an army birthday party

Camp requested an Army birthday party...months ago! :) He also requested that we invite BOYS ONLY. I really tried to push for inviting girls, but he wasn't having it!! I decided to scale back on the guest list and only invite a few friends from school. It was a much more manageable party! :) Camp had a lot of fun and that's always my main goal in throwing birthday parties! I want the birthday boys to have FUN! 
I made the cupcakes again this year and they couldn't have been easier. I made homemade buttercream frosting and put a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to turn it brown. The army guy toppers were the perfect touch. I found the camo liners at Hobby Lobby.

If we only had to have one thing at the party, it could have been water balloons!! I bought a pack of water grenade balloons from Hobby Lobby and I should have bought about 10 packs!!! The kids had so much fun throwing them and they were gone within the first 3 minutes of the party! I ended up finding a stash of water balloons in the cabinet so Bebe and I started filling up a second batch...well, the boys were throwing them faster than we could fill them! Note for the next party...fill more water balloons! :)

water guns

the awesome army jump jump jump arrived an hour before the party and I had two excited boys!

We had to use our side fence gate for party entrance since our construction dumpster is blocking the other gate so I made this "ghetto" camo arrow to lead the way! :) I thought it ended up turning out pretty cute and all of our party guests knew where to go! 

party food table...donut holes, chicken minis, fruit, and camo crunch! We gave out the Army helmets as party favors!

One happy boy!

The camo crunch...I ended up finding this at the Piggly Wiggly in Port St. Joe when we were there Labor Day weekend. I just couldn't resist!

piƱata time

It sure was a fun Army party!! Camp says he wants another Army party when he turns 6! :) 

Bebe came to town last week and I was so thankful that she was here to help with all of the party prep. 
Thanks to all who came out to celebrate our sweet 5 year old boy!


camper is 5

Our sweet Camper is 5! One whole hand! He woke up on Thursday to birthday decorations and a few presents to open.

We brought birthday snack of camo cookies, apples, cheese, & juice...with camo napkins and coordinating plates too! :) 

When Daddy came home, it was time to open more gifts!! 

The special surprise of the night was a new bike...and an awesome helmet and bike bell! :)

Camp requested hot dogs, corn on the cob, and macaroni & cheese for dinner...easy enough! 

Camper at 5.
Almost forgot about pictures with Beary!! :) 

Camper at 1 week.
Seeing the difference in these pictures really makes me want to cry!!!! 

Army birthday cake!

Tv Show- Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Movie- Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Peter Pan Returns
Food- Deer Sausage
Drink- Sweet Tea
Candy- Chocolate
Toy-  Airplanes & Helicopters
What makes you happy? – Goin' deer huntin'
What do you and mommy do together?- Go to Target and get toys.
What do you and Daddy do together?- We go deer huntin' and fishin' and turkey huntin' and squirrel huntin'.
Who is your best friend? Colson & Ryder
Who is your best friend that is a girl- Avery
Favorite place to go- Cushes aka Coosh's
Favorite book- Toy Story
What do you want to be when you grow up? Army 
Favorite song- Keep Me In Mind by Zac Brown Band

Quotables by Camp

"We have one dog, two adults, and two sweet precious boys so that's 5, right?"

He's really into telling us how much he loves us...
"I love you more than a star…like a cute star. You are a cute mommy."
"I love you more than 20 millions. I love you more than planet Earth."

 "I'll always be your baby even when I'm 30"

"You are the perfect mommy" - - brought tears to my eyes!

"Even after my birthday I want you to say, 'hey birthday boy'."

He loves to count and can count all of the way to 120 with no mistakes. He's so proud and loves to practice counting all of the time. He's learning about mixing colors to get another color at school and he loves to tell us all about that.

Happy Birthday to our PRECIOUS, SMART, SWEEEEEET 5 year old boy!

Stay tuned for pictures from a boys only Army party. ;)



beach weekends

We spent the first two weekends of September down at the beach. The first at the Lion's Paw and the second at the Byrdnest! 

Labor Day Weekend...
We spent Saturday in PSJ and did a little shopping.

We ate lunch at Peppers!

Saturday evening, we headed to the point by boat. The weather was perfect and we all had a blast!

After our trip to the point we tried out Ronnie B's for dinner...yum yum.

Weekend at the Byrdnest...

Happy boys!

Collinsy got his first hair cut by Bebe! :) She did it in two quick cuts and then the curls (mullet) were gone!! 

chillin' on the beach!

cute little feet!

We had so much fun that we decided to stay Sunday night and just wake up early Monday morning to head back to town. :)

Such fun weekends at the beach...with a busy summer and barely no beach trips, it was fun to get in some much needed beach time!!