ruffles 2k13

Our annual Ruffles trip was last weekend. It was my first overnight trip away from Collins!! I looked forward to waking up when I wanted to, blow drying my hair until it was actually dry, and drinking plenty of fun drinks! :)

We arrived in Ocala on Friday night...we headed to a baby shower for Baby Bruce Saturday morning.
The ruffles love mimosas...

The baby shower venue was breathtaking...located on Lake Weir.

The food was fabulous!!

Heather with her favorite gift! :) 

After a fab shower, we headed to Orlando to really begin our Ruffly getaway!!

On Saturday, we had dinner at  Ravenous Pig.
 Since Rian Ruffle is a native of Winter Park, she planned our dining extravaganzas. She did an excellent job!!
This was the Air Mail cocktail...scrumptious!

Gin & Jam...sooo good and def my fave!

The gruyere biscuits and sea salt butter...omg!

After a fabulous meal, we ordered several desserts for the table... this was the bread pudding.

I think the table favorite was the "pie in a jar" this was a banana cream pie dessert and it was fantastic!


ladies in black :)

After dinner, we headed to the most magical place on earth...DISNEY WORLD! We stayed at the fabulous Saratoga Springs Resort in an awesome two bedroom suite. It was perfect for our group of seven. It was well equipped and very comfortable. This Ruffles trip served as Heather's last hoorah before Baby B arrives and to celebrate her 30th birthday!!

On Sunday we headed to the FAB Grand Floridian for a glorious day at their Senses Spa.
It was my first spa day experience and boy was it awesome!! And, of course, Disney does it right!!

the ruffles au natural...
we donned our "i'm celebrating" buttons all weekend long! 

I loved these flowers...perfect for Valentine's Day!

After we left the spa, kicking and screaming, we came back to our hotel to get ready for dinner at Jiko located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Holly was inspired by the African animals and did her best cheetah impression!

The lobby. 
This hotel was awesome. I may or may not have changed our family Disney trip hotel reservations to Animal Kingdom Lodge when I got home!! Camper's gonna love it!

Jiko had a great cocktail list...lots of fruity options just for me!! This was the Mt. Killimarita. :)


The much anticipated zebratini and it was SOO good! :) 

As always, a wonderful time was had by all. I am so lucky to have such wonderful and sweet friends. 
AND I'm so extremely lucky to have family that will allow me to get away and enjoy a weekend with those sweet friends. Adam and the boys went to the beach with Bebe, Papa, & Chandler. It was nice knowing that Camp and Collins were well taken care of. Camp has been so sweet and extra lovey to me since I've been home and Collins changed so much!! It's amazing the difference three days make with a 9 month old! 



I took these pictures on New Year's Eve and wasn't able to share them since our computer was out of commission.


9 months

Collins is 9 months old!! He is getting so big and changing every day!! He has his first of what I'm sure will be many boo boos. He went from sitting to crawling and face planted on our back patio. :( Poor baby.

He's 18 lbs, 8 oz 25% and 28.25" long 50%. He's an inch and a quarter shorter and a pound less than Camp at 9 months. Collins just seems so chunky that it surprises me he's only in the 25th percentile and that Camp was a pound more! :)

He's starting to wave with just his hand and it's the cutest thing! He would wave with his whole arm before.

He does the cutest laugh (cackle as Bebe would call it) and it makes me laugh every time I hear it!

He watches every move Camp makes. He loves his big brother!

He LOVES to eat...anything and everything. He hasn't turned anything down yet. We're giving him more table foods too...mashed potatoes, french fries, waffles, bread, bananas, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, etc. 

I'm only nursing once in the morning and he's getting three bottles of formula a day. 

He's starting to pull up on things, but hasn't pulled himself up all the way yet. 

He goes from laying/crawling to sitting up.

He loves music and loves to dance and sing.

He scoots all over the house...he always goes straight to Annabelle's food bowl though. :) He'll start one crawl and then just goes back to scooting. He does the same thing Camp did and pushes off with one of his big toes! :)

He goes to bed around 6:45pm and wakes up around 7am. No getting up in the middle of the night. It's glorious, I tell you!!

He's wearing size 12 months and size 3 diaper. 

1 week

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

I tried to sneak a picture of him sleeping because he just looked too darn cute...of course he woke up the second I took the picture. He is the LIGHTEST sleeper!! Although, now if he falls asleep in the car, I can move him to his crib and he'll go right back to sleep. THANK GOODNESS!