the graduate

We headed up to Blue Ridge last Thursday for Chandler's graduation! We had a fabulous extra long weekend. Adam has been so busy at work lately and it was so nice for him to take a little break! :) 

camp and collins interested in what papa has in the bag from mercier's! :)

senior pic in the newspaper

camper dancing to the music...

Bebe made a fabulous dinner and then it was time for Chandler to open graduation goodies!

the boys wanted to help unwrap!

my grandpa & grandma got chandler some savings bonds when she was a baby and they've finally matured...this is when she realized who they were from.

peek-a-boo collins

mmm...we had this for dessert. bebe's famous cheesecake.

graduation was held at the football field 

it was fa reezing cold!! The ceremony didn't start until 8pm and it was windy...oh my! I packed a sleeveless dress and at the last minute threw a cardigan in my suitcase. Thank goodness! :) 

Collins would clap when they called out each name!

yay, crb!

Brittany & Chandler

On Saturday, we headed to Mercier's. Camp had been begging to go!

chubby legs in the stroller...couldn't resist taking a pic.

Papa fell asleep while shopping...

handsome husband!

mmm...of course we loaded up on some fried pies!

we then headed to Home Depot so we could get some flowers for Adam to plant at Bebe & Papa's!

Camper in the Toccoa River

A little slice of heaven. 

We had such a great time and we are already itching to go back again real soon! 
Congratulations, Chanoo Bert! 


end of school year 2013

This school year has flown by!! For some reason I'm having a real hard time with the school year being over. Maybe because Camp only has one year left of preschool? Not sure, but it's been such a sweet year...Camp's had the best teachers and a great group of friends in his class.

Camp has learned to love his music programs. He did an AWESOME job at his spring program!! He was actually excited to perform. He sang his little heart out and knew every word. This mama was some proud!

We brought olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company as end of the year gifts for Camp's fabulous teachers. 

Camp with Mrs. Larkin & Mrs. Perrier.

Camper had his splash party last Friday. 

Bless his heart, he was soooo excited!! He counted down the days.

I think he had lots of fun!! ;)

Collinsy Bear sat patiently in his stroller and watched all of the kids play! Collins will have his very own splash party in two short years... 

Time for popsicles!

A great way to end the year!

first day of 3 year old preschool

last day of 3 year old preschool

We are looking forward to a fun filled summer!