Two Years!!

Adam and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday! We went to Bonefish for a wonderful dinner and then went to a movie. We had such a nice night and couldn't believe that it had already been two years since we got married. We talked a lot about high school and how crazy it sometimes feels that we are actually married! :)

Me, Adam, and baby bumpalicious.

The prettiest Gerber Daisies....I'm struggling with my flower arranging skills, but they still look so bright and cheerful!


Micah, Danielle, Sophie, and Angus said...

you do look so cute in that dress! I am glad you guys had fun!

Shannon, EJ and Gabe said...

It's so funny that you put baby bumpalicious because the whole time I was pregnant that is what my friend called my bump (of course we waited till the last minute to name him so she had to call him something LOL) I hope your doing good!!