20 Months

20 months sounds so old! So close to TWO. Ohhh man!
This is the first picture on my memory card....I have issues with deleting my pictures! :) This was from Camp's first birthday. It's weird to move from the last picture to the first and see such a difference!
Oh how I love this little boy.
Last night, Adam and I went in to Camp's room to watch him sleep. He looked like such a big boy laying in his crib. Twenty months has gone by way too fast!



A few fun things about Camp at 20 months:

Repeats almost everything we say....he's learning new words daily! His cutest new word is mail man. He sees the mail man drive by and he'll scream "melman!"  

His favorite movies are Cars & Shrek.

Loves to hold hands especially while we are in the car. He'll say "mama" and hold his hands together and that means he wants to hold my hand. I love it so much!

He still loves for us to kiss his boo boos. The other day I heard a bang, then Camp came up to me lifting up his foot and making a kissing sound. :) Of course it's all better after I kiss it. He likes to kiss our boo boos too!

 I've never officially announced this on the blog, but he's a LEFTY!! :) We've assumed for a loooonng long time, but it's definite! Bop Bop is also a lefty so he'll have to teach Camp how to play baseball and shoot a gun.

He's been doing this for a while, but he can respond yes or no to questions. This makes life so much easier!! Although I know it will probably get old, I love when he says no. Today he was playing with a toy that said "can you find the green circle?" and Camp said "no!" :)

I've always counted stairs every time we go up and down them so now when we do he says "two, two, two"

I love that he notices things that I don't notice! We'll be out at a store and he'll see Goldfish and he'll start making his fish face, or he'll see a dog on something.....he notices the littlest details.

He tries to make us laugh and it always works!

Camp correlates most things to Bop Bop.....he'll see the CCLC logo, a truck, a wagon, boots, a phone, eye glasses, La Hacienda, etc and he'll say "Bop Bop".

He's wearing a size 4 diaper, 24 months size clothes,  and 6-6.5 size shoe.

He's the sweetest little boy and he also keeps us on our toes! I love his personality and his spunkiness.
Happy 20 months, little buddy!!


River Weekend

We made a last minute trip to the river this weekend with the Brewins. We had so much fun! Camp had a great time and even went fishing bright and early with the boys!
While Camp, Adam, & Dave fished, I enjoyed my coffee on the porch and this beautiful view.

Then we all got on the boat and headed to the Ichetucknee River....
The water (like always) was ice cold. It was sooo hot outside, but I couldn't bring myself to get in!

I love this picture of Adam....he was able to brave the cold water!

Thank goodness for Kelly....she took the camera from me and got a picture of me and the buddy!
Camp begged to get in the water...the moment Adam put him in he screamed with shock! :) He ended up warming up to it and enjoyed swimming with his Daddy.

Dave caught a few crawfish and Camp wasn't quite sure of them!

Thanks for a great weekend, Brewins! Can't wait to go back again soon!!


Three Times the Fun & More

Last Saturday, we headed to Hadley, Carson, & Reese's first birthday party. It was so adorable. Everything pink and green and just precious! I took the cutest picture of the three of them in the grass and I'm about to cry because somehow, I deleted it....ughh....it was so cute!

Beautiful flowers by Mary!

The food table....I ate probably 6 of those whale cookies!
I really want this table cloth in green....

Sandy Stone  made the birthday cake and it was so tasty! She also made our wedding cake and I don't think I've had one of her yummy creations since our wedding!

Camp spotted the car right away. And at this party, he did a better job at sharing! :)

Happy Birthday Hadley, Carson, & Reese! And congrats Rian & Chris for a successful first year!!


We went to the dermatologist on Monday and were given two prescription creams and Camp's rash looks almost 100% better.....and the best news is that the dermatologist said he didn't think it was allergies! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!! He said it could have just been the acidic foods irritating the rash and making it worse. I'm so thankful for that. We go back in three weeks and I'm hoping it's completely gone by then.

The other day I searched high and low for the dvd remote and finally found it along with some other items! This is the basket under Camp's stroller. The stroller has become his favorite lately.
He even watches TV in it....
He asks to sit in it to watch his movies. He usually wants a drink to put in the cup holder as well.

Camp has become a little parrot these days. He repeats almost everything we say! One of his new words this week is bubble gum, which sounds more like agubble gum. But it's sooooooooooooo cute to hear him say it.
He's become even more obsessed with Cars and we watch it at least twice a day. His favorite character is definitely Mater....he smiles every time Mater makes his first appearance in the movie. He also says "ca chow" now too...if you've ever seen Cars, you know what I'm talking about. :)

Our Hydrangeas are in full bloom. It makes me so happy to go outside and see so many beautiful blooms! Oh how I love Hydrangeas!

I can't even believe that it's already Friday! Where has the week gone? I plan on taking "real" pictures of Camp this weekend. I've been wanting to do them for some time now, but haven't had the time. And honestly, that rash around his mouth wouldn't have made for the best pictures. :)


Busy Bees

Wow.....it's been a while since I've done a "what we've been up to" post! :) We've been busy playing, working, celebrating, and figuring out what the little buddy is allergic to! The rash around his mouth that I was hoping was just caused by his paci, is believed to be an allergic reaction. My mommy intuition kicked in about two weeks ago and I'm thinking it's strawberries. After a visit to the pediatrician's office that went absolutely nowhere and a visit with our neighbor across the street that also happens to a pretty darn good doctor, I decided to make an appointment with the dermatologist. In the meantime, I've cut out oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes (his three absolute FAVORITE foods) and his rash does seem to be getting better. I've been taking pictures of it daily to compare and with the help of my sweet friends, I'm reassured that it is getting better!
I'll start with pictures from a week and a half ago.....enjoy!!
swimming at avery's.....and right after his last bite of strawberry....a chocolate covered strawberry!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Adam and Camp got Krispy Kreme for breakfast and I wasn't the only one excited!

and yes they were hot!!

We did everything I wanted to do and I loved spending the day with my boys! We looked at some land that we're interested in and we loved it!

 We saw wild blackberries and a turtle and we knew we'd found a place right up our alley!

When we got home, Camp pulled the donut box down from the counter and started helping himself! We heard him in the kitchen saying "Num Nuuuummm" and walked in to find this!!
While Camp napped, Adam and I watched Bourne Ultimatum....it's been out for several years, but we'd never seen it! It was sooooooooo good! I planned on taking a little nap, but the movie was too intense to sleep!

Last week, Julie and Barrett invited us to the pool and we had soooo much fun! It was such a special treat and we even went to lunch afterwards! I didn't pack a change of clothes for Camp so he walked into the restaurant with no shorts and I was in my bathing suit cover up, but Julie reassured me that we definitely looked like we just came from the pool. So I felt a little better! :) Haha....

The kiddie pool was perfect for Camp and he enjoyed walking around it like such a big boy!

These two little buddies are just so cute!

Thanks Julie & Barrett!! We'll go to the pool with you any time!

My mom and I went to more Parade of Homes houses yesterday and we had so much fun! I think touring new homes is one of my favorite things ever! I love getting ideas and seeing the new trends out there. Adam, Camp and I are going to more again today too!
We also went to Hadley, Carson, & Reese's first birthday yesterday, but I'll save that for its own post! Soooo cute!

Happy, happy weekend!



Camp's favorite toy is still his Mater truck. Mater says lots of phrases, but this is Camp's favorite.

We say this about a million times a day and his "you" has a southern twang to it.....maybe because Mater is played by Larry the Cable Guy! :)

**Sounds like Mater has had an effect on my southern twang as well!**


Mother's Day 2010

me and my buddy at 3 weeks old

When I was growing up all I ever wanted to be was a Mama.
 I am so blessed to have a sweet and healthy baby boy and the best mom to model after.




We've had a great week and weekend filled with lots of celebrations!
We started out Thursday night at the Edenfield's for an early Cinco de Mayo fiesta with the Campbells, Meadows, & Radcliffe-Micas. :)
Holly entertained us with her awesome dance moves and Camp was sure impressed!

Look at that form!!

Saturday was time for this sweet girl's 1st birthday party!
Avery looked so cute in her birthday outfit!

Everything was so cute and yummy! The little details were amazing.

Camp quickly spotted this bubble car and did not want to share with anyone....not even the birthday girl! It was actually quite nice because it kept him confined. :)

Sweet Mollie & Adalynn.

Hey look, it's Carlos!

Adorable Carson

Time for birthday cake!

Cute little family.....Grady, Avery, & Sidney

Camp and Sally Kate loved the bounce house!

Babies, babies, everywhere!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Camp's saying "GIRLS, get out of my car!"

After recovering from Avery's birthday, we had a few people over for the Kentucky Derby.

David making mint juleps...I took one smell of the drinks and couldn't do it.....I'm not a bourbon girl.

The mint julep haters of the group.... :)

They sure look pretty in those glasses though!! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!