23 months

Collins is 23 months!! He is the funniest little boy! He is exhausting, but so sweet!! 
Collins and Beary both look like they are pitching the same fit!

He's using so many new words and putting two and three words together. He talks ALL OF THE TIME!!

This is the best picture I could get this month...

He goes to bed at 8 and wakes up around 8. He'll still take two naps a day if our schedule allows for them. He is and always has been a great sleeper!

He likes to scare me...he'll say "Mama!!" and then say "Boo!!" :) It's the funniest thing!! 

He loves tractors, reading books, school buses, going on the boat, milk, candy, playing outside, going down the slide, and pitching fits! He's the sweetest, spunkiest little fella and I love watching him grow into a little man!! Happy 23 months, sweet Collins!


from the past month

Holly, Mary, and I celebrated five years of friendship with a lovely girls night out.

In the middle of February, Bebe called to tell me that Blue Ridge was expecting lots of snow. We immediately headed straight up there so the boys could experience it! 

Camp had a BLAST!!!! We were stuck on the mountain all week, but we had lots of fun!

This was the view the day that we left...we were thankful the sun came out and melted the snow enough so we could get off of the mountain.

Birthday dessert & drinks for Bethel!! 

Thank you, Beth, for the silly hats!

Holly invited me to a reception at the Governor's Mansion two weeks ago and it was so much fun. 

Last Friday, I took the boys up to the Capitol to visit Mary! She gave us a fabulous behind the scenes tour!! 

I only had a mini panic attack being up on the 22nd floor...thankfully Mary was strong for me!! Haha!!

Making Rice Krispie Treats...

These little buddies are ALWAYS loving on each other. It really melts me into a puddle. 

Last weekend we went to brunch near campus so I decided to drive by Tri Delt and show the boys where Mama used to live! They were less than impressed, but I enjoyed the trip down memory lane...

Before school one day last week...a sheriff drove by and Collins was more interested in that! Camp takes after his Mama and is always ready for a picture. ;)

Camper FINALLY started Tball last week!! He's been so excited!