Camp's First Party!

Today was my first baby shower and I couldn't have asked for anything better. The food was great, the decorations were adorable, and the gifts were out of this world. Adam and I are so thankful to have such sweet and thoughtful family and friends. Camp is going to be totally set! Now we just need a crib and then I can really start setting his nursery up. It was so fun getting home and going through everything again. Here are lots of pictures from the day!

Cute party favors with peanut M&M's!

Baby pictures were set up around the house and everyone had to guess who they were. I was very bad at keeping the secret! :)

Yummy yummy food.

Precious Cake Shop cake

All of Camp's wonderful gifts!

The adorable stocking that Mama Byrd made for Camp!

ADORABLE Capital City Lawn Care onesies from Danielle!

Sweet Elsa and Linse Lane were such great helpers.

Another shot of the wonderful food!

Here's a baby pic of my Mama. Notice the precious painted picture frames by Rebecca Harrell. I think we ended up with 5!

CHS graduates doing the wonderful pose that Lauren thought of!

Cutting the cake!

Sophie and Camp are going to be so cute with their matching diaper bags and travel systems! Thanks Mama for the diaper bag! I LOVE IT!
Danielle painted this ABC canvas for Camp with a fishing theme. I'm absolutely obsessed and so is Adam. We can't believe she made this for us!!!!! We will treasure it forever. (Danielle, you need to sign it!)

Me and my precious girls.

Me and Linse Lane!

The hostesses!

Eeky & Seeky

Thanks for an AMAZING time!! Camp is so lucky to be so loved.

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