mountain trip 2013

We spent Veteran's Day weekend in north Georgia with Yaya, Bop Bop, Carrie Anne, & Dave. We had lots of fun! Our house was on a little creek and the view was so nice.

 watching hunting videos on YouTube...

We didn't get the FSU game on TV so David was able to stream it on the computer...whatever works!! :)

me and my cuddly boys!

We've been wanting to get a picture of Camp wearing the jacket that both Adam and David wore when they were younger. Yaya brought the jacket up to the mountains and the beautiful woods made for a perfect backdrop. These pictures of him make me so happy...such a handsome boy!!

Collins is still a little too small to get his picture made in the jacket, but it won't be long!!

the gunter boys

On Sunday, we headed up to Blue Ridge to spend the day with Bebe and I couldn't resist a picture of her beautiful view. It NEVER gets old. 

Such a fun weekend! Thanks, Yaya and Bop Bop for continuing this fun family tradition!!



These precious boys have always been sweet buddies, but their bond continues to grow stronger and stronger every day. This picture just melts my heart. 

Camp will ask Collins to come play in his room and Collins comes running...they have so much fun playing together and nothing makes me happier. 
 Collins is already "shooting" guns and falls to the ground if he gets "shot". I've always enjoyed watching them interact, but the older Collins gets, the sweeter it is!! I know it won't always be so sweet and there will be fighting and arguing, but I'm just so thankful that they are already so close.

little man

The weekend before Halloween, we headed to St. Augustine to visit my Dad and Meri. We had a great weekend! We did a few touristy things and had lots of fun! This pirate at the pirate museum startled Camp and he wasn't quite sure what to think...

shooting a pirate gun

grandpa & collins

digging for treasures at colonial quarter

Adam got called to participate in the canon demonstration! :)

Last Friday while driving to school, a dang tree frog popped out of nowhere and hopped all around my dashboard. I was SCREAMING while both boys were laughing!! As soon as we got into the school parking lot, I jumped out and let Camp capture the frog. SO happy he has no fear of slimy creatures!

It's C week this week at preschool so Camp wore his camo shirt and brought a bag of cars for sharing day today! Clever, huh?

This little buddy loves going on walks! 


halloween 2013

Waiting on Camp's costume parade...always have to have a snack handy!

Cutest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ever.

I really wanted to do another coordinating costume theme with the boys this year, but I gave up. I didn't  even know for sure what Collins was going to be until the day before Halloween. So unlike me, I KNOW!!! Haha!! 

Even without a coordinating theme, they were SOOO cute!! That frog costume just kills me...it's the same costume Camp wore when he was two. Good gracious, I love it.

We picked up our hayride tradition again this year and it was lots of fun. CRAZY, but fun!! :) 

Collinsy wasn't so sure about trick or treating, but this Mama made sure he went to at least a few houses so he (I) could get some candy. 

By the last house, Collins had almost completely lost his costume...he takes after his Mama!! :) 

What a fun Halloween!

Happy November!