Good Things

The house is clean, dinner is made, and Camp is down for what I hope to be a long nap. Time to blog!!!
We ate dinner al fresco last night and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. No bugs, not chilly or humid. It was lovely. We even brought Camp's high chair outside so he could join us as well. We are loving our new backyard and no you haven't missed the post with the before and after pictures. I'm waiting until the grass greens up before I take the after shots. I did take some pictures of the little details that I love about our back yard.

Ooooh there you are, Peter!

Camp's picking out what to get me for Mother's Day.....diamonds would work, little buddy!


6 Month Stats

Camp had his 6 month check up today with Dr. Elzie. Here are the stats:
Height- 26 3/4" (65th %)
Weight- 15lbs. 13oz. (20th %)
Head Circumference- 17.4" (50th %)
He's as healthy as a horse! He got 5 immunizations today. 4 shots and 1 oral. We opted for the flu shot. We'll go back in another month for the flu booster. I'm so happy with Dr. Elzie. He's a great pediatrician for a first time mom. He answers all my questions and doesn't make me feel silly. I just really like the fact that he brings things up that I wouldn't think to ask.....stranger anxiety (which he said should happen soon and it's a good thing) insect repellent and sunscreen, foods to avoid, etc. We won't go back to the dr. until 9 months and at that appointment, Camp doesn't get any shots! That makes me happy. Although, today, Camp didn't cry as long as he did at 4 months. He's been pretty happy today and hopefully he'll stay that way.
Camp noticed his feet about two weeks ago and I absolutely love when he plays with them. He's becoming such a little man these days. So curious and so cute!



We had a great weekend at The Byrdnest. The weather wasn't all that beachy, but the company was sure fun! We had a house full. Mama Byrd, Cap, Chandler, her two friends Olivia & Dana, and the three of us. Saturday was extremely overcast and windy and we even had moments of slashing rain. It was fun huddling up in the house and watching a Lifetime movie or two! :) We also watched our share of NCAA basketball.

Chandler and Olivia wanted to get use out of their precious bathing suits so they went outside in the rain. :)

Camp loves the ladies!

A boy after his mother's heart....Reese's.
These happened to be quite fresh.

Sunday was beautiful, but windy & chilly. Adam broke out the kite and flew it with his fishing rod.


Happy Half Birthday, Camp!!

6 months (This picture is NOT posed!! Look how sweet he is with his arm around Beary)

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

1 week

Camp's showing off his mad sitting up skills. He's still working on it, but I hope to have him in the grocery cart or high chair any day now!!! I made a high chair/shopping cart cover last week and I'm so excited to start using it! Oh yeah...be impressed with my mad sewing skills.

  • He's eating a 1/2 container or Gerber's 1st Foods fruit for lunch. Rice cereal and 1/2 container of veggies at dinner. So far, he hasn't met a food he doesn't like. I think his favorites are squash and carrots though. I plan on adding breakfast next week.
  • I'm still breastfeeding, but his last feeding of the night (7pm or so) is a formula bottle. I thought I might throw in the bra towel at 6 months, but I don't think I'm quite ready to give it up yet.
  • He's discovering many vocal talents. Screaming, roaring, sweet squealing, and I could bet money that he's saying "Hey" when I say it to him.
  • The sweet one is soooooo close to rolling over from back to tummy. He was so very close yesterday, but that stinkin' arm held him back. He rolled back over with quite force on bonked his noggin.
  • He's been sleeping AMAZINGLY well at night. Goes down around 8 and sleeps until 7 or 8. No waking up for paci inserts or anything!
  • He loves loves loves his exersaucer.
  • OH MY GOODNESSSSS THE CHILD JUST ROLLED OVER! :) He's down by my feet on his play mat and did it!!! We just had a mini celebration!! YIPPEE CAMPER!
  • He absolutely adores walks.
  • He's a pro at putting his paci in now.
  • He gets sweeter and cuter everyday. Adam and I fall in love with him more and more everyday. He makes this whole motherhood thing a breeze and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!!!



Camp was playing on the floor this morning having a grand ol' time. Then he got sleepy. :) Sweet Munchkin!

When I grow up I want to be just like my Daddy!


Family Night at the Farm

Adam, Camp, and I enjoyed the evening at the farm in Cairo. It was Camp's first trip. Adam put him in the snuggly and he had so much fun. Camp roared through the woods scaring off any bad creatures.

Adam's pride and joy. He rebuilt this pond after beavers had turned it into a swamp.

Real men wear Baby Bjorn.

The Dogwoods were amazing and they were everywhere.

Every time Adam and I visited the farm before I was pregnant, we talked about how fun it would be if we ever had a little boy named Camp. (we had the name picked out for years) It was neat seeing his name all over the woods. Some of the Camp family actually framed one of these signs for Camp's nursery. It's one of our favorite things in his room.

Adam said that Camp's already a horticulturalist!

Whistling Wisteria


Spring Pictures

Camp had his six month pictures taken today by Meredith Russell. I can't wait to see how they turn out! When we got home I decided to take a few pictures of him myself.
Camp started roaring two days ago. He'll do it on command now. It's hilarious. Last week he learned to scream and this week it's roaring. Thank goodness the screaming was short lived. The roaring is pretty darn cute and it's not going to run us out of a restaurant. :)


My Favorite Kiddos

Notice that all 4 got their turn holding the buddy. :)
If I knew that all of our children would be as well behaved as the Meyer children, Adam and I would have about a dozen babies! I love love love this family so much!
I watched three of the Meyer children yesterday. We had a lot of fun enjoying the park, coloring, and watching Disney channel......I had no idea that Zack and Cody were living on a cruise ship now! Camp loved having the extra attention.
Meyer children, come over ANY time!!!!