I'm a Happy Girl!

We got a new AC!!! Our old one went out last Tuesday and we suffered two nights with no AC. It was probably the most miserable thing I have ever experienced. It doesn't help that I'm six months pregnant either! The inside unit was installed in 1979 so needless to say, it was time! We had the AC put in the attic so we gained an extra closet. It will be Adam's new closet since Camp will be taking over the one he's using now. :) I'm really anxious to see how much less our utility bills will be. We've been paying about $400 and even as high as $507 one month. I'm really hoping we see a big decrease!

I love this new digital look! We aren't normally going to leave it so low, but after almost a week with no AC, we need to treat ourselves!

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Micah, Danielle, Sophie, and Angus said...

after two days with no ac you deserve more than turning it to 75, maybe a trip to alaska!