end of january

Could it really be January 31st??
Where has the month gone?
We're ready for february with our precious wreath from coton colors.

We enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend...camp spent lots of time outside!

I spent last monday-wednesday on the couch with a fever so I really enjoyed spending some time outside this weekend! 

Adam mourned the end of duck season, but had a great final weekend!

Adam made duck chili last night and was pretty pleased with the final product. He deemed it 'blogworthy' and made me take a picture of it!


ruffles in birmingham

Please excuse my two week absence! Hopefully this fun filled post will make up for it!
I spent MLK weekend in Birmingham with some of my favorite girls. You might remember we went on this trip on the same weekend last year. We added two new Ruffles this year, Rian & Pamela, and missed Jill!

Sweet Chris Meadows turned our Ruffles play list into an awesome cd complete with a custom cover! Artists featured on this cd may or may not have included Justin Bieber, Willow Smith, & Snoop Dogg...

We arrived at our hotel about 30 minutes before our reservations at this awesome restaurant. We had just enough time to greet Heather, freshen up, and head back out the door!

On our way out of the hotel parking lot, I discovered snow! I was pretty excited! :)

Rian, Me, & Holly at dinner...
we had the best time...laughing, eating, drinking, and laughing some more. At one point we were worried that we might even get kicked out of this fine establishment, but the head chef himself came to our table to find out just what we were laughing about for so long!!! He said he loved that we were enjoying ourselves so much!

my fabulous blood orange martini...

birthday dessert for mary & heather...pomegranate, meyer lemon, & chocolate donuts.

when we got back to our hotel, mary hooked us up with these precious flowers...
and yes, we wore them all weekend! Everyone wanted to know where they, too, could get a ruffly flower!

heather in her dream store...


lunch at dodiyos in homewood...we all split this appetizer and it was wonderful! I'm going to try to recreate the feta, garlic, & olive oil spread that they had...omg...it was delish!

after lunch we shopped more of the stores in homewood...

our last shopping stop was at the summit...it's so beautiful at night!

dinner at la paz

woops...it's on manual focus, but i love this picture anyway! who knows what we were laughing about!

"this year i'm going to get that second strawberry margarita"

on our way home from la paz...ready for mary's ruffle shower!

we sent this invite out a couple weeks before our trip and surprised mary! thanks to bethel for coming up with the adorable poem...she always pulls through!

mary opening her ruffly pillow from me!

holly's gift to mary...

holly assured mary that she didn't have to write her a thank you note for this gift!
After the ruffly shower we ate Lucy & Leo's cupcakes and played The Game of Things...when wayyyyy too many laughs were had!!! What a fun game!

On our way out of town we stopped off at home goods. I had never been, but had heard how wonderful it was. I loved it and got lots of fun things! Too bad there isn't one in Tallahassee...or maybe that's a good thing?

It was, once again, the perfect weekend and I cannot wait for next year!! Only 51 more weeks!! :)


wonderful weekend

Our weekend was great...as most are! Adam grilled hamburgers Friday night, we headed to Sally Kate's 2nd birthday party on Saturday, and went to the Junior Museum and lunch on Sunday! Just perfect!

Holly asked if I could make a banner for SK's party...I told her that I had never made one before, but that I was up for the challenge. I had so much fun making this banner and I am very happy with how it turned out! Now I just need to make one for Camp!

Holly & Mary's mom makes these fabulous sugar cookies for every special occasion. They are my fave!! I even got a bag of cookies to take home! So sweet!

yummy lemon cake

sk got an adorable kitchen set for her birthday...camp was pretty smitten with it too!

sweet avery

camp loved this microphone!
last night he pretended his cheesy bread was a microphone and sang into it! ;)

happy birthday!!!

waiting for the junior museum to open...it was soooooooooo coooolllldd!!

checking out the ssssssnakes!

I could barely look at these snakes long enough to take a picture...they looked like they were about to strike the glass!

checking out perky the lucky duck

asking the bear to wake up

like father like son...love this!

Camp loved this caboose...they had fake food behind glass to stage the train and camp looked at it and said "I want some of this" :) We were all pretty hungry so we left and had a fabulous lunch at Sonny's. I love that place! Camp got macaroni...his favorite food at the moment! He asks for it at every meal!