Disney 2017

I've finally downloaded an app on my phone that allows me to upload blog posts!! I still feel like this is a great way to journal our memories. I love Instagram for that as well, but I feel like I can document more on the blog. I know the boys will end up appreciating this when they are older!! ūüėė So bear with me while I try and catch up on things that I think are important to post!!

The boys and I met Trip and Chandler at Disney in the beginning of February. As always, we had the BEST time!!! Disney is our happy place!

Waiting for our bus. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside this year and we loved it! 

On the boat to Magic Kingdom...poor Collins was ready for a nap!

Buzz Lightyear ride!



collins is 5!

Collins turned 5 on April 9th! We had a wonderful day full of celebrating!! He had so much fun!!

Presents ready for the big 5 year old to wake up in the morning! 

Opening presents first thing in the morning!! 

Pok√©mon cards were the only thing on Collins's birthday list!!  


Breakfast casserole for birthday breakfast on the special birthday plate!!


Collins's 5 year old Beary picture!

Pokémon cake made with love!! ;) I ordered the mini figures on Etsy and made this cake. Collins wanted a tie dye cake. He was so excited about it!

All Collins wanted to do was go to Sky Zone and Barnaby's Pizza!



I had plans to make cookies with a 5 on them for Collins's preschool birthday snack. Collins had better plans for me...he just KNEW I could make pikachu cookies! I was so glad he put me up to the task because I thought they turned out great! 

Chocolate milk, crackers, cheese, apples and Pokémon paper goods!! Check!

Birthday snack at school! 

Tv Show- basketball

Movie- finding nemo 

Food- meatloaf and chicken and mashed potatoes 

Drink- Dr Pepper 

Candy- Chocolate 

Toy- dog pound (ninja turtle toy) and Pok√©mon toys 

What makes you happy? – when you cuddle with me 

What do you and mommy do together?- We go to Lenny's subs together 

What do you and Daddy do together?- go hunting

Who is your best friend? Hudson 

Favorite place to go- Osaka 

Favorite book- Real books

What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian 

Favorite song- Shut up and dance with me