school's out for the summer

Camp had his last day of two day/two year old preschool today. Boo hoo! :( I fought hard to hold back the tears when I picked him up this afternoon, but they came anyway! Camp's had a great year with wonderful teachers and the sweetest little classmates. I'm so sad to say goodbye to such a perfect first year of preschool, but I'm so thankful we still have at least three years at the best preschool in the whole wide world!!
Even though Camp is only in preschool, the end of the school year proved to be quite a busy one...he had his spring program last week where he and his class performed a few songs they learned in music.
Yaya sat on the first row with her class so I had her take pictures...Adam and I sat in the back hoping to hide from Camp, but he saw us right away...

He wanted nothing to do with singing on stage and just wanted to come see his mommy...I could read his lips saying "mommy, mommy, mommy" :( bless his little heart!

He held it together enough, but didn't want Mrs. Mills to let him go! :)

After his performance, I took him to get cupcakes!

We use any excuse to get cupcakes! :)

Camp brought his teachers these market totes for an end of the school year gift...they'd always comment on mine when I brought it in so I figured it would be the perfect gift. We were so blessed with Mrs. Pearson & Mrs. Mills as Camp's first preschool teachers...they love the little buddy and it definitely shows.

Camp had his end of school year party on Tuesday and it was the cutest thing ever...check out the personalized towels, buckets, and sugar cookies!! Adorable!

They had a Hawaiian themed snack of fruit kabobs, goldfish, and Nemo fruit snacks...

All of the kiddos had so much fun playing with the water table, pool, sprinkler, and shaving cream!

Camp had a blast with the magnetic fishing pole & fish...we might have to go get this for a fun new summer toy!

Camp with Mrs. Mills & Mrs. Pearson
last day of school...

After school we headed to lunch to celebrate/mourn! :) Haha...
I remember my mom always taking us for ice cream or a special snack after the last day of school...

And just for fun, I took a picture of Camp this morning (his last day of school) to compare to his first day of school picture...it just so happens that he's wearing the same shorts so you can really see how much he's grown since August!

We're looking forward to a fun filled summer!


we love disney

We spent several days in Disney last week and had a ball! It was a looooot hotter and way more crowded than when we visited in February, but it was still lots of fun! We stayed at Disney's Beach Club Resort and enjoyed staying so close to all of the parks...especially Epcot! We were able to walk right out of the hotel and through the gates of Epcot...very convenient! Adam and Bop Bop had a class to go to during the day, but Yaya, Camp, & I were able to enjoy breakfasts, breaks, and evenings with them!
 We ended up going to all four parks this time, but Epcot & Magic Kingdom are still my favorites! :)

 We enjoyed a character breakfast both Thursday and Friday mornings...Camp loved it! Donald, Goofy, & Minnie all stopped by our table and Camp couldn't have been happier! He did such a great job waiting patiently for them each to make their way over to us.

the "meeka" waffles were mighty tasty!

on the boat to hollywood studios...camp doesn't meet a child stranger! :)
"hey kid!!"
We arrived at Hollywood Studios with all intentions of heading to the Toy Story ride...when I saw the 75 minute wait, I decided it wasn't quite worth it so we ended up getting in line to meet Buzz & Woody.

The line to meet the famous space ranger and cowboy took every bit of an hour or so, but we endured the torture to meet two of Camp's favorite characters!!

After meeting Buzz & Woody, we headed to the Muppet 3D show and called it a day at Hollywood Studios...

When Bop Bop & Adam were finished with their class for the day, we headed to Magic Kingdom. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, Peter Pan, & the carousel...

He loved all of the rides and when we were on the carousel waiting for it to start, he said "I need some money"...sweet boy thought we needed to put a few quarters in to start the ride! :)

round 2 character breakfast...camp enjoyed it as much as he did the day before!

After breakfast, Yaya, Camp, and I headed to Animal Kingdom...Camp loved the Triceratop Spin! :) He asked to do it again when the ride was over!

We also went on the safari ride and enjoyed seeing all of the animals!

Friday evening we all headed to Epcot...

Camp got to meet his all time favorite character, Mater!!

The flowers were so pretty!

this one's for you, erin slappey...

While walking through Epcot, we kept smelling the yummy waffle cones and bowls being made at the ice cream parlor...Adam could hardly stand it so we ordered this ice cream sundae complete with Mickey sprinkles!
Camp was the one that requested the sprinkles...sweet boy!!! :)

15 minutes after our ice cream date, we had dinner reservations in mexico so we met up with yaya & bop bop and had a fabulous meal!

After dinner we finally bought Camp the bubble gun he kept seeing around all of Disney! It was the best purchase I think we've ever made. He had sooooooo much fun blowing the bubbles and it attracted quite the crowd!

It came with one bottle of bubbles, but I think we ended up buying four more just to last through the night! :)

We stopped in Germany to watch the fireworks show...it was wonderful! I was too busy watching the awesomeness and I didn't take any pictures. After the fireworks, Yaya & Bop Bop took Camp back to the hotel so Adam and I could enjoy the two hours before the park closed...alone! It was such a special treat and we had a blast!

We ended up going on mission to space and soarin' (where I had my eyes closed the whole time)! We made our last stop in France for a glass of champagne and ended up closing down the park at midnight before heading back to the hotel.

It was such a fun little vacation and I can't wait for our next trip to Disney...it really is such a magical place!!