Cupcake Boy

Ok, I'll admit it...I usually let Camp run wild throughout the house while I take a shower. How else am I supposed to get ready in the mornings? :) Most of the time he stays in the bathroom with me and other times he'll just watch a movie. Well the other day he got on top of the table and started eating cupcakes! I had a box reserved for our new neighbors that just moved in and Camp helped himself to them!

I turned off the shower and could hear Camp saying "num, num!"

I knew he was up to no good!!

"Mama, I still left the cake part....the neighbors won't know the difference!"

So much for my kind gesture....I guess it's just the thought that counts, right?! :)


21 Months

Sweet Camper is 21 months today!
I honestly forgot it was the 26th and I couldn't remember if he was 21 or 22 months old....bad Mama, I know!!
The beginning of the photo shoot didn't start out so well....

I told him that we were going take pictures with Beary so he hopped right on up and started smiling...I was thinking "wow, that was way too easy!"
Thought too soon! :)
As soon as I brought the camera out, he wanted nothing to do with it!

So I brought out the big guns and offered him a lollipop.

Look at that face!
He's thinking, "I'm going to pitch fits every time I want a lollipop!"

"Sure, I'll smile if you give me candy!!"

----Camp at 21 months----

Loves to brush his teeth and reminds us to brush them all the time. He has top and bottom molars now.

After he's finished with dinner he asks to take a bath. He loves bathtime.

Says so many new words I can't even remember them all.

Every time we walk out the front door, he holds his leg up to prevent Annabelle from getting out and he says GO!" :)

Still loves Shrek and Cars and has recently become in love with Sesame Street and all things Melmo aka Elmo.

Likes to "help" us with most everything.

Looks out the window and will say that it's raining. :) Most of the time he's right, sometimes he's not! Hahah..

He's still our little love bunny and will walk up to us and hug and kiss our legs.

Every time we pass Chick fil A or McDonald's he says "num nuuum"

He calls to-go drinks/drinks with a straw "doh doh" And loooveess doh dohs. If we have drinks he has to have one too.

When he first walks outside he'll say "whew!" Because it's soo dang hot out! And I realize it's because I say it too! :)

He sleeps from 8pm-7:30am and sometimes sleeps in til 9 or 10. Now that he only has his uh oh at bedtime, we can say "do you want to go ni night with your uh oh?" and he usually responds with a quick "yeah!"....bedtime has never been so easy!

Wearing 24 month- 2T top, 12-18 month shorts, and 24 month-2T Jon Jon and 6.5 shoe. The child's waist is so small I can barely keep shorts up on him! Today he was wearing a pair of 18-24 months shorts and they kept falling down....of course we've been singing "Pants on the ground" all morning....

He's still in a size 4 diaper.

Adventures of Camp

Camp loves sitting at his table. He likes to sit there and play with Play Dough. And eat Goldfish! :)

On Friday, I took Camp to see Shrek...his first movie theater experience! I didn't know what to expect. I just planned on being flexible and knew that we'd leave once he'd had enough. When we first sat down in the dark theater, he was very clingy, but once the movie started and he took a glimpse at some familiar characters, he was just fine. :) We were good for about 45 minutes until he wanted to get down from my lap to play on the stairs....
We ended up watching the first hour of the movie and I think that's a pretty big accomplishment! I'm curious to know how the movie ends though....I'm hoping Shrek and Fiona really do live happily ever after!

On our way out, Camp played a few of the driving video games. Once he was finished playing he asked for Shrek again, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to head back into the theater.

Camp and I also hit up The Cake Shop....we hadn't been in a while and we were due. I'm still not used to their new location....I don't like it at all! The cupcakes still taste the same though, so I guess that's all that matters!! :)

Always helping Daddy...

Swimming at YaYa and Bop Bop's
"MOM! Stop taking my picture!"

Camp waiting for Bop Bop to come up from under the water...

"Bop Bop!"

I had a photo shoot this week at the coast....if you'd like to see a sneak peak, check them out here.

We're excited for the weekend and have a few fun activities planned!
Hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend!



Our Week

We've had a busy, busy week! Doctors, dentists, meetings, cookouts, lunch dates (to the newest restaurant in Havana...more on that later!), and swim dates!
 We stayed in town this weekend and it was so nice! I made a yummy french toast breakfast for Adam for Father's Day and had such a relaxing day together. After four weekends of being out of town, we welcomed the low key weekend!

Little Moonsie eating "cheeeeese"

A few times a week, Camp and I take a walk outside and brave the heat....I just usually follow Camp wherever he wants to go....and usually he heads straight to Mary's.
He knocks on the door....

He makes sure that she really isn't home...

And then he lets me know that she's definitely not home and can't come out to play....

Sometimes he even leaves her goodies....
(mary...woody is a little more valuable than the ship so I snatched woody up while camp wasn't looking ;) )

On Friday we headed to the Southwood pool with Sidney and Avery.
I brought out my camera and it immediately fogged up!

Camp loved the fact that he could just walk right on in to the pool.

How cool is this? I would like to move to Southwood just for this reason alone. Camp wasn't too sure of the bucket on top....it fills up with water and then dumps water at massive force. He was absolutely frightened every time the water came pouring out. He would get brave and walk away from me to explore the steering wheels and then the water would come crashing down.....Camp would cover his mouth, shake and say "mama, mama, mama, mama!" :)

Avery looking ever so stylish in her pink sun hat!

I took Camp down the slide on the left and it was a blast! I'm such a sucker for a water slide. Thank you Sidney and Avery for such a fun afternoon! We'll be your guests anytime!!


Byrdnest Weekend

We spent the weekend at the Byrdnest with my mom and Fred. Adam had a fishing weekend planned with his friend Dave and planned on staying at the Lion's Paw, but they ended up staying at the Byrdnest too!

Waiting for Daddy and Dave to pull up...

On Saturday morning, we went out to check the containment booms that have been set out....this first set starts at the St. Joe Point and then comes back to the beach at the Gulf & Bay county lines. Thank goodness the Byrdnest is protected. Although, I'm sure they won't do much help when the first tropical storm hits! :(

Camp reading his favorite book, Trucks.

Mama Byrd, Papa (that's his new name), Camp and I headed out to the point. It was the perfect weather for boating!

Camp loved looking over the side of the boat!

Once we got to the point, we anchored the boat and got out to swim. The water was BREATHTAKING, just gorgeous! We felt like we were in the Caribbean on a deserted island. There was no one around us! It really made me sick to my stomach thinking that this beach might not look like this in a few weeks.... :(

Fred went up to the dunes to get this picture....he was so cute trying to get the perfect picture! :)

Camper fell asleep just like this....in my arms and in the water! :) He had his uh oh and his Mama and that's all he needed!!

On our way back in we saw lots of activity at the booms.

Please, oh please contain that oil!! Or better yet, oil, please don't come anywhere near us!

On Saturday night, we went to dinner at Dockside Cafe. Camper stayed at home with Mama Byrd & Papa!

Trip ended up joining us at the beach too! Dave, Adam, Fred, & Trip had a successful fishing trip on Sunday! The third fish from the left is called a Lane Snapper....when I arrived at the dock to take pictures, Adam told me that it was the prettiest fish in the whole bunch! :) Haha...

My mom brought Chandler's portable DVD player so Camp could watch his movies. He looks like such a big boy!

The boys of the Byrd/Webb/Gunter crew
My mom wanted a pic of her favorite boys!
I love Adam in navy!

We usually get a picture of Camp in front of this every time we visit!

Here's Camp at his first trip to the Byrdnest in December 2008. He was only 3 months old!!

 Chandler is at camp in NC for three weeks or else she would have joined in on the fun too! We had such a great time! Adam and I are so lucky to have two beach houses to choose from and two wonderful families to share them with!