At the Car Wash & More Good Stuff

Adam took his truck to the car wash so Camp and I joined him!
I took my car last week to get washed, but didn't have my camera with me...I made sure I brought it this time because Camp is so cute watching the cars go through!!

He loves to walk up and down the stairs too...he'll say "uh, two, uh, two"
Look at his little feet!

Camp got a kids meal from Firehouse and it came with a fireman's hat!

He loved it!

Baking Funfetti cupcakes!

Kaitlin's birthday dinner at FGF
Hey Lauren! :)

This girl makes me laugh so hard!!

This weekend we took the boat out to Lake Iamonia.
I can't even believe it, but we SWAM out there too!! Growing up it was either dry or infested with alligators (I'm sure it's still infested with alligators, but there were so many people tubing, skiing, and swimming and I tried not to think about it too much! Ha!!)

It was a glorious day!

Chandler even joined in on the fun!
(we made sure to stay clear of the lily pads aka gator territory)

In other news...I got a BlackBerry and I am sooooo incredibly excited. I love that I can take pictures and share them! Now I will never miss a photo op! :) Haha!


Mama Byrd said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlin!
Sure Chandler's all smiles on the tube not knowing she was gator bait...
Great picture of the Gunter girls!!

yaya said...

love the carwash pics! all the gunter children have stood at that same window to watch their mama's car!!! such everyday fun! and yes i am a fan of the feet in precious red shoes!!!!glad no one was gator lunch!!!

CA said...

Haha YOU make me laugh so hard!! BTW when can we go check out those WN's? (felt it necessary to abbreviate) PS--Congrats on the Blackberry, can't wait for your Mobile Uploads and up to the minute FB status updates!

Anonymous said...

the car wash pictures............he looks like such a big boy!!!

Trip said...

Every single one of those car wash pictures are awesome! I'm going to have to take him there while I'm home this time.