2nd week

Here are some pictures of Collins's 2nd week! He's two weeks old today. We went to the dr. this morning for a weight check and he's 8lbs, 8oz. They'd like for him to be back up to his birth weight by two weeks and he's there plus 6 ounces! :) 

I know several people are excited for the return of Beary pictures!! :) This is Collins and his very own Beary at 1 week.

My dad and Meri came to town last week and brought a sit and stand stroller. Camp is so excited about it and asks to go on walks all day every day!

Camp says we're going to take this to Disney World. :) 

First bath!! Collins seemed to loooove it!


collins's birth story and first week

At my 38 week appointment, I had an ultrasound to check my fluid levels...everything looked great and we could see Collins breathing and doing just what he was supposed to be doing. My dr. told me he thought I'd  probably go into labor on my own that week, but he'd schedule to induce me the following Monday since he was on call. I was super excited knowing the end was near and we would meet our little boy so soon! That last week was almost torture thinking each day could be the day!! Collins decided to wait and I'm so glad it all worked out the way it did. Bebe arrived at our house Sunday evening, we tried to get a good nights rest and we arrived at the hospital around 6:15 on Monday morning...

right before we left for the hospital...

waiting to be called back to our labor and delivery room...Adam was as cool as a cucumber!

The birth story was pretty close to Camp's birth story...easy and quick! I almost felt guilty at how extremely easy this labor was! :) We got back into the room at 7am. I got my IV in at 8am (after 3 unsuccessful attempts, no fun!) Dr. McAlpine came in and broke my water at 9. He said he'd go ahead and put me next on the list for an epidural even though I wasn't even having contractions or at least painful contractions!! The  anesthesiologist came in to give me the epidural around 10am. I felt like it was so weird to get it so soon because I was in absolutely no pain whatsoever, but why wait until I couldn't stand the pain any longer?? :) I had awful chills and shakes from the epidural and started feeling the pressure of contractions around 10:30. I told Adam to go get a nurse around 11 because I thought I was probably ready to go! She came in and checked me and said I was fully dialated! Dr. M came in and I started pushing...three contractions later, Collins was born at 11:18am!! :) I warned the nurses that my labor with Camp was super quick and they learned I wasn't joking!! :) They all couldn't believe how fast it was! 
The first nurse that took us back to the l&d room said an induction could take 3 days...ha!! Poor Adam looked at me and said "three days??" I reassured him that wouldn't be the case with us!!

Took this picture 19 minutes before he was born! 

Daddy and Collins...right after Collins was born! I loved that we were able to hold Collins right away and for a long time before they even weighed or bathed him! This whole experience was so relaxed...maybe because this was our 2nd baby, but I also think my doctor made it so much more enjoyable and comfortable for us. I love Dr. McAlpine!!

When I held Collins for the first time I thought he was sooo teeny and there was no way he was going to weigh as much as Camp did...he ended up being almost a pound bigger!! :) Camp was 7lbs, 5oz when he was born.

Camp getting ready to hold his brother for the first time...look at those hands, he's like "gimme, gimme!"

proud, proud big brother!

We knew Camp was excited about his little brother, but I had no idea that he'd be so head over heels in love with him. He's constantly asking to hold him and kiss him. He'll come up to him and say "hey cutie, cutie", "he's soooo adorable!", or "I have juice in my tummy, I can feed him!" LOL It makes my heart smile. I pray that their relationship grows stronger and stronger each day. 

getting ready for his first bath!

opening his gift from Collins...a dump truck race track!

Look at that smile on Camp's face!

getting ready to leave the hospital!

Collins's first trip to Publix at three days old!

Bebe (pronounced Bay Bay...some of you have inquired!) and Collins
Bebe was able to stay with us for a week and she was sooooo wonderful. Did absolutely everything for us. It was one sad day when she left...
I'm so thankful that Adam's parents live two miles away! Yaya has been invaluable...taking Camp to and from school and on fun adventures! All of the help from our family has made this exciting time a little easier to transition into. :)

brothers holding hands

The same blue ribbon that adorned our door when Camp was born! Glad I saved it!

Balloon from Trip!

We love you, sweet Collins!!!


easter 2012

Easter was a bit of a blur to me this year...besides being majorly pregnant and uncomfortable, we knew Collins was going to arrive the next day. Talk about surreal!! :) We had a nice Easter dinner with Adam's family then came home to Bebe and spent our last evening with just one little boy! :)

Easter bunny goodies to Camp. 

Camp was mighty pleased with his basket! He enjoyed going through and playing with each toy.

The fishing pole he reeeealllly wanted!!

Hunting for candy eggs throughout the house...

Next year, the Easter bunny will bring baskets to two sweet boys!!