33 weeks

29 weeks

32 weeks

I had my 33 week appointment today with an ultrasound...I've been measuring two weeks ahead consistently so they decided to do an ultrasound to check on his growth. He's measuring a week and 4 days ahead and at 5 pounds, 6 ounces. Camp measured two weeks ahead at this same time during an ultrasound so I'd guess this baby will be about the same size as Camp when he's born (7lbs 5oz), but we will see! Baby boy looked great!
Adam and Camp came to this appointment with me...at first Camp was a little unsure of me laying down on the table during the ultrasound, but he eventually warmed up when he got to hear his baby brother's heart beat and he said "that's pretty awesome".

From the ultrasound pictures, I don't think this baby looks like Camp. I'm thinking he'll end up looking more like Adam. We will find out soon enough!! :)

His face...

And his profile...he kept moving his little mouth throughout the ultrasound like he was nursing...it was pretty cute!!

Can't wait to meet our 2nd little boy in 7 weeks or less!!


happy vawentine's day!

Camp was so excited about Valentine's Day...you could ask him what we were going to do for Valentine's  and he'd say "make cookies for my friends". I decided to make my favorite sugar cookies to attach to Camp's Valentine's...Camp seemed pretty pleased with them and said "I think my friends are going to love them" His friends could have probably cared less about what treat was attached to the Valentine, but sweet Camper was sure excited about them!

Camp all ready for his Valentine's party at school...

Valentine's morning, Camp woke up to some goodies...

He loooves pink cake pops from Starbucks. We probably keep Starbucks in business with the amount of cake pops we buy...

cake pops for breakfast...doesn't get much better than that!

opening his loot...

a new tin tin book! 

Valentine's goodies from my sweet husband...

Valentine's night we headed to Yaya & Bop Bop's for a special dinner...perfect festive table!

I brought semi-homemade Valentine's cupcakes and they were very tasty! 

What a fun filled day...holidays are just more fun with a three year old! :)


fishing fun

Adam, Camp, and I headed to the fishing pond the other day to do a little fishing. We are trying to cherish these last ten weeks of us just being a family of three. I know we will create so many wonderful memories as a family of four, but this time with just Camp is so special! We all had a great time and when we got in the truck to go home, Camp said "that was a wonderful day!!" 

I took lots of pictures and I couldn't just pick a few to post, so enjoy our fabulous day in pictures!

camp's first tire swing ride...he loved it! he's just like his mama though, he didn't want to go too high or too fast! that's my cautious boy! :)

love this picture...

Camp was right...it was a wonderful day!!!