I Think I Might Be Nesting!

I don't know what came across me today, but I suddenly got this urge to clean and organize! I feel so wonderful! I cleaned out 4 cabinets and two drawers, cleaned the kitchen sink with Comet, vacuumed the entire house, dusted, did a load of dishes AND unloaded them, made our bed, cleaned out the pantry, and just did a clean sweep through the entire house. I didn't start until about 1:30pm and I was on a roll! I cleaned out the fridge and freezer yesterday. I have been waiting for this urge to kick in the entire pregnancy and I'm glad it's here! Enjoy the fruits of my labor.....

It might not look like much, but this cabinet was a mess!!

This is our "we have nowhere else to put it so stick it in this one" cabinet. Batteries, vases, paper bags, napkins, and paper plates! :)

This was probably the worst cabinet of all. I wouldn't even want to open it because it was jam packed with stuff. Ahhhh....I love it.

The organized pantry....don't ask me why we have THREE boxes of opened Cheez Its. Oh and by the way, Doritos are buy one get one free at Publix and Pringles are $1 a can! I couldn't refuse!

I'm still so in love with our kitchen! It's so cheerful!

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