck drive by and couldn't believe it! :)

After a YUMMY lunch at Woodlands BBQ, we headed to Mystery Hill.
Camp talked Bop Bop into getting some gubblegum.

There was a mystery house that was a total hoot. I'm still not sure how it worked, but it was crazy. I spent most of my time outside of the house because it scared me just a bit!

Mama's gettin' crazy! :)

After Mystery Hill, we headed to Tweetsie Railroad.
Camp went on his first train ride and loved it.

Day and Cayanne on the Tweetsie Twister!

We spent the rest of the day riding fun rides, eating Dippin' Dots, and petting animals in the petting zoo!

We had so much fun and it made me excited to take Camp to Disney! I think he's really going to like it.

Adam and Dave having way too much fun!
I was too much of a wimp for most of the rides...I opted for the ski lift and carousel and that was about all I could take. :)
View from our house.

We had such a great time and can't wait for our next family vacation! Thank you, Yaya & Bop Bop for inviting us!!!

I had to throw these pictures in...
This was Camp after the 10 hour car ride home.
Juice spilled on his shirt,

cookies smashed to his clothes, messy hair,

and a lollipop stick stuck to his shorts.
When Yaya got him out of his car seat, a handful of cookies came out with him too!
At least he was a Happy Camper!! :)