home grown

Adam and I are now the proud owners of our very own vegetable garden! We've dreamed of growing our own veggies for some time, but now have the perfect yard for it and decided to take the plunge. I haven't really had much to do with the preparation and planting, but I'm hoping to reap the benefits in a month or two! :)
these are not in our garden, but are pretty and i've kept them alive for over a week!

camp enjoyed helping daddy prep the soil...
i've got a cute gardner :)

we have two varieties of lettuce planted...
and three types of onions...along with tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes!
I'm anxiously awaiting the day when I can walk out to the garden, pick what's ripe, and serve it for dinner!
Camp enjoys watering the plants/grass/gravel/driveway and always asks "I water flowers?"
He's still taking off his clothes at any chance he gets and says "I naked boy!!!"


the beach, a birthday, and everything in between

First of all, I'd like to do a little review on the candies pictured above.
In one word...gag!
I should have known by reading the words "marshmallow flavored creme", but I bought them anyway! I had one bite and threw the rest away...like the entire bag away! Don't waste your time or money! There are too many Reese's & Cadbury Eggs out there that need to be eaten!

The weather has been so pretty lately! Camp and I have enjoyed daily walks around the neighborhood (oh how I love a neighborhood with sidewalks!) and have spent lots of time outside.

love this sweet pose!

and speaking of gorgeous weather, it was absolutely perfect at the beach last weekend!
sunny and 75...just warm enough to lay out on the beach and get a little sun, but still cool enough not to pass out! ;)

this silly boy loooooved the beach! he even splashed in the 56 degree water!
I had a fruity drink in hand...

...and pink polish on my toes.
Doesn't get much better than that!

Camp quickly stripped off all of his clothes not long after each trip we took down to the beach...

When will it be unacceptable for him to be a naked beach baby?? Are we already there? :)
Thankfully, we were practically the only ones on the Cape!

loving his new thomas sunglasses!

On Wednesday we celebrated Yaya's birthday at our house with a little cookout. I got to use my birthday cake attachment on my Happy Everything plate!

I ordered the pink champagne cake from sandy stone. It was mighty tasty!
I added some cameillias from our yard and Camp tested out the icing to make sure it wasn't poisonous! :)

We had a lovely evening and it was nice to have a special night for someone who always makes things special for everyone else!

Happy Weekend!


chit chat

I share so many pictures of Camp, but I rarely post videos...mainly because I forget to break out the video camera. I'm sad I haven't captured more on video, but I'm extra thankful that I have sooooo many photos of him! :) I decided to turn on the Flip last night to capture a little snippet of what Camp talks about these days...
He's into asking a lot of questions "what's that", "where'd (daddy, narnie, mama, grandpa, etc) go?" "mommy, you take shower?" "where are we going?"
He's talking up a storm and we're having real conversations together. I can hardly stand his cuteness! :)



Before I forget any little detail about our trip, here's the Epcot post! We had a wonderful day at Epcot! The weather was a lot colder, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.
Adam, Camp, and I went on the ride in the "golf ball". I hadn't been on the ride since they added the computer screen in each ride...at the beginning they take a picture of your group and at the end they have a little cartoon with your actual faces! I was laughing hysterically as Adam and I bounced around the screen in our "future" home...It showed me planting in the garden and Adam serving dinner!
Camp got his 1st Visit button and wore it just long enough to take a picture...

Adam looooved Epcot! He hadn't been to Disney since he was seven years old so he didn't remember much. It was fun to see Adam experience the magic of Disney too! :)

While my dad and Adam rode Soarin', we waited in line at the Character Spot so we could meet lots of characters at once!! This little concept is brilliant! No more searching the parks for characters...they were all in one place!

high five for pluto!

Donwald Guck seemed to be a favorite of Camp's!

Adam spent a lot of time looking at all of the beautiful flowers... :)

We ate lunch in England and had a fabulous meal!

Camp got a Mickey pizza
We saw Marie from Aristocats in France...Camp had no idea who she was, but he wanted to see her anyway!

 yummy bakery in France...

We saw Mexican Donwald Guck in Mexico!!

Enjoying a popsicle after the Nemo ride...

and a lollipop after Figment!

Camp was fascinated with the little lights in the ground...

After a full day at Epcot and not one minute of napping, Camp was still a ball of energy!

After we left Epcot, we got on the monorail that took us all through Disney.

We had such a great time and we've had lots of fun reminiscing about our trip. Camp will list off all of the characters he saw to anyone that will listen.
 Adam and I bought the four day Florida resident pass so we still have two days left on our tickets! We are already planning on going back real soon!!