Super Summer Supper!

I made such a wonderful dinner tonight that I have to blog about it!!! We had white acre peas, rice, squash, fried okra, tomatoes & onions, and chicken fingers that I picked up from the grocery. Mmmm mmmm mmm it was soooo yummy! AND for dessert I made banana pudding for the very first time. Adam was very impressed and said he could eat that dinner every night. I figured since I have the time to make meals like this, I should. I'm trying to find new recipes that are easy and delicious as well. I'm having lots of fun. I already have some meals picked out that I plan on making right before the baby is born and then freezing them. I know I won't want to stand over a hot stove the first few weeks after Camp arrives and it'll be great to have stuff ready to go in the freezer!

Peas in the crock pot. So easy and yummy!

Yummy banana pudding.

My wonderful work of art.

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Micah, Danielle, Sophie, and Angus said...

sounds so yummy! send any good recpies my way.