Christmas 2010

Get ready for lots of pictures of just CAMP. I have NO pictures of our little family on Christmas day and none of ME at all! :( Oh well...
Camp definitely surprised me...I thought he'd open one present and not be interested to open more. He opened, played, open, played, and then asked to "open presents" all day long...and even continues to ask each day!

Camp walking out to see what Ho Ho brought him!

the first present of the morning was his t-ball set

then he moved on to his stocking

Ho Ho brought a train table and it's been a huge hit! The train table has been moved to Camp's bedroom and he spends most of his day in there! He'll ask us to "play choo choo trains?" and Adam and I happily oblige. Adam and I have actually enjoyed playing and setting up the train tracks! We tried to attach as many trains together as we could to see how many trains could go up the bridge at once...we were like two little kids!
He also brought a Woody doll that talks and Camp loves it!

Santa brought me a Happy Everything platter with two extra attachments!! He picked them out all by himself and did an excellent job...he even finished his shopping on December 1st!!!!

He also brought me a new pair of Jack Rogers...modeled by Camp!

Santa brought so many cool trains and tracks!

Camp got a Toy Story shaving kit and he's had so much fun pretending to be just like Daddy!

I made my great grandmother's coffee cake and a breakfast casserole for Christmas morning breakfast.

One of Adam's gifts from Santa!

Had to go look in the big mirror!!

Camp had even more presents to open at Yaya & Bop Bop's!! He got an awesome set of lawn equipment including a blower, weed eater, chain saw, lawn mower, gloves, and goggles! Camp's been so cute trying to help Daddy work outside.

Our Christmas dinner ready to go in the oven...cornish hens!

We had a fabulous dinner of cornish hens, wild rice, squash casserole, extremely yummy green bean bundles, and rolls...Yaya is an excellent cook!
For dessert we had coconut cake and candy cane martinis!

We had the perfect Christmas day and were able to do a lot without being too stressed or exhausted!  Bebe, Papa, Chandler, & Nina even came over early Christmas afternoon! Adam and I have had to learn what works the best for holidays...one Christmas Adam and I went to seven different places in one day and after that year, we knew we couldn't do that every Christmas!

And I'm happy to report that 'operation no paci' is still successful!! There was no mention of it last night when he went to bed and not one mention of it yet today. I'll be honest...I had a little meltdown Christmas night when it was time for bed. I knew he wanted it, I knew he'd go to sleep instantly if we gave it to him...but I was strong and didn't give in!! I cried knowing that my baby was really growing up and it was just another milestone that pushed him closer to being a big boy!
We went cold turkey with the whole paci thing...our pediatrician recommended we throw all of the pacis away because usually the parents are the ones that cave and give in. I threw away all of the pacis we had around the house...there was one in Adam's medicine cabinet, one in my jewelry box, several in the kitchen drawers...I'm crossing my fingers I found all of them!! And don't you know that dumpster diving crossed my mind at several times! :) BUT the whole experience was NOT BAD at all!! Really, the hardest part was the anticipation of taking it away...I was almost dreading Christmas! Camp didn't just like his paci...he loved it!! He was seriously addicted to it and I thought I'd be pulling my hair out by now. I just knew that he couldn't keep it forever and I'm sure the longer we waited, the harder it would have been! I'm thankful we did it when we did and he had his new toys to distract him. I think the whole "santa took it and gave it to the babies who need it...you are a big boy now!" phrase helped a lot.

We've been enjoying the continued holiday season and love the fact that Adam's been off of work!!! I can't believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve!! Where has the time gone?
I'm hoping to do one more blog post before the close of 2010, but if not HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


Silly Santa

Camp put on the Santa hat and got a little silly...

Christmas pictures soon!!


Christmas Eve

Bebe, Papa, & Chandler came to town for Christmas and spent Christmas Eve with us. We grilled burgers and exchanged presents...it was such a nice evening!

Bebe & Papa brought fried pies from Mercier Orchards...

totally made my day!
 Adam tried them for the first time and is now hooked on them too!!!

We had an absolutely fabulous Christmas and I'm so excited to share pictures and little details. Santa took Camp's paci away and he's now been without it since 11:30pm on Christmas Eve...when Santa went in Camp's room and took it away. So far so good...he asked for it yesterday when he got tired, but ended up going to sleep last night without it! I think I'm actually having a harder time with it...my sweet baby boy is growing up!! I just know how much he loved his "patdi"/"uh oh" and it made me sad to see him lay in his crib looking for it, just wanting to get all comfy to go to sleep!! I just know that it's not going to get any easier and we might as well do it now!!! I'm hoping the hardest part is behind us!!



I don't have many pictures, but I had to share this favorite holiday tradition of mine! My mom came over yesterday to bake goodies. Since we got a late start this year, we decided to only make caramels, fudge, and cookies. They are my three faves of the usual lineup. ;)

We started making caramels...one pound of butter...no wonder they are so yummy!!


then fabulous fudge...

and then the tri kappa cookies! I only set the fire alarm off about 8 times, but our baking session was a huge success!! Our ADT smoke alarm is extremely sensitive and LOUD and the littlest bit of smoke seems to set it off!

We packaged up a few plates and plan on giving them out to some friends, family, & neighbors today!!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!


krismas kremes

We had the annual Gunter family Barnaby's Pizza/Krispy Kreme/Christmas lights night last night!
We started at Barnaby's where Camp was more concerned with playing in the game room rather than eating his pizza! He ate two pieces and then spent the rest of the night "playing" race car games. Thank you to Yaya & Carrie Anne for providing arcade supervision! :)

Then we headed to Krispy Kreme!!

 "wook kitma twee"
Our last stop was Dorothy B. Oven...I was so excited to see Camp enjoy the lights!

He was pretty mesmerized the entire time...just walking from lights to lights and inspecting each and every one.



Then he saw the lights set out just for him...the tractor and truck lights!

The favorite attraction of the night though was the choo choo train!! He did not want to leave that choo choo train!

We've been getting so many wonderful Christmas cards in the mail, but I had to show my absolute FAVORITE one of all! Besides the card being absolutely precious, the Christmas card from the Wells included two Chick-fil-A coupons!! Now that's spreading some Christmas cheer!! Thanks Wells family!!! :)


'round here

My dad and Meri came to town last week to celebrate Christmas and to see our new house!
We spent Wednesday in Thomasville shopping and eating lunch (at Jonah's!).

beautiful display at firefly


grandma and grandpa got camp an awesome 'bulldower'

this doggie celebrated her 6th birthday on the 16th! where has the time gone??

camp calling up his girlfriends on the phone...

camp's artwork is displayed in style with this wonderful art display...tutorial found here.

saturday night we headed to a family Christmas party!

camp was parked by the french onion dip, until...

this guy showed up! camp and barrett had the best time playing!! they were the silliest little things and had a blast together!!
this picture almost makes me want to cry because camp looks so grown up!!

meggie and bop bop singing Christmas carols...

family picture...camp ended up falling into a mud puddle in the backyard so we had to take off his longall! ;) it's not a normal night unless camp has some article of clothing missing!

On Sunday, sweet Amy & Clay came over to visit. Adam and I so enjoyed their company and Camp was pretty smitten with them!
Camp had the idea to put his zhu zhu pet on one of his train tracks...

He was pretty pleased that his idea worked!! This child is a brainiac, folks! I love how his mind works!

We've been having a great time getting in the Christmas spirit...crafting, baking, shopping, and eating! I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and to even more festive activities to come! Bebe, Papa, & Chandler are coming down from Blue Ridge and we are so excited...looks like we will get some Christmas baking in afterall! :)