I took my glucose test last Tuesday to check for gestational diabetes. The drink was surprisingly not that bad. I'm a huge fan of fruity sodas and this one was just like a very very sweet non-carbonated orange soda. I wouldn't want to drink one everyday, but I was expecting a lot worse. Well, I never heard back from the doctor's office, so I figured no news was good news. SO I finally called today because I just had to hear it from them and the results were normal! Yay! I wasn't too worried, but it's just one more thing to check off the list! Now I won't have to cut out Haribo gummy bears from my diet! Yippee! :)


Super Summer Supper!

I made such a wonderful dinner tonight that I have to blog about it!!! We had white acre peas, rice, squash, fried okra, tomatoes & onions, and chicken fingers that I picked up from the grocery. Mmmm mmmm mmm it was soooo yummy! AND for dessert I made banana pudding for the very first time. Adam was very impressed and said he could eat that dinner every night. I figured since I have the time to make meals like this, I should. I'm trying to find new recipes that are easy and delicious as well. I'm having lots of fun. I already have some meals picked out that I plan on making right before the baby is born and then freezing them. I know I won't want to stand over a hot stove the first few weeks after Camp arrives and it'll be great to have stuff ready to go in the freezer!

Peas in the crock pot. So easy and yummy!

Yummy banana pudding.

My wonderful work of art.

Beach Bums

Adam and I just got back from another weekend at the beach. We think that we've already been to the beach more this summer than we have any other summer! It rained Sunday morning and very early Monday morning, but we were able to spend about 2 hours on the beach on Monday. It was very windy so we weren't too hot. The waves were insane so I didn't get in the water. We had a nice relaxing weekend and got some sun as well.

Eleanor cuddled up on the couch....she's so bad!

Adam blowing up a raft for me. It took so long to blow that thing up he said it was worth about 20 foot rubs. (Something I'm begging for these days) :) But the water was too rough I didn't end up using it!!

Narnie glad to be at the beach.

She's getting her head rubbed....sweet girl looks like she's smiling!


This is SO Fun!

UPS came today and dropped off another package for Camp! It was from my sweet sweet friend Beth Bachtler. She wasn't able to make it to the shower because she's a big bad event planner in Atlanta. :) I LOVE the sweet hooded towel and these wonderful baskets that fit in the changing table are going to look so cute! Thank you so much Beth!!

Pretty Pots

While Adam was at the beach with his dad and brother for Father's Day, I was at home getting ready for Katy's bridal shower. Adam pressure washed the back deck and got the yard looking fabulous, but never planted anything in the pots. Sooo....I took my pregnant self up to Lowe's and bought some pretty flowers! I picked everything out by myself and if I have to say, I did a great job! I dug the soil with a spoon and planted these suckers. Adam came home and was so proud of me! So now if I get bored staying home with Camp, they'll have a spot for me on a crew!



I was sitting at the dining room table working on my new scrapbook when I heard Ellie crying to go out. So I got up, went into the kitchen and I looked up on the table and found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it to bring to Jon & Becca's tonight. They are having cookout in honor of Andrew and Lindy (who are getting married on Friday). So I offered to bring black bean dip and a cake!! Well, sorry Becca, but looks like I'll only come bearing the black bean dip!! Ellie is now outside and that is where she will stay until I feel like letting her in. Grrrrr!!!


Bridal Shower

Today I had a shower for Lynn Carlson's daughter, Katy. Lynn and I taught together last year. Katy is getting married at the end of July and I thought it would be fun to throw her a shower with all of the Faith teachers. It was the first real party that I threw at the house and it was such a success!


Camp's First Party!

Today was my first baby shower and I couldn't have asked for anything better. The food was great, the decorations were adorable, and the gifts were out of this world. Adam and I are so thankful to have such sweet and thoughtful family and friends. Camp is going to be totally set! Now we just need a crib and then I can really start setting his nursery up. It was so fun getting home and going through everything again. Here are lots of pictures from the day!

Cute party favors with peanut M&M's!

Baby pictures were set up around the house and everyone had to guess who they were. I was very bad at keeping the secret! :)

Yummy yummy food.

Precious Cake Shop cake

All of Camp's wonderful gifts!

The adorable stocking that Mama Byrd made for Camp!

ADORABLE Capital City Lawn Care onesies from Danielle!

Sweet Elsa and Linse Lane were such great helpers.

Another shot of the wonderful food!

Here's a baby pic of my Mama. Notice the precious painted picture frames by Rebecca Harrell. I think we ended up with 5!

CHS graduates doing the wonderful pose that Lauren thought of!

Cutting the cake!

Sophie and Camp are going to be so cute with their matching diaper bags and travel systems! Thanks Mama for the diaper bag! I LOVE IT!
Danielle painted this ABC canvas for Camp with a fishing theme. I'm absolutely obsessed and so is Adam. We can't believe she made this for us!!!!! We will treasure it forever. (Danielle, you need to sign it!)

Me and my precious girls.

Me and Linse Lane!

The hostesses!

Eeky & Seeky

Thanks for an AMAZING time!! Camp is so lucky to be so loved.


Trip to Ocala

This past weekend my mom, Trip, Chandler and I went to Ocala to visit my grandma. Trip took some pictures as well, but it looks like I only took some of Gunther, my grandma's 170 pound English Mastiff. He is such a baby and he thinks he's a lap dog. We had a great time relaxing and visiting. I'll have to post more pics when Trip emails me.

I'm a Happy Girl!

We got a new AC!!! Our old one went out last Tuesday and we suffered two nights with no AC. It was probably the most miserable thing I have ever experienced. It doesn't help that I'm six months pregnant either! The inside unit was installed in 1979 so needless to say, it was time! We had the AC put in the attic so we gained an extra closet. It will be Adam's new closet since Camp will be taking over the one he's using now. :) I'm really anxious to see how much less our utility bills will be. We've been paying about $400 and even as high as $507 one month. I'm really hoping we see a big decrease!

I love this new digital look! We aren't normally going to leave it so low, but after almost a week with no AC, we need to treat ourselves!

I Think I Might Be Nesting!

I don't know what came across me today, but I suddenly got this urge to clean and organize! I feel so wonderful! I cleaned out 4 cabinets and two drawers, cleaned the kitchen sink with Comet, vacuumed the entire house, dusted, did a load of dishes AND unloaded them, made our bed, cleaned out the pantry, and just did a clean sweep through the entire house. I didn't start until about 1:30pm and I was on a roll! I cleaned out the fridge and freezer yesterday. I have been waiting for this urge to kick in the entire pregnancy and I'm glad it's here! Enjoy the fruits of my labor.....

It might not look like much, but this cabinet was a mess!!

This is our "we have nowhere else to put it so stick it in this one" cabinet. Batteries, vases, paper bags, napkins, and paper plates! :)

This was probably the worst cabinet of all. I wouldn't even want to open it because it was jam packed with stuff. Ahhhh....I love it.

The organized pantry....don't ask me why we have THREE boxes of opened Cheez Its. Oh and by the way, Doritos are buy one get one free at Publix and Pringles are $1 a can! I couldn't refuse!

I'm still so in love with our kitchen! It's so cheerful!


Two Years!!

Adam and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday! We went to Bonefish for a wonderful dinner and then went to a movie. We had such a nice night and couldn't believe that it had already been two years since we got married. We talked a lot about high school and how crazy it sometimes feels that we are actually married! :)

Me, Adam, and baby bumpalicious.

The prettiest Gerber Daisies....I'm struggling with my flower arranging skills, but they still look so bright and cheerful!

Beach Weekend

Adam and the Narnton.

Danielle's ginormous burrito!

Adam and Micah with their big catches of the day!

Poor Sophie...if she only knew! :)

Sweet girl loves her bouncy seat!

We had two rocking chairs and a baby gate set up so Ellie couldn't get off the back porch. You see how well the rocking chairs held her back!

This past weekend we went to Cape San Blas with Micah, Danielle, & Sophie. It was a great relaxing weekend.