Christmas 2015

The 2015 Christmas season was a good one. Everything is just more fun with these boys!

One night we made green rice krispie treats before we watched the Grinch. Collins was confused about the color and thought I had mixed the treats with 'hotmole' aka guacamole. He was pleasantly surprised when he realized it was just green food coloring!! Hahha!

Collinsy's Christmas program.

This year I wanted to get our Christmas tree all by myself. I had someone more than willing to help me out, but I just needed to do it on my own. ;)
 I'd sure take some help getting it down though!!! 

We went to Bass Pro to visit Santa. Camp was so cute telling him exactly what he wanted...Jenga Quake.

Collins was a little more timid, but he ended up letting Santa know that a camo cross bow was at the top of his list.

Santa visited preschool!

One of our first nights of Christmas break. It does NOT get any better than this. Cuddling on the couch, watching Christmas movies and not having a bed time. 

Hot chocolate and Christmas movies!

We went to a living nativity one night and the boys had fun seeing and feeding the animals.

Decorating Christmas cookies for Santa.

Camp and Collins were definitely on the nice list this year!

I think Camp was more excited about breakfast casserole on Christmas morning than he was about anything else. We had breakfast casserole and my great grandmother's coffee cake for breakfast on Christmas morning.

The best gift of all...Camp opened his first present of the morning, stopped, and brought me the package that he had put under the tree for me the day he brought it home from school. He watched me open it and then came up to me and hugged me and told me Merry Christmas. I will cherish this gift and that moment forever.

I made my very first Christmas dinner...with some help from Shane, of course! This roast was THE. BEST!!! We were so impressed and couldn't stop talking about it. I used Paula Deen's Foolproof Standing Rib Roast recipe and I hate to admit how easy it was. Will definitely be making this again and it was the perfect ending to a great day.

We had green bean bundles as a side and these were so tasty too! We also had mashed potatoes and I took only about two bites of those...you know the food was good if I couldn't be bothered with mashed potatoes!!! :)

Our Christmas card this year!!

Thankful for this wonderful season of love, hope, forgiveness, grace, and celebration. Looking forward to a great 2016!! 


We've made an annual tradition of going to Waffle House on Veteran's Day...suits me just fine!! 

Collins's Thanksgiving song performance in his class...you can see he's quite thrilled with performing. 

Love this sweet "Tall Pine"

Always counting my many blessings!!!

halloween 2015

pictures from Halloween with my good camera ;)

Halloween 2015

Mike Wazowski and Mama Kitty

In his Halloween parade at school

Trunk or Treat time!

Both boys loved this fishing game to get candy.

I love nothing more than watching my boys have fun!!