Camp's Truck

Here is a video of Camp enjoying his truck.

He rides that thing through our house and bounces off of furniture!! It's much better enjoyed outside.... ;)


15 Months

Camp turned 15 months old on December 26th. I can't believe how fast this little guy is growing and changing!

  • His absolute favorite thing to do is to go outside! He waves his hand goodbye and shakes his head yes to ask us. He just wants to explore or get in the truck/car. If he could spend all day outside he would.
  • He loooooves trucks!
  • He's learning lots of new animal sounds. He's getting very good at cow, kitty cat, and he just started making a horse sound.
  • We think we've heard him say a few more words, but aren't quite sure. Yesterday he held his arms up for me to pick him up and it sounded like he said "up, up, up!". I think he's also saying "thank you" and "hot" too.


  • He makes a truck sound when he plays with his trucks.
  • He loves to cuddle....and we love that he loves to cuddle!
  • Every day Adam or I will say "that's new!" in regards to something that he has done.
  • Favorite foods are cheese, blueberries, and anything sweet.
  • He can drink out of a straw. Tonight he sat in his first booster seat and drank out of a kids cup all by himself!
  • He'll blow on his food if it's too hot!
  • Has his two bottom teeth.
  • Wears size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. (I've recently become a Huggies fan....he's been wearing Pampers since day 1, but I'm liking Huggies better! :) )


We've said this at every new stage, but we love the stage that Camp is in right now. I love that he can do so much on his own. We can tell him to do something and he'll do it. We're starting to really be able to have conversations with him and he's becoming a little boy rather than a baby!


Christmas 2009

We had a fabulous Christmas!! Camp got more gifts than any 15 month old should! :) That little boy is so spoiled!!
We spent most of the morning and early afternoon at our house. My mom, Fred, and Chandler came over around noon to bring us their gifts. It was soooo nice to be able to stay at our house and not have to run around all over town. With Camp getting over his fever, we were thankful that he could get a nice morning nap in and stick as close as possible to his routine. We left our house around 2 and headed to Adam's Mamaw's house. She had lots of gifts for us to open and we enjoyed the tasty treats that she made for us.
We had Christmas dinner with Adam's family and it was delicious! Standing Rib Roast, scalloped potatoes, green beans, salad, and rolls! We had the tastiest coconut cake and pound cake for dessert.
Adam and I both thought that it was one of the best Christmas days that we've had!
Camp's goodies from Santa.

Camp came around the corner and noticed all of his presents!

Going through his stocking.


His favorite things from his stocking......pacis and M&M Minis!

Opening his Busy Ball Popper!


All of the excitement wore Camp out! He fell fast asleep in my arms. Check out that chocolate on his face!

Camp spent most of his Christmas evening on the Gator. He would come back inside and immediately ask to go back outside.


It was soooo cold so we bundled him up nicely!

Our little family....Christmas 2009.


Christmas Visits

I can't believe I'm so far behind with my blogging!! Camp woke up on Monday with a fever and was pretty pitiful all week. He was able to perk up in time for Christmas, thank goodness! Here's my attempt at playing catch up....

We spent last weekend in St. Augustine with my dad and Meri. My sister Charlotte and her husband and children were there too! We had a great time and like always, Meri outdid her self in the cooking department!! We are always so spoiled with her tasty cooking.

We arrived on Friday and Camp was very interested in my Dad and Meri's Christmas decorations.

This Santa, Mrs. Claus, & Elf move!

The Dickens Village...

It didn't take Camp long to discover his Christmas present from my Dad and Meri. He wandered off into their room and found it!

He was quick to learn how to push the button to get him movin'!

It's soo cool! It even has a cup holder!

Charlotte, Paul, Carl, & Violet soon arrived and we enjoyed tasty chili and yummy desserts!

I chose the pumpkin pie with candied pecans on top! YUM!! Meri even had a beautiful German Chocolate Cake too......Adam's favorite!

On Saturday, Camp played around on his "truck" and had so much fun being able to ride up and down the driveway and cul-de-sac.

Adam, Camp, and I headed downtown to enjoy the sights.....


We made a stop at my FAVORITE candy shop in the whole world! I got a cup of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.....mmmm!!


We also toured the campus of Flagler College. In all the years we've been going to St. Augustine, we'd never walked through. It's such a beautiful campus.....so much history!


After our sightseeing adventures, we headed to the Conch House for an afternoon snack....

Conch Fritters and a Strawberry Pina Colada!

Although the weather was chilly and windy, we opted to eat outside because we couldn't pass up on this view!

We got back to my Dad & Meri's and Camp enjoyed playing with his cousins Carl & Violet. Violet was the biggest help!! She was the best babysitter and Camp really enjoyed her company.


Then it was time for dinner.....
Meri made a turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, dressing, and cranberry sauce. I'm still dreaming about this meal! It was perfection and everything was HOMEMADE. She spent all day in the kitchen and her efforts sure paid off!! YUMMY!

Time for presents!!

Charlotte was really excited about her flip flops!! :)


On Sunday we all headed to a Winter Wonderland.

They had adorable little gingerbread houses to play in.

Camp had an absolute blast!

He and Adam also went on a train ride.


What a fun time! At night time they have snow and Santa....we'll just have to go back next year!

It was so nice to spend time with everyone!


Decking the Halls

I love the Christmas season. My favorite parts are the days leading up to Christmas.....all the fun traditions, preparations, togetherness! We've been busy getting in the Christmas spirit (despite the fact that I've seemed to come down with some sort of bug....I seem to be on the road to recovery now though!)

We added a few lights to the outside of our house. It seems like now that we have Camp, I'm more interested in the tacky Christmas decorations....the ones that move, sing, and blow up in your front yard! We don't have any blow up decorations for the yard, but I see why people get them.....I know Camp would just think it was the coolest thing ever!! Maybe next year! :)

Adam chose to adorn this maple tree with white lights so the fall color would stand out at night. With all the rain, most of these leaves have fallen off, but it still looks festive!

I finally got our Christmas cards out. I think they turned out great! I actually made them this year. I'll post our Christmas card picture once I know most everyone has received their cards in the mail....don't want to spoil any fun!

My mom came over to bake Christmas goodies. We do this every year and this tradition started with my great grandmother.


We made Largo Cookies....

Peanut Butter cookies with Hershey Kisses.....

and Caramels.....mmmmm my fave!
We still have a few more goodies to make including fudge!


Now the 5th generation is enjoying these tasty treats!! :)

I got a new phone this weekend and my old phone has become Camp's favorite toy. He's probably half the reason the phone stopped working so hopefully he'll be content with the old one and leave my new one alone!!

Hope everyone is having fun preparing for Christmas too!!