Last Picture

I promise I will get more pictures of Camp on the blog, but I'm typing with one hand and I have a poopy diaper calling my name!! This picture was taken right as we were leaving for the hospital. It looks like I stuck a basketball up my shirt!!


Camp Benjamin Gunter

He's here!!

September 26, 2008
4:25 am
7 lbs. 5 oz. 20 1/2 inches long

Don't have much time, but wanted to post a few pics!! I'll hopefully get a more detailed post up later on. Camp is the most precious thing that Adam and I have ever seen and we are just head over heels in love with this adorable baby!!!


Fall is in the Air!

Adam and I slept with the windows open last night and the AC didn't turn on once! It was so nice! The fresh crisp air was such a treat. I absolutely LOVE this time of year. It just smells like fall outside. It's definitely a nice change after the extremely hot and humid summer we had.

We are now on our third bag of mellowcreme pumpkins. I love these things! I have all of these cravings for anything pumpkin and I can't seem to find canned pumpkin in the stores! I guess it's seasonal, but it should definitely be out by now! I'm ready to make pumpkin bars and pumpkin cookies! I'm hoping with this cool weather, it'll be out very soon.

So is everyone excited for Camp to make his debut?! In 48 hours I will be holding my precious little buddy and I can't wait. I'm so excited and nervous. It's just so surreal. Adam said that he can barely focus on work because he's so excited. Tonight is our last night at home without a baby and I just can't believe it. I really hope that I get a good nights rest. It'll be the last opportunity for a very long time. Ahhh!! Keep the three of us in your thoughts and prayers and I'll make sure to post pictures as soon as possible! I plan on us coming home from the hospital on Sunday.


Silly Narnie

Adam put the dog beds outside while the cleaning ladies were here the other day so Annabelle thought that she would just jump on the couch! She never does this! I thought it was so funny. Once we brought the beds back in, she didn't get back up on the couch. I guess she was letting us know that she needed a comfy place to sleep and that we better bring the beds back in if we didn't want her on the couch anymore! I love her sleeping position....she cracks me up!


Perfect Birthday

Narnie enjoying the new rug that my mom got me! She also gave me some great sewing scissors, a gift certificate to GAP ( to buy NON MATERNITY clothes) and the high chair we wanted!!!!!

I've had a great 25th birthday! My mom and I went to breakfast and a movie while our house was being cleaned....one of the sweet gifts from my wonderful husband. I came home to a completely clean house and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Adam. Adam's parents got me some very comfy slippers and smell good things to use once Camp gets here and they also got me a great shirt to wear AFTER he's born....no more maternity clothes! Danielle and Sophie came by to bring presents and I was so excited when Danielle said I had one present to open each day before Camp arrives!! It'll definitely give me something to look forward to each day! The one present I could open was a precious changing pad! Adam made us coke floats and we started watching the FSU game. We were planning on going to Bella Bella for dinner, but neither of us were hungry so we decided to put it off until next week so we could really enjoy one of our last dinners out, childless. I've had such a relaxing day of gifts, good food, and phone calls and visits from friends and family.


I'm Gonna Toot Her Horn

My friend Danielle made this onesie last night and I am just so impressed. The two of us have come a LONG way in this whole sewing journey. I just can't get over how adorable this flamingo turned out! I cannot wait to make something like this for Camp. The possibilities are endless!! I think I might attempt a bulldog first.....but it might be a while seeing that the little buddy will be here in ONE week!! Can you believe it?!


My Latest Project

It's a wet bag! So when Camp has little diaper accidents or drools too much, I can put the messy clothes/diapers in this bag! It's lined with a waterproof vinyl fabric. Danielle and I got together today for our weekly sewing session and cranked these suckers out. We think that this project is probably the most useful and we are both very pleased with our finished products!

Well, I guess the whole full moon thing has come and gone. Shucks. I really thought he might be here by now, but now I'm thinking he will wait until the 26th. Lets just hope he doesn't decide to come on my birthday!!


I'm Happy Because....

This little buddy will be here by the 26th of September.

Adam and I are in the running for an HGTV show....more details to come. :)

Starbucks has their Pumpkin Spice flavor out....although I did have a sneak taste test a few weeks ago thanks to Danielle....and then she was "asked" of the whereabouts of the missing Pumpkin Spice syrup bottle. :) Haha!

Fresh Market has their pumpkin loaf now.

Wow, so many things to be happy about! I had my drs. appointment yesterday and little Camper looks great! The ultrasound showed that everything looks perfect! My fluid levels were right where they needed to be and we saw that Camp has lots of hair! We even got to see him take little breaths. The nurse said he's really running out of room and I bet so with his long legs! :) My dr. is going to induce me on the 26th, if he isn't here by then. He is on call that day so he will be the one to deliver. That makes me very happy!


Full Moon Baby?

The full moon is September 15th and I've always heard that more women go into labor on those nights than any other night. I would be 38 weeks and I think it's a great day for Camp to come! So if you drive by our house the night of the 15th, you just might see me standing outside getting the moon to send its vibes on down to little Camper!!! :)


Crafty Weekend

I finally finished the second blue shoe today. The second shoe was so much easier to make so I decided I'd make another pair! I love love love these little baseball shoes. I think I'm going to go get a little baseball button to put on each one. Now that I have the hang of it, I'll be making shoes all the time! They are so stinkin' cute!

I also finished the little "C" plaque today. I painted the wooden plaque and Mod Podged the "C" on. It's hanging up with red and white gingham check ribbon.



I just got back from the doctor and I am 3 cm dialated, 50% effaced, and Camp's at minus 1 station. Dr. McAlpine's exact words were "We're close!". I'm really not trying to get my hopes up, but he said he was just very impressed with the exam and everything looks great. He's measuring at 37 weeks so that's 4 days ahead. I go back next Thursday for an ultrasound and another exam and I'm anxious to see if anything changes by then.


Nursery Progress & A Cute Blanket!

Here is a picture of the twin bed in Camp's nursery. That side of his room is complete! I'm still working on something to go over his crib (well I haven't started yet). And we are also getting a glider from the Meyer family. I did another load of laundry last night filled with Camp's new outfits, blankets, towels, and socks from the last shower. I just need to find places for it all and I think I'll be set with his laundry situation....until he gets here! I'm thinking that I'll also need to change his crib sheet one more time before he arrives because it's already been sitting on there for a month and a half!! Can't believe there are 4 weeks until his due date! Maybe he'll be like his Mama and come 3 weeks early....so maybe only 1 more week to go?! :) I'm just going to prepare for an early arrival so I can be extra prepared....if that's even possible.

Danielle and I have been taking on fun sewing projects each week. Last week were shoes and this week was appliques! Well we both still only have one shoe complete, but our appliques are finished....not pretty, but finished! I washed the blanket last night and it looks a lot better than it does in this picture. I'm proud of ourselves because I think we are taking on difficult projects as beginners. I know we will just get better with practice!