Sun, Soulmates, & Seafood ;)

We spent last weekend in SGI with our sweet friends. We had so much fun and I loved being able to spend time with my boys and friends all at the same time! We stayed in Marcus' family's home and it is the perfect house for lots of people and kids.
Mary & David hooked the kiddies up with awesome beach buckets and toys.


Bananas for breakfast!

It rained Saturday morning and early afternoon so the girls headed to Apalach for lunch and the boys stayed home and napped! :)

By the time we came home from Apalach, the weather was perfect! We headed to the beach for some fun in the sun!

Camp watching the kites!

Camp putting the moves on Riley...I think he was really just trying to steal her beach chair!

Our favorite snack of the weekend "Havartay and Lavasch" ;)


Camp loved learning a few daredevil tricks from Lucas. :)

Our Saturday night spread. YUM YUM!!
I loved the fact that Jake and Cara picked the oysters themselves and Adam caught the fish. That made the meal even tastier!!
There is NOTHING better than Apalachicola oysters.

Thank you, thank you Edenfields and Radcliffe-Micas for inviting us on this wonderful beach trip! Adam and I are ready for the next trip!!

And for those who are keeping track, I did not forget about Camp's 22 month birthday yesterday. The photos have been taken and I will do his monthly update ASAP! Can't believe he'll be 2 in 2 months! Get ready David Mica... ;)


Ivy said...

Umm...I just want to know what that casserole is with what appears to have cheese and bacon bits on top!!

Carrie Anne said...

How FUN! And amen sister, Apalachicola oysters are THE BEST...nothing else comes close!

mary caroline said...

I love...soulmates, apalach oysters, the ruffles, sally kate, camp, and havartay.

beach was a blast!! xoxo