Christmas 2016

living nativity 

before our surprise christmas lights adventure night!

reindeer food

cookies, milk, and coke for santa!


happy boys!!
santa sure was prepared!

eight is great

better late than never, right??

Camp requested Which Wich for lunch, skyzone, and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for his eighth birthday! We had a wonderful time celebrating this sweet, sweet boy!!!


All About Camp 9/26/16

Favorite TV Show- Right Now Kapow
Favorite Movie- Jungle Book
Favorite Food- Hamburgers 
Favorite Drink- Shirley Temple
Favorite Candy- Buncha Crunch
Favorite Toy- My globe...I love my globe
What makes you happy? When I go on trips with you.
What do you and mommy do together? I like when you encourage me.
What do you and Daddy do together? Go to Panacea
Who is your best friend? Campbell, Sawyer, & Gabe
Favorite place to go- Chuy's
Favorite Book- Captain Underpants
What do you want to be when you grow up? A landscaper
Favorite Song- Happy Man by Thomas Rhett