Date Night

Adam and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night and we didn't wait 90 minutes for a table....you should try it next year. :)
Lollie and Popsie came over to watch the Camper. We walked to one of our favorite restaurants and had a fantabulous meal! I started with that yummy drink pictured above. We had buffalo fried oysters for an appetizer and ended the meal with our very own desserts. We were going to share, but there was so much to choose from, that we each got our own. I got chocolate cake with my favorite unsweet whipped cream and Adam got a turtle truffle torte. They were both perfection. Mmmmm.....
After dinner we window shopped and then we walked back home! It was the perfect night.

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Megan R. said...

We did the same thing and went the night BEFORE V-day! It was awesome. We had something called a chocolate lava cake, where hot gooey chocolately goodnes runs out from the middle of the cake. To die for.